• March 17, 2021


    Loma Families,

    Our first full week last week of students on the Loma campus went great logistically. Our students and staff continue to be flexible as routines change to meet needs and improve safety. It has been wonderful seeing and hearing kids in our classrooms.


    Though we have enacted extensive mitigation protocols, we received notification last Friday of a positive case of COVID-19 that impacted one of our classrooms. However, since receiving that information we have been notified that the possible case has had two negatives follow up COVID tests. While there have been negative follow up tests indicating the person does not have COVID-19, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department guidance is that we treat any positive test result as a COVID case and follow strict protocols.  


    Now we move our attention to welcoming back our Middle School students.

    Sixth grade students who elected to return to in-person/hybrid learning arrive to campus Thursday 3/18 and Friday 3/19 for their orientation days in a modified minimum day schedule; Cohort 1 is 3/18 and Cohort 2 is 3/19. Sixth graders’ first full day is Monday 3/22 for Cohort 1 and Tuesday 3/23 for Cohort 2.


    Seventh grade students who elected to return to in-person/hybrid learning arrive to campus Thursday 3/18 and Friday 3/19 for their orientation days in a modified minimum day schedule; Cohort 1 is 3/18 and Cohort 2 is 3/19. A return to campus date for 7th grade has not been identified but will be soon. As soon as that return date is known, we will alert the school community.


    Eighth grade students will have a virtual orientation day once their return to campus date is announced. For 3/18 and 3/19, 8th grade students will have a modified minimum day schedule as well.



    LPEF Update - Did you Know Round #2

    Do you know LPEF’s mission?

    LPEF believes that education is the basis of opportunity. Our mission is to ensure that each child in our school district has access to a curriculum that enables them to grow and thrive and be able to respond to future opportunities.


    Did you know that LPEF...

    • Gives financial grants to LPJUSD for education of kids in our community
    • Supports programs that improve the educational opportunities for our students
    • Creates new roads for strategic thinking and growing


    Did you know that we are fundraising for our next school year?

    All donations made to our Spring KEEP! Campaign fund programs and teachers when our kids return to school in the fall. 


    Did you know that KEEP! is our annual giving campaign?

    LPEF’s direct giving campaign, KEEP!, helps raise funds to keep teachers and 

    programs for students at both Loma and C.T. English. This year the KEEP! campaign will begin on April 19th. Learn more at LPEF Donate Page.  


    Did you know that your KEEP! donations have funded the following 8 programs at our schools? *

    • Music and Band (K-8)
    • Developmental P.E. (K-5)
    • Library services (K-8)
    • Student counseling and support services (K-8)
    • Education technology specialists (K-8)
    • Loma science (K-5)
    • CTE Middle school electives (6-8)
    • Art in action (K-5)


    * With a current estimated budget shortfall of $650,000 next year, many programs and teaching positions will be cut.  Your family’s participation in the KEEP! campaign this year is critical in saving as many programs and teaching positions as possible for the 21/22 school year.    


    Did you know we are always looking for volunteers?

    Have a great idea? Want to get more involved with the KEEP campaign and LPEF? If you would like to volunteer or get involved, please contact Jennifer Chen, Tiffaney Gallup, and Ruth Gantly at KEEP@lpef.org. To learn more about LPEF visit, https://www.lpef.org/, to donate, LPEF Donate Page.  


    Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lomaeducation.



    State and Federal law require that school aged children be enrolled and attend a public, private, charter, or homeschool. If your child is enrolled but NOT attending or participating, they may be considered truant. Truant students run the risk of being retained at their current grade.



    K-5 Morning Drop-Off

    Morning drop-off has been going very smoothly. Thank you all for paying attention to the signage and pedestrian traffic and for following all instructions of staff in the parking lot. When you arrive at the drop off lanes you can help this continue to be a smooth process by:

    1. PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD. Pull as far forward to the indicated “Pull to Here” sign as you can. This will allow more cars to get off through traffic spaces, including Summit Road.
    2. HAVE YOUR CHILD READY TO EXIT THE VEHICLE BEFORE YOU STOP: mask on, good-byes given, etc. Make your drop off as quick and safe as possible.
    3. Once your child has exited the vehicle and is safely on the sidewalk, exit the drive through lane and exit campus.
    4. Have your CHILD EXIT THE PASSENGER SIDE OF THE VEHICLE ONLY. Parents-this is an important safety issue and some of you continue to have your child exit your vehicle into passing traffic. PLEASE ARRANGE YOUR CAR SEATS SO YOUR CHILD CAN EXIT THE PASSENGER SIDE OF YOUR VEHICLE. Cars pass on the driver’s side and it is dangerous for children to exit the vehicle into moving traffic.
    5. You can begin unloading your children at 8:20am. Students who arrive after 8:35-8:50am are not late but will need to visit the Health Station (blue pop-up near the Loma flagpole). Here they will get a temperature check and a pass to get into class. Students arriving after 8:50am are tardy and will need to visit the Health Station for a temperature check and a late pass to class.


    1-5 After School Pick-Up

    1st-5th PICK UP IS 12:00PM. Do not arrive to campus before 11:55am. Place an 8.5 x 11 paper in your passenger side window with Your Child’s First & Last Name and their Teacher’s Name. This will help us get your child to your vehicle quickly and safely. Once your child is in your vehicle and buckled, exit the drive through lane and exit campus.


