• January 7, 2015


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:


    Thoughts From Tuesday Night…A Day of Privilege and Heartbreak


    This morning I heard a great story about some of our former students catching up with each other to celebrate a milestone birthday.  I realized hearing that story that tonight I would write about the privilege I feel being connected to our students over time.  I know I speak for all of us here at Loma and CT when I say thank you for entrusting us with the education of your children.  We recognize that part of what is so special about our schools is that we often know “our kids” from five-years-old through adulthood.  It is an honor to be part of this journey, to know your kids and your families. 


    There are few professions where we witness so much transformation over time and few educational settings where a community grows and stays connected over time.  We are not perfect.  Our journey together has many challenges, but always more joy.  For all of us, education is personal.  To Jake, Steven, Max, Jorge, Hannah, Amelia, Danielle, Michaela, and hundreds more Loma and CT grads, thank you for letting us share your life and continue to hear of your adventures.


    By dusk, I was reminded of the gauntlet of caring, of the heartbreak of losing the life of a young friend.  To be part of a close-knit community is to risk sharing the sorrows as well as the triumphs.  Tonight I learned that the fight of a mountain family to save the life of their child stricken with cancer was coming to a difficult close.  Tessa Davis, a senior at Los Gatos High, a mountain kid through and through, was a light who shone to all who knew her.  Tessa lost her battle with cancer early Wednesday morning.  A mountain shares her family’s heartbreak.


    Just before break, the CT student body made a short video of a school wide sing-a-long of “Jingle Bells” to send as a shout out to Tessa that “once a mountain kid, always a mountain kid.”  I was moved by how 200 kids, many of whom were too young to know Tessa at Loma or CT, immediately embraced the notion of a good wish to a “one of our own.”  That’s the way this mountain has come together time and again, neighbor-to-neighbor, heart to heart.


    To risk knowing and caring about one another, is to risk heartbreak.  My reminder to all of us is once again, “to never take a day for granted.”  There is no smile too small, no gesture of kindness ever wasted between people.  There is no test or contest that ever matters as much as knowing you are loved.  Today, please think of the Davis family even if you don’t know them.  They are family to all of us at Loma and CT.  Please hug your kids and be gentle with yourselves.  At the end of they day, what really matters, is that we cared for one another.  To Tessa!  Your light lives on in all of us.  May we share joy with others in your honor.


    Corey Kidwell



    North Campus Renovation Update

    After months of consideration and discussion of needs, opportunities, timing, plans, and financing options for the renovation of the North Campus, the Board is nearing important decision points. We hope that members of the school and broader communities will continue to be part of the discussion and planning efforts to secure safe, clean, and educationally appropriate facilities for years to come. Please plan to attend the upcoming Board Meeting on January 14, when the Board will consider adopting a resolution to secure funding for the project.  See you in the Community Center room by the gym at 7:00 pm.


    Carino’s Corner:

    1. This coming Friday, January 9th is Crazy Hair Day
    2. Next Friday, January 16th is an all district Pajama Day…..YAH!

    Rebecca’s Top Ten Favorites Week 16:  (Just 5 this week)

    1. The feeling of belonging to a very large mountain family;
    2. The amazing aspects that each student brings to enrich our learning and our lives;
    3. The wonderful mix of learning that occurs every day at both CT and Loma. In this place of learning, we are truly grateful for the space in which we can learn to value others and ourselves in addition to academic standards. 
    4. The natural beauty that uplifts spirits and encourages us to run;
    5. Knowing that every day counts and that actions or lack of action will have impact and can make a difference.