• November 12, 2014


    Dear Loma & CT Parents:

    CT Students Make Honor Roll
    Students earning Honor Roll standing have shown both academic skill and development of the "habits of mind" which lay many of the foundations of academic success.  These students have earned a 3.5 or above overall GPA for the first quarter.  Congratulations!

    8Th Grade

    Anderson, Megan N.                           Anderson, Skyler M.                         Atkinson, Daisy Jean

    Barthel, Michael J.                              Beckmann, Hope I.                           Bonnet, Loie Helene                         
    Burfeindt, Emma J.                             Caligiuri, Jake B.                              Cox, Brennan C.                                 
    Davis, Ethan R.                                   Frimmersdorf, Jacob L.                    Hench, Michael Josef
    Hill, Campbell J.                                 Homeier, Joseph T.                           Issak, Isabelle Weber                
    Klein, Talia                                         Linden, Samantha Rose                    Lohr, Marie Theresa                        
    Longstreth, Isabella M.                       Mai, Catherine                                 Miller, Jake J.                                      
    Moelgaard, Christoffer J.                    Moilanen, Daniel J.                          Molenda, Faith C.
    Niles, Alexander V.                             Niles, Ryan V.                                  Ponkey, Grace L.                        
    Price, Ellis S.                                       Schick, Daniel J.                              Tal, Maya                                        
    Talvensaari, Annika C.                        Van Cleef, Michelle Inger               Van Sciver, Ian P.                                
    Viamin, Nicolas M.                             Villa, Raffaele E.                              Webster, Claude Ivan
    White Kayla A.                                   Wool, Michael F.                              Wrenn, Anna Crowley                
    Zhang, Brianna J.
    7th Grade 

    Andres, Adrian Ubinas                        Beauchamp, Trevor John                  David, Alex N.


    DeGrande, Samuel Gustav                  Delaney, Rachel S.                            Dembry, Ryan T.


    DeMeo, Isabella F.                               Fong, Mia Watson                            Gray, Alexandra C.


    Hickok, Cade N.                                  Hillegas, Nicole Tamiko                   Hoffner, Ann C.


    Hoffner, Carly J.                                  Horn, Kylie A.                                  Kemp, Axel S.


    Khandelwal, Kayleigh A.                    Kinsella, Eleanor Sangalang             Korb, Tatum E.


    Lacey, Anne Marie                              Longstreth, Grace G.                         McCord, Chelsea D.


    McGuire, Aidan R.                              Moilanen, Monica M.                       Monaco, Andrew B.


    Mordaunt, Alexander H.                     Mordecai, Cole H.                             Orlando, Dominic V.


    Peck, Andrew David                           Pharand, Lance                                  Reid, Katarina Sophia


    Robinson, Gabriella J.                         Rogers, Ashley P.                              Rohloff, Erika K.


    Semmel, Max A.                                 Templeton, Lindsay C.                      Varriello, Madeline Kay


    Watson, Jasmin M.                              Wetherill, Jack Lucca                        Wilcox, Naia Bryn


    Wiltshire, Sarah N.


    6th Grade 

    Armstrong, Aidan T.                           Arnold, Zoe A.                                   Barnard, Chloe Shea


    Behroozi, Donya A.                            Bercaw, Alec R.                                 Bowen, Cooper T.


    Britton, Toby K.                                  Bronfeld, Dylan M.                            Buszko, Maciej


    Candelaria, Olivia G.                          Dattalo, Shawn S.                              Davis, Luke


    Defilippo-Fry, Chaya                          Farley, Spencer D.                              Fichthorn, Daniel Karl


    Frank, Ethan M.                                  Gomez, Rosella R.                             Grant-Richards, Glenn E.


    Guilhamet, Peter L.                             Hauck, Siara I.                                   Hespeler, Jordan M.


    Huang, Crystal J.                                 Issak, Omar Alexander                     Kinsella, Elizabeth Sangalang


    LaGalante, Sebastian G.                      Lane, Eily, R.                                    Leabo, Maggie S.


    Leith, Anna C.                                     Lindsay, Tate S.                                 McClurg, Nolan T.


    Milheim, Kimiko L.                            Mills, Lauria A.                                 Moelgaard, Martin J.


    Niles, Ian V.                                        Peironnet V, J. William                      Ramsay, Michael A.


    Rossi, Sofia M.                                    Sanders, Ethan E.                              Schwarz, Mark Robert


    Shab, Julia Isabel                                 Suorsa, Gabrielle R.                          Surgalski, Isabella C.


    Talvensaari, David R.                          Van Sciver, Cyrus S.                          Villanueva, Sofia

    Parent Conferences are coming!   For Loma Prieta Elementary only!

    No minimum days for CT English students next week 11/17-11/21/14


    Parent teacher conferences are an important time for you and your child’s teacher to collaborate on shared goals.  You are the expert on your child, and the teacher is the expert on teaching at this grade level.  Parents and teachers both bring extremely valuable perspectives and skills to the conference.  This is a time for two-way communication.  You can share your expertise on how your child encounters the world, and your child’s teacher will share their perspective on how your child approaches both the curriculum and the social environment of school.  Collaboration sometimes requires compromise; striking a balance of ideas is often in the best interest of your child.  It is important that you and your child’s teacher have a shared understanding about what will be expected, and what support will be needed, for the coming trimester.  


    Here are some thoughts on how to prepare:


    Before the conference:

    1.  Think about what questions you have and make a list of your top 3-5.  Conferences are time limited so it is important to prioritize.


    2.  Ask your child what they would like you to ask about, learn about, or discuss with their teacher.  


    During the conference:

    1.  Review the work samples your teacher provides and understand the strengths and areas for growth outlined by the teacher.


    2.  We have a new report card system.  Some things will look different and some the same.  The indicators are of where your child is right now.  It’s a snap shot for if they are on target by grade level and in comparison to the rest of the class.


    3.  Ask for help if there are challenges you are having with your child.  You are not alone.  Your child’s teacher is an ally and a professional.  If there are questions that can’t be answered immediately, teachers are well positioned to find resources and strategies for your child’s individual needs.


    After the conference:

    4.  Talk with your child about the conversation with his/her teacher and highlight the positives the teacher mentions about your child.


    5.  Follow up with your child’s teacher and make a date for any planned follow up conversations.


    2014 Loma Prieta Holiday Craft Faire


    Saturday December 6, 2014 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Sunday December 7, 2014 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Where: Loma Prieta Gym & Community Center
23800 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033

    Free Admission. Come Rain or Shine. Join us at this annual event featuring handcrafted items from over 50 vendors and community groups. Enjoy shopping for holiday gifts and art, hot lunch and seasonal beverages, live musical performances, a bake sale, raffles and photos with Santa. This event benefits C T English Middle School students and staff through programs administered by the CTE Home and School Club.

    CTE students are invited to sell their wares at the 2014 Holiday Craft Faire

    Do you have handmade items to sell at the Holiday Faire this year? It's on December 6

    & 7, 2014 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday in the Loma Prieta Gym. CTE students are invited to apply for 1/2-table spaces. The fee is $15 for one day or $25 for both days. Please review the information sheet before filling out an application.


    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm


    Upcoming Events

    11/14/14          Loma Play 7pm Gym

    11/15/14          Loma Play 1pm & 7 pm

    11/16/14          Loma Play 1pm

    11/17/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 12-4pm

    11/18/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 12-4pm

    11/19/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 8-4pm

    11/20/14          Book Faire-Loma Lib 8-4pm

    11/25/14          CT Turkey Trot-Loma Field 12pm

    11/26/14-11/28/14 NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving Holiday