• September 30, 2020


    Dear CT Families:


    Thank you to everyone who was able to complete the survey I sent inquiring about how the first several weeks of distance learning is going for families. The information provided has been very helpful for us to make changes meant to improve the experience for students. I know that many teachers have made small, but meaningful changes to their classroom programs. Middle school students should have noticed that asynchronous work is being assigned earlier and with extended deadlines to provide students more time to complete these tasks. CT students should also notice much more forgiving and patient late work policies.


    Your continued partnership is very much appreciated.



    Mountain Strong - Got Your Gear?

    Through the creative talent of LPEF member Elyse Fairweather, LPEF has teamed up with Bonfire to sell “Santa Cruz Mountain Strong 2020” gear.  Bonfire will donate a generous percentage of all profits from the sale of the gear back to LPEF.  Please use this link to learn more and see what could soon be your Mountain Stronggear!  https://www.lpef.org/merch



    No School October 5, 2020

    October 5th is a planned professional development day for Loma and CT staff. Students will not have school on this day.



    Tech Support Email

    Our Technology team is available to support your technology issues during school days 8am-12pm. If you encounter a technology problem, please email support@lpjusd.us. Please be aware that our technology department is limited in the support they can provided to personally owned devices. If they issue is beyond their capacity, a school issued device may be suggested. For additional information regarding tech support, please see the attached Hints and Trouble Shooting tips document.


    Remote Learning Attendance Reminder

    Please contact your school office for any of the following reasons during remote learning:

    • Your child cannot log into class-email the teacher and the appropriate school office.
    • Your child had technical issues or other issues that caused them to log into class late.
    • Your child will be absent, at an appointment, or leaving class early.

    Contact: r.marin@loma.k12.ca.us for Loma Elementary; j.bourque@loma.12.ca.us for CTE.


    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD



    CTE Home and School Club News 
    Holiday Craft Faire is going ONLINE!!

    We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting the Holiday Craft Faire virtually this year. That gives us some new opportunities to expand our reach and extend the faire for a longer period of time.  Below are some details.

    Location:  Loma Prieta Holiday Craft Faire Facebook page
    Dates:  Friday, November 27th - Sunday, December 6th

    All vendors from last year will receive invitations to submit applications in the next day or two.  If you are interested or know someone who would like to apply to the faire, please email us at: lomaprietaholidaycraftfaire@gmail.com

    We also would like to include our student vendors on this virtual event.  So, start creating your crafts and taking photos of them.  Student vendors may participate free of charge.  We will provide information on how to apply and how to get your crafts viewed on the page in the next newsletter.

    We look forward to a great event!! Again, any questions: lomaprietaholidaycraftfaire@gmail.com

    Adrienne (Holiday Craft Faire Chair) and Kimberley (CTEHSC VP of Fundraising)


    Fun Events

    Our Escape Night was a huge success.  We had enough student participation for 3 teams of 11.  All three groups had lots of fun and were able to escape under the 1-hour time limit.  The room only has a 47% success rate, so we have some amazing students!


    We are pleased to announce our Fun Event for the month of October.  

    A pumpkin carving contest for CT students and parents!  


    One pumpkin per $6 entry but no limit on how many pumpkins you can enter. Last date for entries is October 23rd.  October 26th is last date for submissions and winner will be selected on October 30th by a panel of teacher judges.  (Hey parents, you can get involved too since we have a parent category!  Challenge your friends.)


    See poster below and visit https://www.ctehsc.org/ for more information/to enter the contest. Email ctehsc@gmail.com if you would like more information.



    Loma Home and School Club News
    If you have volunteered as a room parent, send an email to lomaprietahsc@yahoo.com with your name and the classroom you are volunteering for. HSC will add you to their master room parent list so that you receive important HSC communications.


    Loma HSC has many open volunteer needs. If you are interested in getting involved, visit the HSC website for opportunities and information.