•  March 24, 2021


    Loma Families,

    It has been impressive to watch all of our teacher’s juggle having students in-person and on Zoom. I want to thank everyone-teachers, students, families-for all the perseverance and patience as everyone learns how to manage and support students in multiple settings.


    Our 6th graders have settled in nicely as they learn their new routines here on campus. Seventh and 8th graders will return to campus on April 15th for Cohort 1 and April 16th for Cohort 2. Eighth grade students will have a virtual orientation on April 14th. More information coming.



    Did you know - What happens if we don’t raise the KEEP funds?

    1. Do you know the recommended KEEP donation per family? 
      1. While we appreciate donations of any size, the recommended donation amount per family this year is $1,000 if you have one child at the school and $1,500 for two or more.
    2. What happens if we don’t raise the KEEP funds?
      1. Programs will be cut for the 21/22 school year. These will include classroom teachers, subject specialists, middle school electives, library, student counseling & support services and education technology specialists. Losing these programs will greatly negatively impact our kids. You can read more on our FAQ page, LPEF FAQ Page
    3. How can you help?
      1. Donate - LPEF Donate Page
      2. Volunteer or Share Ideas - KEEP@lpef.org
      3. Follow LPEF on Facebook - facebook.com/lomaeducation



    State and Federal law require that school aged children be enrolled and attend a public, private, charter, or homeschool. If your child is enrolled but NOT attending or participating, they may be considered truant. Truant students run the risk of being retained at their current grade.

    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD



    Spring Break – April 5th– April 9th


    Loma Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences - April 19th– 23rd

    K-5 Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the week of April 19th– 23rd. Your child’s 2nd trimester report card will be available to view/print from PowerSchool on April 16th. These reporting dates have been modified to accommodate our reopening and to allow us to have students back in person to provide additional relevant data on their progress. Please note that if your child has an IEP, the Special Education Progress Reporting period will adjust to align with this general education report card period.



    CTE and Loma Joint Information- Parking Lot Drop-Off & Pick-Up

    When dropping off or picking up your child(ren), please:

    1. PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD. Pull as far forward to the indicated “Pull to Here” sign as you can. This will allow more cars to get off through traffic spaces, including Summit Road.
    2. DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD ON THE HILL DRIVEWAY OR IN THE PARKING LOT. Use the appropriate curb location to unload your child.
    3. HAVE YOUR CHILD READY TO EXIT THE VEHICLE BEFORE YOU STOP: mask on, good-byes given, etc. Make your drop off as quick and safe as possible.
    4. Once your child has exited the vehicle and is safely on the sidewalk, exit the drop off laneand exit campus.
    6. You can begin unloading your children at 8:20am. Students arriving after 8:35amwill need to visit the Health Station near the Loma School Office for a temperature check and a pass to class.


    Daily Home Symptom Screening-Applies to ALL GRADES and ALL STUDENTS K-8


    Each day that your child will be on campus for in-person instruction, parents and/or guardians will be required to complete a home symptom screening. This screening will be completed through PowerSchool. Follow the steps below to access the form via PowerSchool. If you have any login issues, please contact Julie Bourque. 

    1. Login into your Parent Portal of PowerSchool
    2. Click on Forms in the left-hand navigation menu
    3. Select the 2021 In-Person COVID-19 Student Daily Check In
    4. Complete the form and submit

    This symptom screening is open and must be completed by a parent/guardian prior to arriving on campus. If you are having difficulty accessing the form, please contact Julie Bourque for help and support. Students who arrive to campus without a completed Home Symptom Screening will be removed from class and a health screening will be conducted. Repeated negligence in completing this form could result in student being placed in distance learning.


    Daily Home Symptom Screening Tips & Tricks:

    • Complete the form the morning of in-person instruction. Do not complete the form the night before.
    • Do not use the PowerSchool mobile app. Access the form using an internet browser. You can access on your mobile device as long as it is via an internet browser and not the mobile app.
    • If you have issues, try a different internet browser. Google Chrome has proven to be problematic with PowerSchool.
    • Make sure you are logged into PowerSchool through the Parent Portal and not through the Student Portal.
    • Use the link provided, Parent Portal of PowerSchool. Do not Google PowerSchool. It will direct you to an incorrect link.


    Health & Safety Forms Reminder

    Students returning to hybrid/in-person learning are expected to review and sign the hybrid behavior expectations and the health and safety agreement for hybrid learning.

    CTE Hybrid Behavior Expectations for Middle School Students

    Loma Hybrid Behavior Expectations for Elementary School Students

    CTE & Loma Health and Safety Agreement for Hybrid Learning for Middle School and Elementary Students.

    These forms can be signed and returned electronically to j.bourque@loma.k12.ca.us at CTE or r.marin@loma.k12.ca.us at Loma or your child’s teacher. They may also be printed and signed and returned to your child’s 1st period or home room teacher.



    Santa Clara County health officials continue to recommend quarantining for 10 days following any travel 150 miles or more outside the county. If this guidance changes, the Superintendent will update the school community with new or changed instructions. Travel should be restricted to travel that is essential. If you travel and are required to quarantine, alert your classroom teacher and Mrs. Bevans. Your child will be able to connect to their classroom via Zoom for the duration of your quarantine without any penalty.



    Please do not send your child to school if they show any signs or symptoms of illness. If your child is ill and will need to miss school for a day or two, please contact your school office attendance line and your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher will provide information on making up missed work. If you anticipate that your child will have an extended illness or need quarantining due to COVID exposure, alert your classroom teacher and Mrs. Bevans. Your child will be able to connect to their classroom via Zoom during their illness or quarantine without any penalty. 



    Order your Loma Yearbook!

    We’re off to a late start, but we will have a Loma Yearbook this year. The Yearbook is a great way for your Cougars to remember their years at Loma and comes with two custom pages for your own personal photos. It’s also a big fundraiser for the school.


    Yearbooks are $21.89 ($23.48 w/tax)-order directly with Tree-Ring. Visit www.treering.com/validate

    Enter our school’s passcode: 101404916313901

    This year only, get a FREE Loma t-shirt with every yearbook ordered!



    • Short or long-sleeved, youth or adult size
    • Loma HSC will contact you for your size selection after you place your yearbook order (including orders already placed)
    • First come, first served while supplies last! Order your yearbook now for the best t-shirt selection.


    Submit your Yearbook Photos!


    We won’t have as many opportunities to take photos at school this year, so we need our help! Please share your photos of your kids doing their distance learning, schoolwork, supports, activities at home, first day of in-person school, and whatever else they’ve been doing this year! Please upload your photos to the Google drive, share them on the Loma HSC Facebook page, or email lomaprietahsc@yahoo.com.

    Google drive: Loma Yearbook 2020/2021



    CTE Masks

    Supplies are running low for some styles. Order now so your child can return to school in true Cheetah style! Helpful shopping tip: youth sized masks are designed to fit Middle School students.  Visit CTEHSC Donate Page to get yours today!