Public Participation and Meeting Protocols

  • Public participation in Board meetings can be in written form, and several opportunities are provided for the public to speak during the meetings. The first opportunity to verbally address the Board is after approval of the agenda and prior to the closed session. These comments typically address items to be discussed in closed session, e.g., labor negotiations, personnel matters, disciplinary matters, and the like.
    Written correspondence sent to the Board, whether by letter or email, will be acknowledged during the regular session following the closed session report. Such communications are read aloud unless the correspondent has requested otherwise. The Board may summarize a particularly lengthy statement. 
    Public comments regarding items not on the agenda are requested following acknowledgement of any written correspondence. While the Board cannot take any action on items not on the agenda, such comments are appreciated and may prompt future discussion and action by the Board and/or the administration.
    In addition, questions about an agenda item may be asked during consideration of that item. While not required, completing a comment card and providing it to the Board will help ensure your question is addressed at the appropriate time. If you have not filled out a comment card, please raise your hand until asked to comment.
    Comments of both the Board and Public will be noted and included in the minutes for the Board meeting, which are made available on the Board website following review and approval by the Board. As such, please identify yourself when addressing the Board to ensure your comments are accurately attributed in the minutes.