• December 17, 2014


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:

    Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    The chill in the air is a reminder that winter is officially approaching.  The winter break is quickly approaching as well.  May the break give your family time to rest, enjoy one another, and have some fun.  This can also be a time of stress.  Please take care of yourselves.  For those of you celebrating the season with travel, enjoy and travel safely.  For those of you staying closer to home, may we continue to have gentle rains and power!  The break is a wonderful time to be with family and friends and to catch up on sleep, exercise, and time to laugh.  

    We have so much to be thankful for at Loma and CTE.  Thank you for entrusting us with your amazing kids.  Each of them is unique and is part of the mosaic of our experience as educators.  We are very grateful for the sense of community we enjoy and the commitment to our schools that you embody.  Your kids have worked hard (and you right along with them).  Enjoy the break and each other.

    Please remember that this Friday is a MINIMUM DAY with dismissal at 12:30 for both Loma and CT. Our first day back, January 5, 2015.


    Mrs. Carino’s Top Ten Week 16:


    1.   Crows riding wind gusts like surfers catching waves;

    2.   Mrs. Dufort in a conductor’s cap and vest leading her students into class for a day on the Polar Express;

    3.   Colorful cutout snowflakes decorating my office wall thanks to a fastidious fourth grade student;

    4.   Quiet kinders in line acting as role models for upper grade students;

    5.   During lunch at CT, I noticed that 6th graders tend to run, seventh graders will skip, and eighth graders have a certain stroll, unless they are playing tag, and then they run like the wind;

    6.   Fifth graders advising the school body during last Friday’s WOW assembly as to the reasons why we are a peanut-free school;

    7.   A caring fourth grade sister tenderly comforting her distraught second grade brother;

    8.   Reading with students in Mrs. Riccomini’s class;

    9.   Power on for most of the day during Thursday’s “extraordinary” storm;

    10.  Christmas Cookies! Yum!  Hope you have a few and good cheers too during the holiday  break!