• March 4, 2015


    Dear Loma Parents and Guardians:


    Testing Tidbits #2 - It’s all about the base!

    The following information, provided by the California Department of Education, provides additional information about establishing a new “base” from which schools can excel in the new Common Core Standards.  Because the standards and testing system are new, this year’s administration is really about setting a foundational level for each school, student and district.  It’s all about the base!


    Scores: Re-setting the System

    Like the new academic standards, the new tests are too fundamentally different from the old exams to make any reliable comparisons between old scores and new.  In many cases, new textbooks and materials have only recently arrived at schools.  That's why this year's test results will only establish a baseline for the progress we expect students to make over time.

    Based on trial runs of some test questions in California and other states, many if not most students will need to make significant progress to reach the standards set for math and literacy that accompany college and career readiness.

    No student, parent, or teacher should be discouraged by scores, which will never be used to determine whether a student moves on to the next grade.  Rather, the results will provide an opportunity to focus on the needs of students and support teachers and schools in their work.


    Patience and Persistence

    California's new assessment system represents the next step in our comprehensive plan to promote high-quality teaching and learning and improve student outcomes.  This plan recognizes that assessments can play a role in promoting high-quality instruction.

    Teachers in California support these changes because, unlike in other states, the primary purpose of testing here is to support learning, not to impose high-stakes consequences. This approach fits well with California's new system for funding our schools, which recognizes that decisions about education dollars are best made by parents, teachers, and communities themselves.

    In a state as diverse and complex as California, adjustments will always be needed to make lasting progress.  Patience and persistence will be required to help our schools continue to succeed during this time of transition.


    Bus #6

    Our newest school bus is in service and on the road.  This 2016 model bus is clean burning and has the latest safety features.  The bus was purchased with a grant that we received from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for $165,000.  We replaced and retired Bus #7, a 1993 model bus that served our school district for 22 years.

    New Bus 6



    The end of the school year is fast approaching. Stay informed by going to the school website and your child’s class website. You won’t want to miss a thing.


    Spring Picture Day

    Spring Picture day is coming to Loma March 31, 2015. These pictures are taken outdoors by our beautiful garden in front of the school. Spring pictures are not purchased before hand. Follow the instructions in the attached flyer if after seeing the pictures you are interested in purchasing them.



    If you have not already ordered your student(s) yearbook, now is the time. Click on the TreeRing graphic on the lower right side of the HSC website: www.lomaprietahsc.org


    New this year, you can create 2 custom pages for your student’s yearbook by adding shots you’ve taken throughout the year.


    Hot Lunch Friday

    There were a lot of students who came to school last Friday without a lunch. To avoid this problem, log on to Taste Nutrition to insure a lunch for your child. You can now select meals for the remainder of the school year. The school does not provide lunch and the small snack supply we have is all buy gone. See attached flyer for instructions on how to order Friday’s Hot Lunch.


    Science Day

    Mark your calendar – the annual Science Fair is scheduled for Saturday, March 28th from 2 to 5pm. Come experience some really cool science; there will be interactive science demonstrations for kids of all ages; free admission, and new this year…the Road Dogs Food Truck will be here from 1 to 5pm. Come get lunch and/or take-out for dinner.


    HSC Volunteers

    The Loma HSC is a volunteer based organization and we need your help! We are currently looking for volunteers to help with after school enrichment classes and the family dance. Please contact Amy Olson at lomaprietahsc@yahoo.com if interested.


    Jog-A-Thon T-Shirt Contest

    The Jog-A-Thon T-Shirt contest has started. Submit your best artwork in the box located in the HSC table in the forum. The contest will end March 17th at 8:30am. Maximum of 2 entries are allowed per student. See attached flyer for rules.