• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is Accelerated Reader?

    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer based reading program that helps determine student reading comprehension and tracks classroom reading goals. Teachers will assign areading range to help students select books that will expand reading levels without overly frustrating students.  Students then pick books within their reading range and take short, multiple choice computer quizzes that test their reading comprehension.  These quizzes are called “Reading Practice” quizzes.  Reading practice quizzes provide immediate feedback and show progress towards the reading goals set by each teacher.



    How do I find AR books?

    Students may read books selected from school, home or public libraries.  AR books from the Loma library have stickers on the spine of each book indicating AR reading level.  In addition, Loma families can check online at http://www.arbookfind.com to see if there is a quiz available for any chosen book.  They can browse books by title, author or collection.  New books are added all the time.



    How do I take an AR quiz?

    Every student in grades 1-5 has their own Accelerated Reader account.  Log-in and password information is provided by the student’s teacher.  To take quizzes, please access AR through the Loma Prieta School Website or by clicking here at: https://www.hosted96.renlearn.com/711790


    Once logged in, students should click on the orange square titled “Accelerated Reader” in order to take a quiz.  Parents may help a student log-in and locate the correct reading practice quiz.  All students must take the quizzes independently without any outside help in order for this to be an effective tool.  Be careful to select “Reading Practice” quizzes only, “Vocabulary Practice” quizzes will not count towards your reading goal.



    What is my reading goal?

    Teachers assign students reading goals for the year and some provide intermediate goals for each trimester.  Goals are usually assigned in terms of word count or AR points, depending on the teacher.



    If you have any questions regarding Accelerated Reader, please contact your teacher or email Ms. Fichthorn at n.fichthorn@loma.k12.ca.us