• September 2, 2020


    Dear CT Parents:


    What a start to our year! Who would have thought that my most meaningful greeting to people these days would be, “I hope your weekend was uneventful!” But that is certainly what I wish for everyone right now. I hope that you have found time to settle and reorganize.  


    Some or our staff members are working from their classrooms. Yesterday, I was checking on things around campus and was able to listen in on Zoom classes from the doorways. It was the first time in months that I got to hear groups of students talking. The “vibe” that happens when learners are excited, and all want to talk at once is a welcomed and much missed familiar sound. We cannot wait to see our kids in person again. 



    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta Joint Union School District


    Upcoming Events

    • Labor Day-No School - September 7, 2020



    Mountain Strong - Got Your Gear?

    Through the creative talent of LPEF member Elyse Fairweather, LPEF has teamed up with Bonfire to sell “Santa Cruz Mountain Strong 2020” gear.  Bonfire will donate a generous percentage of all profits from the sale of the gear back to LPEF.  Please use this link to learn more and see what could soon be your Mountain Strong gear!  https://www.lpef.org/merch




    LPJUSD Attendance & Engagement Update

    California Senate Bill 98 was signed by Governor Newsom prior to the beginning of this school year. This bill makes substantive changes to instructional time and how school districts report attendance and instructional minutes for the 2020-2021 school year. The changes require school districts to maintain records regarding daily participation and weekly engagement for students receiving instruction in distance learning starting September 1, 2020. This new mandate is meant to ensure that students are engaged in synchronous and asynchronous instruction and assignments in distance learning. In addition to maintaining records, schools are required to develop a tiered intervention and support plan for students identified as chronically absent or disengaged. Below is LPJUSD’s tiered intervention plan. 


    Tier 1 Interventions for Student Attendance & Engagement

    • Teachers will make individual contact via email or phone with student and/or family after student has acquired three or more unexcused absences within a school week, or if a student shows signs of non-engagement (e.g., missing assignments, not participating during synchronous and/or asynchronous learning). 
    • As needed, teacher, school principal or technology department will work with family to identify and remove barriers if possible, to student’s access and/or participation in distance learning program. 


    Tier 2 Interventions for Student Attendance & Engagement

    • If after making individual contact the issue persists, the teacher will refer student to Principal for additional follow up. 
    • Principal will work with the family to identify and remove barriers to student’s access and/or participation in distance learning program. 
    • Principal will refer student to a Case Manager if the student has an IEP or 504 Plan.
    • Student may be referred to school counselor or youth leader for social-emotional support.


    Tier 3 Interventions for Student Attendance & Engagement

    • If student continues to struggle with online learning an SST team may be convened to discuss supports, including a possible 504 plan or additional assessments. 
    • Students with an IEP will be monitored by the case manager and an IEP meeting will be held to review existing accommodations/modifications to address difficulties with distance learning. Student’s Distance Learning Plan (DLP) will be reviewed and discussed at an addendum IEP team meeting. 
    • Student will be referred to school counselor or youth leader for social-emotional support.


    If your child is unable to attend their scheduled distance learning class program, please contact your child’s teacher via email and our school attendance lines to report the absence. 

    Attendance lines:

    Loma 408-353-1106 x1

    CT English 408-353-1123 X1


    CT Middle School Back to School Night - September 10, 2020 6:30pm

    This event will have 2 parts. First at 6pm, prerecorded Back to School Night classroom videos will be available for viewing. Our teachers have prepared these videos to provide you with information about their respective classroom details, procedures, and culture. We hope these are informative and useful. These videos can be viewed at your convenience. 


    Then join Principal Martin, Superintendent Fraser, Student Services Director Ljepava, and members of our Home and School Club and LPEF at 6:30pm for a live virtual welcome message. A recorded version of this welcome message will be posted to the district YouTube website for viewing later by any families unable to attend. Connectivity information will be sent prior to the event. 


    CT Middle School Parent Schedule Workshop - September 8, 2020 

    To support parents in understanding the design and workings of our middle school schedule, we will be hosting an evening workshop for Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 parents. Cohort 1 will be September 8th @4:30pm; Cohort 2 will be Sept 8th @5:00pm. Connection information will be emailed prior to Tuesday’s sessions.      



    For more information about CTE Middle School’s Home and School Club, including how you can get involved, please visit https://www.ctehsc.org/


    In lieu of the traditional sports/game night, CTs virtual fun night will be Escape Room. See attached flyer for information. Lets see who can escape the fastest.