• SHARING should be brought in a bag with three written clues.  You can make the clues as difficult as you wish.

    After hearing the clues, three people try to guess.  Then the sharing comes out and I ask questions.  Make sure you know a LOT about your sharing.


    Good things to share include:  Science items, things found in nature, favorite books, things created at home, pictures of family or events, trophies or other prizes, collections.


    The idea of Sharing is to TEACH us something, and to keep Ms Ray's interest : ) so choose your Sharing to fit these ideas. 

    SHARING will begin Tuesday, October 8.

    The schedule is as follows:
    MONDAY - Nolan, Natalia, Sage, Josiah, Jude
    TUESDAY - Andre, Kyla, Zoe, Benjamin
    WEDNESDAY - Miles, Isla, Sid, May, Daphne
    THURSDAY - Elliot, Borzou, Chloe, Virginia
    FRIDAY - Mario, Eve, Emma, Josh, Ruoshui