Alex Hall Alex Hall

    Originally from the UK, Alex has been living in the 95033 zip since 2006. She arrived in the mountains after leaving her role as CEO at Chabot Space and Science Center in the Oakland Hills to move south to marry Brian. Brian has been resident in the mountains since the late 1990’s.


    Education - particularly STEM education - is part of her DNA. She ended up in the science center field after teaching in science camps for inner city kids, doing planetarium shows for the deaf, hosting a regular BBC TV show on space and writing astronomy books for children published by DK (Dorling-Kindersley).


    Alex and Brian memorably founded a company that brought a Zeppelin airship to the Bay Area and operated it for a few years. Alex also worked with global entrepreneurs seeking to land robots on the Moon in her role running the Google Lunar X Prize. For the last few years she’s been deep in the early ecosystem work around how small electric vertical take off and landing aircraft (aka flying cars) will happen. Yes, she’s flown one.


    Alex believes the mountain community can thrive by actively embracing their reliance on each other, sharing knowledge, and taking care of one another. In this spirit in 2011 she founded the 95033talk mailing list – a vital mountain communications tool.  She’s fascinated by the history of the early families up here, given that a number of them have their final resting place in her backyard. She supports Brian in his annual harvesting and cider making activities and enjoys canning and preserving and gardening as well as raising chickens.


    In having the opportunity to serve as a school board member, Alex is seeking to support and maintain the excellent facilities, staff and educational programs that are already in place, to promote fiscal stability and to find ways to integrate more non-parent community members and groups into school life to enrich everyone.  As a woman on the autism spectrum, she’s also an advocate for diversity and inclusion of all kinds.


    Her stepdaughter Kaitlin, attended CT English and her son, Scott, is at Loma Prieta Elementary.