• April 28, 2021


    Loma Families,

    This upcoming week we will collapse the cohorts at the elementary grades at Loma. All Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 students will begin a 4-day a week program beginning May 4th. This is an exciting step toward “normal” school. Please find inside this newsletter more information about this upcoming change.


    S.O.S. KEEP Campaign Update

    Wow - the first week of the S.O.S. campaign was an astounding success! We sent out the S.O.S call and our community answered! We had record breaking donations with over 250 different donors from around the country. People are tapping into their superhero universe to help Save Our Schools! Thank you to all our early donors who helped seed our campaign, thank you to those who have donated in the last week, and thank you to our generous grant donor who has inspired not only our school families, but has inspired our whole community to join together to Save Our Schools.


    #1 Sign-up Today

     https://keep.causevox.com/ and click “Join The Campaign" (Set-up takes 1-2 minutes).     

    #2 Join a Team

    You can pick one team to join (there are teams for each grades) and the funds you donate, and raise will roll up to the team goal and our overall school goal.

    # 3 Donate! 

    If you are able to make a personal donation, now is a great time! Since it’s a peer-to-peer campaign, there will also be opportunities during the campaign to reach out to your networks of family and friends to help Save Our Schools!


    We are looking for superhero sponsors to be part of this fun and exciting campaign to Save Our Schools! Sponsor opportunities start at $500 and are available to businesses AND individuals/families and get lots of extra community recognition!!! Details are in the attached flyer. Feel free to pass on to anyone who you think might be interested! Contact Tiffaney Gallup at tiff@simplyremarkable.com if you are interested!  

    Mother's Day Artisan Show – This Saturday, May 1st
    When: Saturday, May 1, 11am-5pm
    Where: Look for Our Pop Up on Summit Road, Los Gatos

    ONE DAY ONLY! To help celebrate Mother's Day and to support our schools. A group of Mountain Moms will be selling their goods and donating 25% of proceeds to our mountain schools. YOU WILL FIND: plants, unusual tomato starts, locally crafted jewelry, locally crafted ceramics. Get gardening tips - if time allows. 

    For those wishing to stop by just to offer donations, we will accept those as well with much gratitude. Please come by and check us out. We will expect all visitors to follow local COVID- safe guidelines of physical distancing and appropriate mask usage. Find us on Facebook @Mothersdayartisanshow 

    Participating Artists:
    Of Earth Sky and Sea. Handcrafted Jewelry by Nanette Barber, ofearthskyandsea.com. She will also have a special assortment of unusual varieties of tomato seedlings ready to plant

    Lux in Latin Designs - Healing Crystal Jewelry by Nelya Hochleutner Luxinlatin.com

    Snow’s Pottery- Hand Built Fine Ceramics by Snow Langan

    Tammy Caldwell Jewelry- Design & Metal Arts By Tammy Caldwell. Tammycaldwell.com

    Amelia’s Greenhouse- Homegrown Specialty Plants & Veggie starts By Carmen Garcia-Diaz


    S.O.S! Calling all Apple Employees!- Turn your 2-for-1 Matching Grant into a 3-for-1 Match!

    Available to all Apple eligible employees who make their donations and request a match between April 1st and April 30th, 2021. The annual match maximum has been increased from 10K to 20K during the donation period. YOUR DONATION IS ALSO INCLUDED IN OUR 100K MATCH.  DO THE MAT(c)H! 
    Your 5K + 5K KEEP! Match +Apple 10K = 20K 
    Your10K + 10K KEEP! Match + Apple 20K = 40K 


    KEEP Your Cans and Bottles!

    Do you have empty aluminum cans and plastic drink bottles? We’d love them!

    Loma and CT parent and Youth Leader Lisa Sullivan is organizing a can and bottle drive from now through May 28th. Eligible cans and bottles can be dropped off to campus any day of the week for our families in the district, and also on Wednesday’s for community members. These empty containers will then be taken to the recycling plant for the cash refund they provide.

    What? Empty aluminum cans and plastic drinks bottles (see attached flyer for specifics – NO glass please)

    When? Now through May 28th

    Where? Kids at Loma and CT can drop their items to the school curb as they are dropped off for school. Community members can drop the items to the bins outside the CT office any Wednesday between now and May 26th. (Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear a mask on campus).

    Please note we cannot accept alcoholic beverage containers on campus, but Lisa will organize collection of these items if you have them. See contact details in the flyer.

    ALL CRV MONEY COLLECTED WILL GO TO THE KEEP CAMPAIGN! Please save every eligible item you have, and I promise it will make a difference!


