News from Oct 8, 2014

  • Dear Loma Parents and Guardians:

    Thoughts from Tuesday Night (well very early Wednesday really)

    One of the great things about being an educator is that curiosity and fun are encouraged!  At 2:30 am this morning, Rebecca and I met up here on campus to view the lunar eclipse fondly known as the “blood moon.”  I couldn’t talk anyone else in my house into the trip, but it was an excellent adventure.

    I thought about the fifth graders away at science camp at the coast this week and the seventh graders gearing up for a trip to Yosemite.  I am so proud that our school continues to support ventures of all kinds – artistic, athletic, musical, technological, and more.  With a sense of adventure at the core of our work as educators, we hope to model curiosity, persistence, inquiry, and a love of learning.

    I learned a lot this week about the “blood moon.”  I admit I was skeptical about the red hue when the moon was bright in the sky as the eclipse unfolded.  As Rebecca and I sat in my almost famous red chairs under a brilliantly starry sky and the glistening Pacific in the distance, I almost felt ten-years-old again.  As the light faded from the surface, and the reflection of a global sunset took hold, I was in awe.  How cool is it to see a sunset happening a world away reflected in the midst of the spectrum of the Milky Way?  How great is it to contemplate how far our understanding of the universe has come across time, and also recognize how far we still have to go?  It turns out NASA has much better camera equipment than I do.

    October "Blood Moon," Courtesy of NASA

    Education is powerful.  Adventures are good for everyone. 

    Corey Kidwell


    Rebecca’s Top Ten Week 7:

    1. Scrumptious cupcakes for a special English teacher’s birthday at CTE;
    2. Our very own rival fan clubs right here!  We’ve got strong loyalties for the teams currently battling it out for the National League champs.  Well, mainly we’re sporting orange/black and “Hollywood Blue”, but every once and a while a little red bird pops up too;
    3. If you are in the CT Front Office look to the various critters on the walls to see who they are rooting for;
    4. Baseball players are very talented, like Hunter Pence and his magnetic glove, but I don’t think they have much up on the third and forth grade girls here who can just about run a mile while skipping rope without missing a beat or sacrificing time – pure athleticism;
    5. Spending time cruising common core web-based news sites with Mrs. Denues.  She makes anything fun!
    6. Smiling faces of the students in Mrs. Cobain’s class as they left for Pigeon Point and the accompanying smiles on the faces of their parents;
    7. Coach Patino posting student work from his Word of the Week discussions;
    8. Trees around the field and in the courtyard at CTE providing slightly cooler places to sit and visit on hot days;
    9. Stylish parents and friends spending a lovely evening at a classy joint for a worthy cause;
    10. A blood red moon a top a dark mountain with a balmy breeze blowing!

    The Gala!

    Thank you everyone for an amazing event – again.  The gala team did an extraordinary job!  The donations from so many of you made the event festive and fun.  Your purchases at The Gala will help us jump start our thinking about next year.  We are all so lucky to live, work, and play in a beautiful part of the world.  A special thanks, as well, to Patti Hughes for sharing Maison du Lac with all of us.  Patti, you are a generous and gracious hostess.  Thank you LPEF for your commitment, support, and great ideas!


    Loma Prieta Quake Commemorative Event

    All are invited on Friday, October 17 at 4:30 p.m., to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake.  Whether you lived on the mountain before this earth-shaking day or have moved here since, please join us on this special day. The event will take place at the site of the former location of Loma Prieta Elementary, 23845 Summit Road (location of the Gazebo and Building Blocks).

    We are looking for photographs and/or stories from that time in our history that will be shared at the event. If you have either, please contact Christina Lopp Schwabecher at or 831-419-4596. Please share this information with any family members or neighbors who might be interested.

    See you on the 17th!


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