• February 4, 2015


    Dear CT & Loma Parents,

    Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    I have struggled to find the best words in the wake of loss of Tessa Davis to cancer to express my appreciation for the difference one person can make.  I have always been a student of the students, and Tessa taught me a tremendous amount - and continues to teach us.  A memorial service was held on the mountain about 10 days ago.  It is one of the highest compliments of a life well lived to continue to make an impact in the lives of people you know longer see.  The ripple effect of Tessa’s life continues.


    One of the lessons for me when Tessa was a student here was to live with joy and share that with others.  A powerful lesson from her life beyond Loma and CT is to live every day to the fullest.  Tessa’s mom, Letitia, spoke to all of us about extending Tessa’s kindness to others and to make memories every day.  In the days since the celebration of Tessa’s life, I have taken Letitia’s words to heart.  I try to say hi to more students by name every morning. Last weekend, I smiled at strangers and held doors for others a little more often.  I appreciated the stars, and the sunrise, and canceled a trip to Sacramento because sometimes it is the small things in being present that matter more than what is happening in the legislature.  I know others took the message to heart as well.  I heard from a dad this week that he is taking his daughter on a trip over spring break that wasn’t on the books, but why wait.  I talked to my colleagues at Los Gatos High School who are asking the question, “What’s the rush?” The Los Gatos High School basketball teams are holding a “purple out” in honor of Tessa on Friday. I heard encouragement from a mom that we should just pick our kids up after school once in a while and just go hang out.  Excellent advice. We live in an amazing place, surrounded by amazing people.  


    My homework to myself today is to take my daughter to eat someplace fun before her basketball practice tonight.  I will think of Tessa and thank her.  I can’t go to the “purple out” on Friday, but if you can, games are being held in the gym with girls' JV @ 3:45, varsity @ 6:15, boys’  JV @ 5, and varsity @7:30.  We have lots of CT alums on those teams, but everyone will be rocking Tessa and CT’s colors.  If you haven’t been to the high school yet, this would be a great time to catch a game with your family.  Mountain kids rock!


    Corey Kidwell



    Measles Q & A

    There is great anxiety about the outbreak of measles in California.  There are 2 known cases in Santa Clara County and none in our district schools.  Myrna Hunt, our former Loma and CT school nurse and a mountain mom, has suggested this informational article, which appeared in the San Jose Mercury News.  An informed public is a safer public.  Thanks Myrna!



    Q2 Assembly Postponed again

    The CT play “Narnia” is in the Gym plus the weather report for Friday 2/6/15 is rain for these reasons we have once again postponed our Quarter 2 Recognition Assembly. The new date is next Friday Feb. 13, 2015 at 1:45 in the Gym. Honor Roll certificates will be passed out this week in class and a list of Q2 honor roll recipients will be posted in next Wednesday’s news.


    8th Grade Parents

    You should have received a Welcome packet in the mail in mid January from Los Gatos High School. Los Gatos High counselors will be at CT English this Friday morning to enroll your students into their freshman classes for LGHS. Please make sure your students brings their filled out “yellow” Official 2015-2016 Freshman Course Request Form with them to school this Friday 2/6/15. If you did not receive the welcome packet please call Betsy Hansen at LGHS 408-354-2730 X 231


    Smarter Balanced Practice Test 

    As you know, the assessment system for California is changing to a computer based, interactive format.  Now is your chance to test the new tests!


    The Smarter Balanced Practice Tests are now available for grades three through eight and grade eleven in English-language arts and mathematics. The Practice Tests provide a preview of the Smarter Balanced assessments, but do not reflect the full range of content that students may encounter on the actual assessments coming this Spring. No score reports are generated from the Practice Tests.


    An individual user account is not required to take the Practice Tests. Use the GUEST login and session when prompted.


    Follow this link:  http://caaspp.org/practice-and-training/index.html


    Our schools participated in the”field test” last spring and will give the full battery of tests this spring.  To get a feel for how these tests will be different than the multiple choice, bubble in the answer tests from years’ past, we encourage you to log on, or log on with your child to get a sneak peek at what is on the horizon line.  



    Mrs. Carino’s Top Ten Favorites


    1.     1. Cinderella, the rat, enjoying a visit in her basket on the lap of a very intrigued and gentle kindergartner in Ms. Rays room;


    2.      2. Up to 5 of our Loma teachers created their own Professional Development Book Club. I came across them attending the first of many planned meetings in Mrs. Lyon’s room. Topic of discussion, helping students to discuss math;


    3.     3. Like it or not, the start of the yellow season in the mountains has begun with the daffodils and Acacia trees showing off first; 


    4.      4. A Forecast for rain – Hurray;


    5.      5. Chess club success! A fourth grader beams with pride to see the large student turn out for the chess club he organized. Thanks to Ms. Jessica our OT who agreed to sponsor the club on Wednesdays at lunch;


    6.     6. A good response to the call for fun visors is received. We have, soon to begin at lunch, a gardening group, knitting club and an exploration of world language. Still time to join the fun come in and share your passion at lunch. CTE would love a few fun visors at lunch;


    7.     7. Student Council in action: On Tuesday this week the student council executive members at Loma greeted and thanked representatives from the Loma Prieta Club for their generous donation of our new hydration stations. Favorite quote, “mmm this water tastes good” uttered by one of the members as she took a sip of water fresh from the fountain;


    8.      8. Loma, the cute little cougar cub in my office who greets and comforts many a student, is sporting a dashing pair of green sunglasses on loan to him from a little girl who he comforted during the time when her mom was away on a trip;


    9.      9. Rocks are coming in form students. So fun to get them and add to the Cougar Awards “You Rock” Back Pack.  


    10.  10. A beautiful new, “old” oak bench has arrived in the Loma Lobby. Many folks have enjoyed sitting a spell. Do come by and try out our new seat.



    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm


    Upcoming Events

    2/6/15 8:30-9 am New Tech mtg. for those who missed the meeting on Jan. 29

    2/6/15 LGHS counselors here to enroll 8th graders into their Freshman classes.

    2/6/15 Narnia Opening Night 7pm

    2/7/15 Narnia matinee 1pm & evening performance 7pm

    2/8/15 Narnia matinee 1pm

    2/16/15 through 2/20/15 NO SCHOOL-Feb Break