• January 14, 2015


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:


    Mrs. Carino’s Corner


    Friday is an all District Pajama day.  Should be a mighty fun day and a good photo-op day.  Please encourage your students to wear their PJs to school on Friday; we would like all to participate. 


    Play Yard Supervisors needed.  This week I have been walking around both schools at lunch keeping an eye on all the fun happening in the yard.  Thinking again on how wonderful it would be for both our students and our parents if we had more parents supervising the play yards.


    I am launching a recruiting effort for fun visors for both campuses.  Fun visors are parents and/or college students who are interested in just hanging out having fun with students during lunch (11:50 – 12:25 for Loma, 12:08 – 12:45 for CT). A very simple activity engages and provides focus for many student interests. Sean Niemen plays football in the gym with the middle school students.   Coach Patino has organized a football league with a very active group of fourth and fifth grade students.  Stacy Blasi will bring out games at lunch when she can.  A couple of students come into my office at lunch to play chess.  Other students have shown an interest in starting an ecology / science club and are seeking an adult supervisor.   There are many different fun things to do with students, i.e., crafting, hula hoop, game clubs, reading/book clubs, and gardening clubs, so much to do and so beneficial.


    We are also seeking regular yard duty moms and/or dads to just walk the campus let students know that there is a trusted adult they can go to when they experience trouble or a conflict.   I actually find spending time on both play yards to be quite enjoyable and entertaining.  Time spent in the outdoors surrounded by our beautiful setting and among happy students at play is very uplifting.  Hope there are some of you who will really consider offering your time during the lunch hour.

    We do provide small compensation for our regular yard duty. 


    Don’t hesitate to seek more info:

    I would like to invite all interested to call me or attend a Lunchtime Supervisor Meeting on Wednesday, January 28th at 6:30 PM.


    This week’s Top Ten – Sights From the Play Yard:


    1.     Creative jump rope games;


    2.     Students playing flag football;


    3.     Two girls sit beneath the bleachers in close conversation while other small   groups of students choose to walk and talk doing laps around the track;


    4.     Fourth graders engaged in a complex game of tag and managing not to get into any disgruntled disagreements for the entire length of recess. Wow; 


    5.     Both play structures filled with kids, climbing, sliding, ducking and swinging;


    6.     Sand, glorious sand, being molded and shaped into cakes, islands, forts and pits.   Sometimes its tossed, but that is a no-no.


    7.     Middle school kids tossing the football;


    8.     Boys and girls engaged in a game of four square;


    9.     The latest version of tag at middle school – “Cup Tag’’ if you are hit by the cup flung in your direction, you’re it.  Hitting the next guy will require strategy, but it can be done; 


    10.  Students on the run with smiles on their faces.  Just watching lightens my step because their energy is infectious.

     Loma HSC News - Noon Time Jogging – WE NEED YOUR HELP

    The noon jogging program will start January 16th from 11:50 to 12:25 daily. This is a fun and easy job, all you need to do is to come to the school during the lunch recess and mark the students lap card as they run around the track. You can do it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just the days you can work it into your schedule. This is such as important program and not only does it keep our kids fit, but it helps them find something active to do. Please contact Chris Fry at csfry007@yahoo.com to volunteer. See you at the track!


    Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Movie Night
    This popular event will be held January 30th starting at 5:30pm in the gym. Our celebrity chef, Alex Leman of the Loma Volunteer Fire & Rescue will be cooking a delicious spaghetti dinner. Following the Italian feast, the movie “How to Tame your Dragon” will start at 7pm. Bring your blankets and chairs and enjoy the show. A portion of the funds raised will be donated to the Love Me Tender Campaign. If you can help with setup or cleanup, please contact Amy Olson at amy@cobeinc.com.