Ready, Set, Zoom...

  • Please Set Up a Space for Your Child to Zoom

    • Your child needs a desk or table (preferably a spot of their own) in a quiet space.
    • He/she needs a device to zoom on (contact the school if you need assistance with devices).
    • Your child should have a container/shelf/drawer to store classwork in or next to workspace (somewhere they can grab needed items quickly).
    • Supplies (computer, paper, 2 sharpened pencils, eraser) should be ready for use during the Zoom (more info will be provided on needed supplies).

     Please Review Our Science Zoom Rules

    • Raise your hand and wait for your turn to speak.

    • Stick to the topic.

    • Please be patient as we learn how to use this tool.

    • Eat and use the restroom before we Zoom.

    • Follow the Loma dress code rules when on Zoom.

    • Sit or stand at a desk or table and make sure your tools are ready.

    • Always be respectful.

     School Rules

    • Camera must be on. 
    • Students may not have altered backgrounds.
    • Students need to be logged in using first and last name.


    Sign In Ready to Learn

    • Eat a healthy breakfast.
    • Go to the restroom before the Zoom begins.
    • Get some wiggles out between Zooms.
    • Make sure pets are not nearby, the TV is off, distractions are limited.

    *If you have any struggles/questions/need help with any of these, please let me know.

    Zoom Guidelines