    Daily Home Symptom Screening


    Each day that your child will be on campus for in-person instruction, parents and/or guardians will be required to complete a home symptom screening. This screening will be completed through PowerSchool. Follow the steps below to access the form via PowerSchool. If you have any login issues, please contact Julie Bourque. 

    1. Login into your Parent Portal of PowerSchool
    2. Click on Forms in the left-hand navigation menu
    3. Select the 2021 In-Person COVID-19 Student Daily Check In
    4. Complete the form and submit

    This symptom screening is open and must be completed by a parent/guardian prior to arriving on campus. If you are having difficulty accessing the form, please contact Julie Bourque for help and support. Students who arrive to campus without a completed Home Symptom Screening will be removed from class and a health screening will be conducted.


    Travel and Illness

    Currently, the guidance from Santa Clara County health officials is to quarantine for 10 days following any travel 150 miles or more outside the county. If this guidance changes, the Superintendent will update the school community with new or changed instructions. Travel should be restricted to travel that is essential. If you travel and are required to quarantine, alert your classroom teacher and Mrs. Bevans. Your child will be able to connect to their classroom via Zoom for the duration of your quarantine without any penalty.


    Please do not send your child to school if they any signs or symptoms of illness. If your child is ill and will need to miss school for a day or two, please contact your school office attendance line and your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher will provide information on making up missed work. If you anticipate that your child will have an extended illness or need quarantining due to COVID exposure, alert your classroom teacher and Mrs. Bevans. Your child will be able to connect to their classroom via Zoom during their illness or quarantine without any penalty. 



    It is forecast to rain Thursday 3/18! Due to health and safety procedures, rainy day routines will be different this year. First off, it’s important to know that when it rains, we will get wet. We will do our best to stay dry but count on us getting wet. You can help out by making sure your child has a jacket with a hood when it rains. Umbrellas are great and now with the 6’ spacing, they are even safer for kids to use. So, in addition to the hooded jacket, get your child an umbrella that fits into their backpack.


    Teacher COVID Vaccinations

    Several of our Loma and CT teachers have received their first COVID vaccination and are scheduled to receive their second very soon. There have been some adverse reactions reported after receiving the second shot and many of our teachers are on the same vaccination schedule. There is a chance that we could have several teachers out of the classroom due to illness around the 22nd of this month. In the event that we have more teachers out ill than we have available substitutes, some classrooms may be required to have a day of asynchronous learning. You’ll be notified by your child’s teacher if an asynchronous learning day is needed. We appreciate your understanding the importance and peace of mind being fully vaccinated does for bringing our students back to campus. 


    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD



    Loma Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences - April 19-23

    K-5 Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the week of April 19th– 23rd. Your child’s 2nd trimester report card will be available to view/print from PowerSchool on April 16th. These reporting dates have been modified to accommodate our reopening and to allow us to have students back in person to provide additional relevant data on their progress. Please note that if your child has an IEP, the Special Education Progress Reporting period will adjust to align with this general education report card period.



    Order your Loma Yearbook!

    We’re off to a late start, but we will have a Loma Yearbook this year! The Yearbook is a great way for your Cougars to remember their years at Loma and comes with two custom pages for your own personal photos. It’s also a big fundraiser for the school!


    Yearbooks are $21.89 ($23.48 w/tax) you order directly with TreeRing. Go to www.treeing.com/validate, enter our school’s passcode: 101404916313901. This year only, get a FREE Loma t-shirt with every Yearbook ordered!



    • Short or long-sleeved, youth or adult size
    • Loma HSC will contact you for your size selection after you place your Yearbook order (including orders already placed)
    • First come, first served while supplies last. Order your Yearbook now for the best t-shirt selection.


    Submit your Yearbook Photos

    We won’t have as many opportunities to take photos at school this year, so we need your help. Please share your photos of your kids doing their distance learning, schoolwork, sports, activities at home, first day of in-person school, and/or whatever else they’ve been doing this year. Upload your photos to the google drive, share them on the Loma HSC Facebook page, or email to lomaprietahsc@yahoo.com.


    Google drive: Loma Yearbook2020/2021



    See’s Candies Campaign

    Loma and CT HSCs’ See’s Candies fundraiser is still open and available. This sweet deal runs through March 21!


    Visit our See’s Candies page and help us reach our fundraising goal!


    Main Street Burgers

    It’s March 17th and that means it is burger day!! Head down to Main Street Burger tonight for take-out or to eat on the patio. Bring the attached flyer and mention our schools. Our HSC’s will get money back that will go toward our teachers and students.


    CTE Masks

    Supplies are running low for some styles. Order now so your child can return to school in true Cheetah style! Helpful shopping tip: youth sized masks are designed to fit Middle School students.  Visit CTE HSC Donate Page to get yours today!


    Spring Campaign is coming, date TBD.


    Free One-on-One Math Tutoring

    Due to the great response from the community, The Mountain Math Initiative is pleased to announce additional services to support our kids. We are now able to add free scheduled one-on-one math and physics help for students that benefit from individualized tutoring. We have many dedicated Loma and CT alumni volunteers that would love to work with our community’s kids. If you are interested in setting up free one-on-one tutoring, specified to your child’s needs, please reach out to MMI Volunteer Coordinator, Marcella Jones at mountainmarcella@gmail.com to be matched with a tutor. For more information about all of the Mountain Math Initiative programs, please visit https://www.mtmath.org/