Wed News Nov 5, 2014

  • November 5, 2014

    CT English News

    Thoughts from Tuesday Night:

    It feels like fall (at least momentarily) and this time of year reminds us of the many ways we can help those in need.  I want to take a moment to highlight just a few easy options.

    For those of you who have any left over Halloween candy, I want to make one last plug for Operation Gratitude, which is still collecting candy for our troops.  You can find them at  This helpful website also has templates for letters which are also appreciated.

    The annual “Warm Coat Drive” is underway with the help of our very own Cub Scout Troop 509.  A barrel is waiting at Loma for your gently used coats.  Time to clean out the closets! 

    The “Second Harvest Food Drive” is kicking off with barrels at each school or school office.

    We also understand that several family shelters are in need of both baby formula and diapers sizes 4-6.  These items can be dropped off at either school office as well.

    Thank you in advance for helping to make the holidays better for those in need.

    Corey Kidwell



    CT English Quarterly Recognition Assemblies


    The themes chosen by faculty for the recognition assemblies this year are a reflection of the “habits of mind” and success factors involved in being a strong student and engaged learner. These recognition events go beyond letter grades and acknowledge important academic traits that we know from experience are part of becoming a successful middle and high school student.


    This year’s quarterly themes are: (with examples of the student behaviors to be recognized)


    1. Taking Personal Responsibility for Learning: persistence, work habits, classroom participation, meta-cognition, and management of self.

    2. Collaboration: communicates with clarity, listens to ideas of others, extends and deepens discussions, finds (appropriate) humor in academic life, exhibits interdependence of thought, uses empathy.

    3. Creativity: thinks flexibly, creates new products or develops new tools, shows imagination, can innovate.

    4. Engaged Learner: finds wonder and awe, passion for learning, curiosity, extends knowledge independent of extrinsic reward.


    Teachers will be using these themes throughout the year to encourage thinking and engagement beyond the basics. Students showing exceptional levels of these behaviors will be acknowledged by the faculty at each of the quarterly assemblies.


    Each quarter, students are nominated by teachers and recognized for exemplifying the quarterly themes. Student athletes for the previous season are also recognized at each assembly.   CT parents are invited to join us at 1:55 pm in the CT gym to share in the fun.


    2014 Loma Prieta Holiday Craft Faire


    Saturday December 6, 2014 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Sunday December 7, 2014 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Where: Loma Prieta Gym & Community Center
23800 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033

    Free Admission. Come Rain or Shine. Join us at this annual event featuring handcrafted items from over 50 vendors and community groups. Enjoy shopping for holiday gifts and art, hot lunch and seasonal beverages, live musical performances, a bake sale, raffles and photos with Santa. This event benefits C T English Middle School students and staff through programs administered by the CTE Home and School Club.

    CTE students are invited to sell their wares at the 2014 Holiday Craft Faire

    Do you have handmade items to sell at the Holiday Faire this year? It's on December 6 & 7, 2014 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday in the Loma Prieta Gym. CTE students are invited to apply for 1/2-table spaces. The fee is $15 for one day or $25 for both days. Please review the information sheet before filling out an application.


    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm


    Upcoming Events

    11/6/14            Picture Make-up Day and panoramic photos

    11/7/14            Quarter 1 report cards hand carried home by students

    11/7/14            Quarter 1 Recognition Assembly Gym 1:50 pm

    11/7/14            CTE Movie Night 7pm Loma Forum

    11/10/14          NO SCHOOL-Staff Development Day

    11/11/14          NO SCHOOL-Veteran’s Day Holiday

    11/14/14          Loma Play 7pm Gym

    11/15/14          Loma Play 1pm & 7 pm

    11/16/14          Loma Play 1pm

    11/17/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 12-4pm

    11/18/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 12-4pm

    11/19/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 8-4pm

    11/20/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 8-4pm

    11/25/14          CT Turkey Trot-Loma Field 12pm

    11/26/14-11/28/14 NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving Holiday



    Carino’s Corner:


    1. I am uploading Loma’s new report card to the website and few support tidbits as well. Please check the Loma Elementary site tomorrow for the link to the new K-5 report cards.  