    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD



    LOMA/CTSchool Picture Day

    Pictures for Cohort 1 Students is Thursday April 29th



    K-5 Collapsing Cohorts

    Monday, May 3rd will be an asynchronous learning day for all K-5 students to provide time for teachers to prepare their classrooms for the increased class size. Students will Zoom into their classroom for a morning meeting and then will work independently the remainder of the day.

    Tuesday May 4th, All In-person Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 Loma Elementary students will begin a 4 day a week instructional model. There will no longer be elementary cohorts.  

    What this means if you are continuing as an in-person family:

    • In-person class sizes will increase. However, class sizes will not exceed our capacity to maintain the 3-foot minimum social distance requirement.
    • Your child will come to campus 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for instruction.
    • School hours will not change. Kindergarten is 8:30-11:30; 1st - 5th grades is 8:30-12:00.
    • Wednesdays will remain a virtual day with students learning from home.
    • Your child’s music and PE schedules will not change and will remain virtual via Zoom.
    • Your child’s science schedule may change, and your child’s teacher will provide additional information.

    What this means if you have opted to change from distance learning to In-person:

    • You will be receiving an email update informing you of the start date for your child to being in-person learning and all other pertinent information including drop off, pick up, and other health and safety information.
    • In-person class sizes will not exceed our capacity to maintain the 3-foot social distancing requirement. There will be some classrooms that cannot safely accommodate every student who wishes to return to in-person. In that case, the teacher and principal will invite students back based on a referral system that will take into account the student’s current progress, social/emotional well-being, internet connectivity issues, etc.
    • Your child will attend a virtual orientation on Monday May 3rd at 11:30am. Here they will find out more about the health and safety expectations of being on campus.
    • You will be expected to complete a daily home health check of your child each day they will be on campus. This is completed through PowerSchool and instructions are included further down.

    What this means if you have opted to remain a distance learning family:

    • Your child will now Zoom in to their classroom 4 days a week.
    • Your child’s music and PE classes will not change.
    • Your child’s science class time may change. Your child’s teacher will provide additional information.
    • Your child’s teacher will provide you with updated schedule information.

    These changes will impact our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Please continue to be patient and follow our parking lot safety rules. There is no morning supervision for students. Students may begin unloading vehicles at 8:20am and go immediately to their classroom waiting spot.



    Order your Loma Yearbook – Deadline extended to May 1st


    CTE Masks

    Supplies are running low for some styles. Order now so your child can return to school in true Cheetah style! Helpful shopping tip: youth sized masks are designed to fit Middle School students.  Visit CTE HSC Donate Page to get yours today!



    Daily Home Symptom ScreeningApplies to ALL GRADES & ALL STUDENTS K-8 WHO ARE LEARNING ON CAMPUS!


    Each day that your child will be on campus for in-person instruction, parents and/or guardians will be required to complete a home symptom screening. This screening will be completed through PowerSchool. Follow the steps below to access the form via PowerSchool. If you have any login issues, please contact Julie Bourque. 

    1. Login into your Parent Portal of PowerSchool
    2. Click on Forms in the left-hand navigation menu
    3. Select the 2021 In-Person COVID-19 Student Daily Check In
    4. Complete the form and submit

    This symptom screening is open and must be completed by a parent/guardian prior to arriving on campus. If you are having difficulty accessing the form, please contact Julie Bourque for help and support. Students who arrive to campus without a completed Home Symptom Screening will be removed from class and a health screening will be conducted.


    Daily Home Symptom Screening Tips and Tricks:

    • Complete the form the morning of in-person instruction. Do not complete the form the night before.
    • Do not use the PowerSchool mobile app. Access the form using an internet browser. You can access on your mobile device as long as it is via an internet browser and not the mobile app.
    • If you have issues, try a different internet browser. Google Chrome has proven to be problematic with PowerSchool.
    • Make sure you are logged into PowerSchool through the Parent Portal and not through the Student Portal.
    • Use the link provided, Parent Portal of PowerSchool.Do not Google PowerSchool. It will direct you to an incorrect link.


    School Attendance Reminder

    State and Federal law require that school aged children be enrolled and attend a public, private, charter, or homeschool. If your child is enrolled but NOT attending or participating, they may be considered truant. If you are experiencing difficulty supporting your child’s attendance at school, reach out to school-there may be ways we can help.


    Free One-On-One Math Tutoring K-8

    Due to the great response from the community, The Mountain Math Initiative is pleased to announce additional services to support our kids. We are now able to add free scheduled one-on-one math and physics help for students that benefit from individualized tutoring. We have many dedicated Loma and CT alumni volunteers that would love to work with our community’s kids. If you are interested in setting up free one-on-one tutoring, specified to your child's needs, please reach out to the MMI Volunteer Coordinator, Marcella Jones, at mountainmarcella@gmail.com to be matched with a tutor. For more information about all of The Mountain Math Initiative programs, please visit https://www.mtmath.org/