• January 28, 2015


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night


    Dear Loma and CT Parents:

    The words of the week are: WASH YOUR HANDS!  We are experiencing a wave of illness at both schools with CT particularly hard hit.  Please keep your kids home if they are sick and make sure they are fever free for 24 hours before returning.  This is certainly one of the biggest outbreaks of illness I have seen in many years.  Prevention is worth the effort!  I feel like we have all gone back to Kindergarten this week.  Wash your hands!  Cover your cough.  Use hand sanitizer.  Get enough sleep.  Eat well and take vitamin C.  


    Additionally, this comes at a time when health officials are also worrying about measles.  We recommend that families review their vaccination records and get the measles vaccine if needed.  The Santa Clara County Office of Education provides the following information.


    As of January 22, 59 people in California have been confirmed with measles since the beginning of the year. Of those, 42 (71%) have been linked to Disneyland theme parks in Anaheim, California. In Santa Clara County, we now have two confirmed cases of measles, both in adults, but no indication of any links to Disneyland. This means that measles may be circulating undetected in our community, although we don’t know how widely.


    We want to reassure parents that there is no need to be alarmed. If your children have been vaccinated, they are protected from catching measles. However, a measles outbreak serves as an important reminder that everyone does need to make sure that they are either immune or have been vaccinated against measles.


    Measles is highly contagious yet highly preventable through vaccinations. Measles can be prevented by the combination MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children get two doses: the first dose at 12–15 months of age, and the second dose at 4–6 years of age. Measles vaccination protects not just the person being vaccinated, but also the community around them, including babies less than 12 months old who are too young to be vaccinated.


    Adolescents and adults also need to be up to date on vaccinations. People born before 1957 are considered immune as they likely had measles as children and developed natural immunity. If you have any questions about your vaccination status, consult your doctor, who may elect to give you another MMR shot or perform a blood test to check for immunity to measles.


    For more information about measles please visit www.sccphd.org and click on “Measles Information”, and see the CDC’s measles information page at 28,2015

    Dear CT & Loma Parents,



    Assembly on 1/30/15 Postponed

    Given the amount of students out ill with the flu this week at CT English we have postponed our Quarter 2 Recognition Assembly scheduled for this Friday January 30, 2015. The new date is next Friday Feb. 6, 2015 at 1:45 in the Gym.


    Q2 Report cards hand carried home by students this Friday 1/30/15


    Carino’s Corner:

    Join me this evening 1/28 at 6:30 PM in the CC Room to discuss enhancing fun times on the play yard during lunch recess. We need fun visors and yard duty for both campuses. 


    I am seeking individuals who are interested in sharing their passions. 

    -       Golfing, well maybe putting?

    -       Water color

    -       Reading – a book club maybe

    -       World Language, anyone to teach Spanish, German, Mandarin etc.

    -       Sports, always need refs especially tag refs. Tag is one of the top beloved games.

    -       Knitting

    -       Hula-hoops to music

    -       Definitely need a games manager (board games and/or picnic games)

    -       Gardening, we have a wonderful garden to tend to

    -       The list goes on. There is something for everyone


    Look forward to visiting with you this evening at 6:30 in the CC Room.

    Please contact Rebecca Carino regarding interest or to clarify any questions or if you are unable to join us tonight.


    Rebecca’s Top Ten Favorites Week


    1. Walking across campus in the cool morning or early evening when things are quiet and the weather is pleasant. I know we need a winter and its accompanying rain, but it just feels so nice to be outdoors;
    2. First graders liking hula-hoops. They bring them out at lunch and go for a spin. Some even try a spin in a spin;
    3. Generating strategies with first graders about ways to help keep our bathrooms beautiful;
    4. Mighty talented Loma students strutting their stuff during the talent show – Impressive;
    5. A quiet CTE yard at lunch gave testimony to the large number of students out this week with the flu;
    6. Middle school tutors coming to Loma and helping teachers and their students at the end of the day.
    7. To the beat of the drum. Sixth period music elective has begun with Ms. Lelake and students are excited
    8. An almost weekly stack of rocks that appears on my desk. Contributions to “You Rock” collection by a number of diligent and regular rock hounds. 
    9. Discussing the Project Cornerstone book Big with Mrs. Lyon’s fourth grade class and then taking our vocabulary up a notch to become familiar with the word altruistic.   Do you know someone who is altruistic?   What does it look like when you’re altruistic? 
    10. Enlisting responsible middle school students who agree to help out our new noontime aid by making sure she is not the recipient of any “elevator stories”. You know those stories that some seniors and juniors notoriously tell incoming freshmen about the “elusive” elevator on campus. 


    LGHS Parent Visitation Day is scheduled for 1-30-15

    Parents of eighth-graders who will attend Los Gatos High School this fall can tour the school on Jan 30, with tours scheduled for 8:15, 8:45 and 10:15 am and 12:30 pm 


    Guides will be in the school's main hall 15 minutes before each tour.  Access to the main hall is through the doors on the left side of the high school's main building at 20 High School Court


    In addition to seeing the school's facilities, parents will be able to observe some classes in session. 


    Please note:  Parking has been impacted by the construction on the front lawn.  Parents are encouraged to ride share or walk to campus. 


    Please call 408-395-5548 with any questions.


    We are looking for Girls Volleyball coaches and Boys Soccer coaches.

    Our Winter Sports Season starts February 9th and goes to the end of March.

    Anyone interested in coaching one of our teams please contact our Athletic Director, Nancy Lanovaz, at nancy@lanovaz.org or at 408-219-8893.


    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm


    Upcoming Events

    1/28/15 Freshman Course Pathways @ LGHS 3:30 pm

    1/29/15 New Tech Info Night @ LGHS Theater 7pm (make-up day Feb 6 @ CTE)

    1/30/15 Parent Tours of LGHS (see news for info)

    1/30/15 Q2 Recognition Assembly    Report cards hand carried home by students.

    The above event has been POSPONED!!!

    2/6/15 Narnia Opening Night 7pm

    2/7/15 Narnia matinee 1pm & evening performance 7pm

    2/8/15 Narnia matinee 1pm

    2/16/15 through 2/20/15 NO SCHOOL-Feb Break