October 28, 2020


    Dear CTE Families


    CT English just wrapped up their first quarter and Loma Prieta Elementary is quickly closing in on the end of their first trimester. Generally, this time of year is filled with kids chattering about their Halloween costume and where they can go for the biggest candy bars during trick-or-treating. Now, it remains so different than what we are used to and what we like. Whatever your plans for Halloween are, remember to practice socially distancing, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and keep your gatherings small and just to your household. I wish you all a very safe Halloween.


    The district began hosting our first in person group of students this week. A very small cohort of students with needs and connectivity issues are on campus 3 days a week. They still participate in their virtual classrooms but are supervised in a learning space on campus. The logistics for bringing back even a small group were enormous. So many small details to think about and plan for. I jokingly say that bringing back 5 students during Covid-19 is just as complicated as bringing back 500 students during “regular” school.  These kids show up with smiles on their faces and it really is nice to have young people on campus again.



    Mountain Strong - Got Your “Santa Cruz Mountain Strong 2020” Gear? 

    Bonfire will donate a generous percentage of all profits from the sale of the gear back to LPEF.  Please use this link to learn more and see what could soon be your Mountain Strong gear!  https://www.lpef.org/merch


    Parent Education Resource

    Positive Discipline Community Resource (pdcr) is a resource for families in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. They have an upcoming learning opportunity for families with children age 6-12. The course is Navigating “these” School Years with PD. PDCR has extended their offer of this free resource to our Mountain families. The course is available in English and Spanish.


    Navigating "these" School Years with PD

    Tuesday’s 6pm, Nov 3rd - Nov 24th


    This 4 week virtual support and learning group will bring you everything from how to address and mitigate distance learning challenges with kindness and firmness at the same time, gain encouragement strategies and learn how to win cooperation with your 6-12 year olds. Visit their website to learn more or to register.


    Tech Support Email

    Our Technology team is available to support your technology issues during school days 8am-12pm. If you encounter a technology problem, please email support@lpjusd.us. Please be aware that our technology department is limited in the support they can provide to personally owned devices. If they issue is beyond their capacity, a school issued device may be suggested. For additional information regarding tech support, please see the attached Hints and Trouble Shooting tips pdf document.


    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD



    Be Seen and Heard © Parent Information Evening - Nov 10th 6pm

    Please note the date correction

    Be Seen and Heard is a prevention-oriented child abuse program, for all students. This program is designed to create an age-appropriate, safe and engaging environment where students will learn about the differences between safe and unsafe touch and the importance of having trusted heroes. Parents are invited to attend this special information meeting to preview the concepts of the Be Seen and Heard program prior to student presentations.



    CTE Home and School Club News -


    The Loma Prieta Holiday Craft Faire is a time-honored tradition hosted by the CTE HSC. Due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to hold the craft faire in person this year. Instead, we will be hosting a VIRTUAL faire. This gives us some new opportunities to expand our reach and extend the faire for a longer period of time.  Below are some details.


    Location:  Loma Prieta Holiday Craft Faire Facebook page

    Dates:  Friday, Nov 27th - Sunday, Dec 6th


    If you are interested or know someone who would like to apply to be a vendor, please email us at: lomaprietaholidaycraftfaire@gmail.com


    Student vendors, we would love to include you in this virtual event and it’s free for students!  Send us an email at lomaprietaholidaycraftfaire@gmail.com and let us know you are interested and we will send you an application.



    Charleston Wrap® & Gifts

    Don’t forget to place your Charleston Wrap Order!  This is a great opportunity for you and your family and friends to support our HSCs while taking some of the stress out of shopping.  You can shop for the holidays from the comfort of your own home!!  Signing up is super easy!  Just check out the information at https://www.ctehsc.org/ or see the attached flyer with detailed instructions about how you can register online. CTE and Loma HSCs appreciate all of your support and encourage you to spread the word to your friends and family, near and far! The more people who shop, the more money we can raise for our HSCs!



    Loma Parent/Teacher Conferences - Nov 16th  – Nov 20th

    K-5 Fall Conferences will be held the week of Nov 16th to Nov 20th. During conference week, students will still attend all specialist classes (PE, Music, Science, and Library) at their regular times. There will be no minimum days during conference week, however you can expect an increase in asynchronous learning activities during that week to accommodate conferences. Your child’s teacher will share your child’s report card during your scheduled conference. Be on the lookout for more information from your child’s teacher for changes in schedules and for more information on scheduling your conference time.


    To prepare for final Trimester 1 reporting, teachers will need additional time to assess students, particularly in a one-to-one setting. To accommodate this increase in collecting learning data, teachers will need to increase their students’ asynchronous learning time during the week of November 2-6. Each classroom need will be different depending on the grade level. You can expect to be informed by your child’s teacher of any needed changes in his/her classroom schedule by the end of this week.


    More than ever, parents are playing a role in supporting their child’s learning from home. You can continue to support your child during assessment and data collection by being aware of these points:

    • Students should join their Zoom session ready to go - already have used the bathroom, had a snack, etc.
    • Students should join their Zoom session a few minutes early.
    • Students should join their Zoom session with all their necessary supplies-writing instruments, paper, book, etc.
    • Students need to complete their assessments on their own, without parent support.
    • Parents or other household members should not interrupt the Zoom sessions to ask questions, offer suggestions, etc.
    • Zoom sessions with students are not time for parent/teacher conferences. If teacher support is needed or questions/concerns arise, contact the teacher by email to schedule an appointment to meet.

    We all thank you for your continued support and collaboration in educating our kids.