7th Grade Language Arts

    First Quarter
    Welcome back to school, and to CTE Middle School!  We will be starting the year getting to know each other, establishing a positive learning environment, writing in our journals, continuing to study Greek and Latin Roots, mastering grammar and puctuation, and reading and analyzing literature  Our first novel we will work with is Walk Two Moons. Don't forget to read like a writer!



7th Grade Social Studies

    Quarter !
    Welcome back, and to 7th grade!  We will continue establishing a positive learning environment.  We will be studying World History from the Roman Empire through the Renaissance in Europe. That is a lot!  We will be focusing on learning to read critically, understand historical bias, and improving our study and note taking skills.The Social Studies curriculum for 7th grade explores World History and includes the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Rise and Spread of Islam, West African Empires, Medieval China, Feudal Japan, the Early Americas, the Maya, the Aztec and Incan Empires, and the Middle Ages and Renaissance of Europe.  Each unit of study will focus on geography skills, historical facts, and supporting opinions with evidence in addition to the completion of various projects, handouts, maps, and tests.  We will be reading primary source documents, and practicing our best essay writing techniques! The textbook is World History Medieval to Early Modern Times, by Holt.   

7th Grade Conversational Spanish

  • Quarter 1

    ¡Bienvenidos!  Welcome to Conversational Spanish.  We will start the year with our Esponja Bob (Sponge Bob) unit, learning basic Spanish conversation, greetings and classroom vocabulary.  This class will be in Spanish the majority of time, and you will be surprised at how comfortable the students get with Spanish in a semester.

8th Grade Spanish 1

  • Quarter 1

    ¡Bienvenidos!  Welcome back! We will hit the ground running.  We will start with a mini unit in which we learn to expresses what we like, don't like, can do, want to do ab theout the subjects of food, music, classes, and activities.   We usually have quizzes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will also write on Fridays. . The students will read two novels in Spanish this year; our first novel in Spanish is, La Tumba, set in México during the Days of the Dead.

    Spanish 1 introduces students to basic vocabulary and concepts of the Spanish language. The emphasis will be on comprehension of the language through reading and listening to stories, short videos, humor, holidays and traditions, and music.  We will learn the grammatical structures including verb tenses needed for Spanish 2.