• Dear Students and Parents,

    The following learning activities are not required to be submitted and they will not be graded. 

    If you need a printed copy of the work, please contact the district office. 

    I know that all my 8th graders will have fun working on the following puzzles and reviews. Do not forget about gummy bears:)

    Textbooks: all 8th grade students have at home an Algbebra or a Geometry textbook. Each chapter in the textbook ends with a chapter review section (many sample problems) and interesting exercises. These exercises offer a good review of the topics and concepts learned in class. 

    Review Practice(pdf packets and puzzles)

    1. Algebra/Algebra Readiness review puzzles and practice problems:

    Puzzles part 1

    Algebra/Algebra Readiness Review part 2

    More Puzzles :) part 3

    2. Geometry Practice Problems:

    Geometry Practice part 1

    Review Problems part 2

    Geometry Review part 3

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