• Optional, Suggested Learning Activities and Resources for 8th Grade Photoshop and Flash During School Closure:


    Students, please do not worry about your Flash movies during the school closure. I understand! Please, do not worry! We will tackle it when we can! Stay healthy and practice your typing-with a cover! No peeking! :)

    Mrs. Denues


    Helpful Links for 8th Grade Technology!  

    Technology Optional, Suggested Learning Activities and Resources: 



    4/29- Today's Google Doodle is Making Music! 


    4/27- Try this! It is SO easy and FUN!!!  Google Doodle Kid Coding! 

    Ever wonder what the Life Cycle of a Sneaker is? 


    TED-Ed Daily Activities: Previous activities are shown at the bottom of each page.

    5/26 - Tuesday's Lessons Can 100% Renewable Energy Power the World? 

    5/25 - Monday's Lessons Where Have All the Honeybees Gone? Please watch this lesson! This needs to be fixed!

    5/22 - Friday's Activities Why Cities Need Trees - We are SO BLESSED to live in our beautiful mountains! 

    5/21 - Thursday's Activities The Nature of Composting

    5/20 - Wednesday's Activities Lifecycle of Plastic Bottles - PLEASE, PLEASE recycle! It truly makes a difference!

    5/19 - Tuesday's Activities Rewilding Our World - Truthfully, the beginning of this quest was too crazy for me to imagine! While I know the fossils have been found, etc., it is just so difficult for me to get it in my head what those giant animals were really like! Then the discussion leads to trophic cascades. I have not heard that term-I knew of the concept, but not the exact term-very interesting! Ends with this fabulous quote, "A silent spring could be followed by a wild summer!" Probably when TED-Ed made this quest, they didn't think our current cultural situation would make that statement so meaningful! Ha! Have a beautiful day! 

    5/18 - Monday's Activities The Nature of Plastics - What do King Midas and plastics have in common? Quite a lot actually! I thought this was going to be a boring video-but it wasn't! It was very eye-opening and startling! Did you know you have a measurable amount of plastic in your body now that your great grandparents didn't? There is a solution! 

    5/15 - Friday's Activities Earth's Giant Game of Tetris! Climate Change

    5/14 - Thursday's Activities The Nature of Biodiversity-Loss

    5/13 - Wednesday's Activities The Mystery of Deforestation

    5/12 - Tuesday's Activities The Amazing Way Plants Defend Themselves! Do you know what Lignin does; what about Trichomes? I learned about these and more today! Just click the link and enjoy! 

    5/11 - Monday's Activities How Big is the Ocean? 

    5/08 - Friday's Activities The Naming of Clouds! Not kidding-I loved this one! Do you know why we say the idiom, "I'm on Cloud 9!" Watch this and find out! So excellent! 

    5/07 - Thursday's Activities Biodiversity! Do you know what the large vines Tarzan swings on do for the trees in the Rainforest? I do! Watch this TED-Ed and find out! We are all interconnected; we all need each other! 

    5/06 - Wednesday's Activities Where Did Earth's Water Come From?

    5/05 - Tuesday's Activities History Through the Eyes of a Chicken! THIS IS FABULOUS! I had no idea!!!

    5/04 - Monday's Activities The Nature of Transport

    5/01 - Friday's Activities Ever wonder how aspirin was discovered? 

    4/30 - Thursday's Activities What if concrete could cracks could heal themselves? I need this on my driveway! Ha!

    4/29- Wednesday's Activities Continue Earth Day Quests! Today's was great! I learned how termites help architects! 

    4/28- Tuesday's Activities How do your hormones work? 

    4/20- Monday's Activities

    4/24- Friday's Activities  These optical illusions are so fun!

    4/23- Thursday's Activities

    4/22- Wednesday's Activities

    4/21- Tuesday's Activities

    4/20- Monday's Activities



    Offline Activities:

    * NEW ARTICLE FOR THIS WEEK*  Predicting Your Playlist   Online link for this article is posted below. 


    Try writing your name, a secret message, or a thank-you note using the following alphabets and codes:

    Braille Alphabet ASCII Binary Alphabet Morse Code


    * Design an app using what the first coders used . . . paper, pencil, their brains!! :) What would your application do? How would your application work? Would it be for one person or a group of people? Can you think of a "gripping" name for your application? How would you market it? What is your target age group? Have fun!  


    Online Activities:

    * NEW LINK THIS WEEK* Google Doodle Kid Coding!

    * NEW LINK THIS WEEKHow the Computer Predicts Your Playlists! This is such an interesting article! Programming and math are happy playmates!

    Remember to access and use the typing sites for games and lessons listed below to help you advance your typing skills. 

    * Build a virtual world, land, or game with AliceThis open-domain site is incredible! Created and maintained by college students, I have been having a lot of fun with it! Enjoy! This is an easy-to-learn, free site for creating animation. 

    Try going to Code.org to play and practice code writing in your free time! If you would like something a bit more challenging, try Stanford's Online Computer Course link posted below. 

    * Stanford Computer Science Online Course make an account and try completing a programming class at Stanford! It's fun! Really! I did it! It is definitely a challenge, and you'll need to make a free account, but I enjoyed it! 



Helpful Links for Eighth Grade Common Core/Emphasis-Technology