• February 3, 2021


    Loma Families,


    Hopefully you all have had time to dry after last week’s storm and the additional rain this week!


    Last week I was visiting virtual classrooms and was shared some important words by a 4th grader. Adeline posted a recorded response to a classroom assignment and she said, “What you have to say is important. Your ideas matter, all of them! Even the weird ones. Even your voice matters, your opinion matters, your brain matters, you matter. There’s no one like you, no one. You are loved.” I knew at the time her words were part of an assignment and she was aided in the creation of them. They were, however, no less powerful and I felt moved to share them with you. Thank you, Adeline, for the wonderful message. As we continue to be unable to connect with one another in our usual and most powerful ways, we all need reminded that we matter.



    We appreciate all of your support as we navigate these unprecedented times!


    Remote Learning Attendance Reminder

    Please contact your school office for any of the following reasons during remote learning:

    • Your child cannot log into class-email the teacher and the appropriate school office.
    • Your child had technical issues or other issues that caused them to log into class late.
    • Your child will be absent, at an appointment, or leaving class early.

    Contact: r.marin@loma.k12.ca.us for Loma Elementary; j.bourque@loma.12.ca.us for CTE.


    Frequent absences from school are cause for concern. Students who miss just one or two days of school each month risk falling seriously behind. Being absent from school can lead to significant problems. Students who miss many days of school are more likely to fail classes, drop out from school, and have poor relationships with parents, teachers, and peers. Please remember that every absence matters. If you need support with your child’s attendance, please reach out to your child’s teacher or to Billy Martin. Thank you for supporting your child in their attendance at school.



    Check out the Covid-19: Prepare, Prevent, Protect flyer and the Be Safe & Healthy with Potter the Otter Covid-19 safety guidebook. Both provide important safety practices necessary for returning to in-person learning.


    Also available in Spanish at this link: https://issuu.com/first5kids/docs/activitywithpotterathome_v4_spanish.


    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD



    Regular Board Meeting - 7pm February 10, 2021

    February Recess-No School - February 15-February 19, 2021



    LGHS Information for 8th Grade Parents

    If your child will be a Freshmen next year at Los Gatos High School, please see the attached flyer for 2021-22 Incoming Freshmen Events Calendar.



    Will my child eat lunch at school?

    No. Lunch will not be served at school. Students will be dismissed to have lunch at home. Students will be able to connect to their teachers by office hours after lunch.


    There will be a dedicated snack time each day where students can eat a small snack mid-morning. Snack time will be conducted outside the classroom. To reduce exposure risk, there will be no eating inside classrooms. Because snack will occur outdoors, students will need to dress accordingly and be prepared for changing weather conditions.


    Are the classrooms ventilated?

    Yes. Classroom ventilation systems are equipped with MERV 13 rated filters. Additionally, doors and windows will be opened to allow more air circulation.  This means that our classrooms could get a little bit cold during the winter and early spring months. Students will need to wear layers and be prepared with a jacket or sweatshirt in the classroom. 



    CTE Masks

    Our masks are popular with students, parents and teachers.  We are running low on some models.  Get yours now before it is too late. Available in two sizes (adult/child), two cool styles (cheetah paw/cheetah roar) and just $8 each, the masks are triple fabric and super soft. Visit https://www.ctehsc.org/sign-up-shop-donate to get yours today!


    CTE Yearbook Class Needs your Help

    The Yearbook Class needs your help collecting photos from the 2020-21 school year! Please send pictures of your CT student(s) to CTEnglishYearbook@gmail.com.  Please include your student's name and grade level in your email.


    This month, we are seeking photos of: 

    • Athletic activities of any kind
    • Indoor activities
    • Zooming
    • Pets!


    We are seeking photos of any type that help capture this school year, so even if it doesn't fit the categories above, we'd love to find a place for it in the yearbook!



    Spring Bulb Fundraiser

    It is not too early to plan your spring and summer gardens!  We are super excited about our newest fundraiser.  Check out the link for flower bulbs, herb/veggie and flower seeds and more for your gardening needs. https://www.ctehsc.org/fundraising


    Support Your HSCs and Local Restaurants

    Mark your calendars now for a couple of nights of no cooking.  We all love those opportunities!  Our HSCs are partnering with two of our favorite restaurants in the next couple of months.  Present the attached flyer at these restaurants for lunch or dinner on the CTE/LOMA days and a percentage of the proceeds will come back to our HSCs.


    Willow Street for the HSCs: Wednesday, Feb 17th

    Main Street Burger for the HSCs: Wednesday March 17th