• September 8, 2021


    Dear CTE Parents/Guardians:

    I hope today’s newsletter finds you rested after the long weekend. Hopefully it does not find you trying to shove five days’ worth of work into four! This week continues to be hot. Please be sun safe by applying sunscreen or using a hat and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.



    Would you like your very own assigned parking spot on campus? Enter the Gala Raffle for a chance to win this coveted prize!

    You can print out and complete the form with your payment details and return to Eleanna Kim curbside at most pickups after school or at the drop box at the Loma/CT offices. For preference (and to limit in person visits to school) please consider submitting your entry via PayPal to treasurer@lpef.org with “Parking” in the memo.

    Tickets for the LPEF Gala are now on sale. Visit LPEF.org to purchase yours.


    Frequent absences from school are cause for concern. Students who miss just one or two days of school each month risk falling seriously behind. Being absent from school can lead to significant problems. Students who miss many days of school are more likely to fail classes, drop out from school, and have poor relationships with parents, teachers, and peers. Please remember that every absence matters. If you need support with your child’s attendance, please reach out to your child’s teacher or to Billy Martin. Thank you for supporting your child in their attendance at school.

    If your child needs to be absent from school, please notify your child’s teacher(s) and the appropriate school office.

    Loma: r.marin@loma.k12.ca.us      CTE: j.bourque@loma.k12.ca.us


    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD




    Parents & Visitors on Campus

    ALL visitors, including parents, MUST check in at either the Loma Office or the CT Office before entering campus-NO EXCEPTIONS during school hours (8:20-2:45 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8:20-1:30 Wednesday). It does not matter the reason for your visit to campus (picking up your child early, dropping off a backpack or lunch, etc.), you must sign in at the office and be issued a Visitor badge. This visitor badge must be affixed to the outside of your clothing, visible to staff and students. If a visitor’s badge is not visible, you will be asked by a staff member to go to the office to check in. When you are asked by a staff member to go to the office to check in, please do not be rude to the staff member. This is a protocol meant to keep our kids safe.

    Loma Elementary Parent Volunteer Update

    If you plan to volunteer on campus or in your child’s classroom, you must have on file a TB clearance and proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Your child’s classroom teacher will provide information for what volunteers are needed and when their classroom will begin having volunteers in person. Additionally, all volunteers are required to check in at the appropriate school office when arriving to campus and before entering classrooms or other school spaces.

    We are currently looking for vaccinated volunteers to supervise lunch recess. 11:20-12:00 at the Loma 1-5 playground and/or the kindergarten playground. If you are interested in helping 1 or more days a week, please contact Billy Martin.

    Know Someone Who Would Like to Join our Loma Team?

    We have a couple positions open for qualified educators to join our team as Para-Educators. If you know someone who is great working with youth, is a kind and caring human, please direct him or her to our EdJoin.org page and search for Loma using the district search function.


    Please find attached School Directory information.

    For more information about Loma Prieta Elementary School’s Home and School Club, including how you can get involved, please visit https://www.lomaprietahsc.org/.

    For more information about CTE Middle School’s Home and School Club, please visit https://www.ctehsc.org/. Additionally, find a welcome letter from your CTE HSC President attached.

    CT Sports Update

    Congratulations to the Varsity Girls Soccer Team! They won their Tuesday’s game against Latimer with a score of 2-0. On 9/2, both boys’ volleyball teams won their matches against Easterbrook Discovery School, on 9/4, the boys volleyball teams lost to Monroe Middle School. The JV girl’s soccer team won their game against Sherman Oak Middle School 6-1 on 9/3. The Varsity girl’s soccer team lost to Easterbrook Discovery 1-2 on 9/4.

    Cornerstone Corner

    Project Cornerstone is a community initiative with the mission to create an environment where adults support and value all youth, so they grow up feeling valued, respected, and known. It is a school-based program of social and emotional learning and support meant to provide youth with the developmental assets necessary to grow into thriving adults. You can visit the Project Cornerstone website for more information. Each month of the calendar year highlights an asset with resources that you can access to learn more about how to support the particular asset at home. September’s Asset is: Asset #6: Parent(s) are actively engaged in helping young person succeed in school. Parent Involvement in Schooling Resource Kit

    Free One-On-One Math Tutoring 

    The new school year has started and Mountain Math Initiative is ready to offer FREE math support for Kindergarten-Algebra 1 students. The best time to start is before any struggles in math become apparent. We have many dedicated Loma and CT alumni volunteers that would love to work with our community’s kids. If you are interested in setting up free one-on-one tutoring, specified to your child's needs, please reach out to the MMI Volunteer Coordinator, Marcella Jones (mountainmarcella@gmail.com) to be matched with a tutor. For more information about all of The Mountain Math Initiative programs and volunteer opportunities, please visit https://www.mtmath.org/.