    2. It seems fall is here to stay for a bit as attested by the lovely nip in the air. Fall is such an inspirational and beautiful season of change. It is named the favorite for many of us, as we tend to get a little kick in our step when we venture outdoors to enjoy nature’s aesthetics. However, fall is often accompanied by a little weariness in our minds and bodies.   There is a well-documented trend in education that occurs just about at this time every year. We begin to take a “pep-dip”, less pep in the step and less elasticity. The upbeat enthusiasm of the new school year has faded a bit. This is may also be true for numerous families as we feel the impact of the many activities we manage. Kids are in play practice and sports and other activities. The depth of schoolwork, homework and other related challenges can appear larger than life, and report cards are coming.   We have battled, or are still battling, sniffles, sore throats, and achy bodies. As tasks keep coming and we continue to push through, our once resilient smile is likely more difficult to muster.   We are trying to keep up a demanding pace and on the horizon are the holidays. As we engage with each other, it is good to remember the elements that we all face.    I find in the middle of this very demanding time it helps me to take a deep breath and identify all the wonderful things in my life for which I am thankful. After all, it is also the season for giving thanks…. Thank goodness! 


    Here is my Top Ten Things for which I am Thankful X2+2:


    1.     The refreshing and rejuvenating beauty of the outdoor world that we are so fortunate to have just outside our doors;  


    2.     The smiles and glee of our students as they embrace the wonders of life;


    3.     A fabulous team of teachers who always goes the extra mile to help one another and support an excellent learning environment;


    4.     Parents who are true partners in education, adding extra touches from Project Cornerstone and Art in Action to chaperoning dances and field trips to behind the scenes creation of fabulous backdrops and cooking up amazing cuisine all making this a school of personal touch like no other I have seen;


    5.     Our support staff manning the front offices at Loma, CTE and the DO with out whom the quality of life here at the schools on top of the Mountain would be severely diminished. Just think of all they do;


    6.     An amazing outdoors play yard at Loma where students can run, play sports, talk, workout problems (sometimes with help) and grow;


    7.     Yard duty super troopers who offer to supervise our students in the middle of the day.


    8.     An endearing and supportive student councilor who is a friend in need to all of our students, many of our parents, and not to be left off the list, me too;


    9.     The maintenance and facilities team who really are often under acknowledged for the level of behind the scenes work they do to support a high quality of life for all of us;


    10. Walking out of the front door of Loma and looking up to see the flags waving on our funky flag pole, the ever-changing sky so close it seems in touching range, and familiar critters who consistently nod their heads at me as if to say hi;


    11. The Home and School Clubs who work diligently all year to provide the extra perks that generate such a positive difference in the lives of our students and families. Many of the most endearing memories from these years will come from the work of those who belong to and support the two Home and School Clubs;


    12. Amazing middle school students who are polite, energetic and thoughtful;


    13. An after school athletic program which provides opportunities for our middle school students to learn sportsmanship and competitive skills;


    14. A high quality before and afterschool care system that embraces and engages our students and keeps them safe while parents are at work


    15. An efficiently run transportation system consisting of dedicated individuals who care for every kid they transport and who are great fun to be around;


    16. Two beautiful and well run libraries supervised by two fabulous women who are so passionate about reading that just being in their presence makes one want to read a book;


    17. A talented team of special support folks who also go the extra mile every day to ensure that all students’ needs are met;


    18. A priceless vista view that I go out of my way to enjoy just the generate the endorphins that are inevitably released in my brain upon seeing the distant horizon;


    19. An extended community at large from, senior citizens to realtors to fire fighters, police and artists and all the folks at the Summit Store who all together care about supporting a high quality education experience for the children of this mountain community;


    20. A dedicated board composed of caring and thoughtful parents who maintain a watchful eye and thoughtfully make strategic decisions that ensure a safe and promising future for our students, community, and schools;


    21. A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious superintendent who skillfully oversees this vast network of folks in a way that allows us to create a magical learning environment more closely resembling a high achieving family than an ordinary educational institution;


    22. My family who have learned to stick together through "the thick and the thin”!