• November 3, 2021


    Dear Loma Families:

    How great was it having some of our Halloween traditions back! Our Loma and CT Halloween parades were fun and exciting with cheers and laughs from kids. The parties, food, and activities were so refreshing. I enjoyed watching kids work with the slimy pumpkin seeds in kindergarten, and the second graders with their creative pumpkin catapult designs. Middle school Halloween goers had some seriously creative costumes. Thank you all for the support at home to help us pull all this off.

    On a more technical note, I have been having some serious computer issues that have left my device nearly inoperable a few times in the last week. If you have sent me an email message and I have not replied, please hang tight while our tech department supports me in getting my computer issues resolved. If you have a serious issue, please reach out to Julie at CT or Raquel at Loma with your need and they will make sure your need gets to me.

    Billy Martin, Principal

    Loma Prieta JUSD



    Daylight Savings End - Nov 7, 2021

    Set clocks back

    Veterans Day-no school - Nov 11, 2021

    On Campus Covid/Flu Vaccination Clinic - Nov 11, 2021 from 9:00-1pm

    Loma Prieta Campus. Covid, Flu vaccinations, and boosters for anyone interested 5 years and older.

    Loma Elementary Conference Week-minimum days –Nov 15-19th

    12:30 dismissal all week for LOMA ONLY



    Covid Dashboard and Information

    The District has added a Covid dashboard and Covid Information section to the District homepage. You can navigate to it by going to www.loma.k12.ca.us and then selecting the COVID-19 tab at the top.

    Developmental Assets News and Updates

    Project Cornerstone is one program we use to build Developmental Assets among students. ABC (Asset Building Champions) Readers is a Project Cornerstone activity where trained adults visit elementary classrooms and read stories, lead discussions, and share activities that support students in feeling valued, respected, and known.

    November’s Asset is: Positive Cultural Identify

    Asset #41: Young person feels comfortable with and proud of her/his/their identity, including but not limited to disabilities, ethnicity, faith/religion, family status, gender, language, and sexual orientation.   



    Don't forget about our current and upcoming fundraiser activities: 

    • Wednesday, Nov 10: Willow Street Fundraiser Dinner - downtown Los Gatos- Mention CTE or LOMA HSC at the time of ordering/checkout
    • See's Candy fundraiser for both CTE and LOMA HSC's runs through December 3rd, 2021. Click here to order See's Candy Fundraiser

    School Garden Sale

    There are still some plants left in our school garden sale!  Your students and our garden volunteer parents have been hard at work this year growing sugar snap peas, Italian artichokes, chocolate mint, and lettuce for a winter garden sale. We also have some great heirloom raspberries and perennial Tree Kale.  Please see Loma Home and School Club to make your purchases.   All purchases should be paid for online and your plants can be picked up at the Loma Garden.  Plants are very limited so get your orders in right away.  All proceeds go towards supporting our lovely school garden!"


    Frequent absences from school are cause for concern. Students who miss just one or two days of school each month risk falling seriously behind. Being absent from school can lead to significant problems. Students who miss many days of school are more likely to fail classes, drop out from school, and have poor relationships with parents, teachers, and peers. Please remember that every absence matters. If you need support with your child’s attendance, please reach out to your child’s teacher or to Billy Martin. Thank you for supporting your child in their attendance at school.

    If your child needs to be absent from school, please notify your child’s teacher(s) and the appropriate school office.

    Loma: r.marin@loma.k12.ca.us      CTE: j.bourque@loma.k12.ca.us



    The cold wet weather brings with it cold and flu season. As we settle into our wet months, we want to remind you of a few things:

    1. If your child does not feel well, please do not send them to school. If they exhibit any signs/symptoms related to Covid, students will be sent home. Students must be symptom free with no medication (no fever or vomiting for 24 hours) for 24 hours prior to returning to school.
    2. Medications, including over the counter products, cough drops, and homeopathic remedies are not allowed to be self-administered by students. Please do not send these products to school with your child.
    3. The Daily Home Symptom Screening should be completed each day in PowerSchool prior to the arrival of your child.
    4. Login into your Parent Portal of PowerSchool (parents new to LPJUSD will receive information on how to set up your account)
    5. Click on Forms in the left-hand navigation menu
    6. Select the 2021-2022 Daily Home Symptom Screening
    7. Complete the form and submit


    The new school year has started, and Mountain Math Initiative is ready to offer FREE math support for Kindergarten-Algebra 1 students. The best time to start is before any struggles in math become apparent. We have many dedicated Loma and CT alumni volunteers that would love to work with our community’s kids. If you are interested in setting up free one-on-one tutoring, specified to your child's needs, please reach out to the MMI Volunteer Coordinator, Marcella Jones (mountainmarcella@gmail.com) to be matched with a tutor. For more information about all of The Mountain Math Initiative programs and volunteer opportunities, please visit Mountain Math.