• March 25, 2015


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night


    KEEP Times Ten

    This is my 10th KEEP Campaign, but this is the first campaign that funded Tier 1 in MARCH!  Maybe I should call this season, “March Madness!”  Thank you so much to the families that have gotten us off to a great start.  PE at Loma and the Libraries at both schools are now secure for next year.  Thank you!


    To be honest, it has been a long road to this era of stable base funding.  For those of you who haven’t been here long, please know that families like yours sustained the basics for our schools through the difficult years of the economic downturn.  While our schools don’t qualify for increased state funding, the investment of the community has secured core academics for the next six years.  Wow!  Sometimes I still have to pinch myself.  Finally, we are back to a more typical fundraising era where parents support the “extras” above and beyond the classroom core.  


    Still on the list are many essential elements of our program such as middle school electives, K-8 music, student support services, counseling, other enrichment options and more.  We know these aren’t really “extras.”  We know these are the “whole child” aspects of our outstanding educational program.  The only way we can “keep” our schools whole is to continue to invest in our kids.  We all value the education our schools provide.  We all want our kids to have a rich, well-rounded experience.  We all want to “keep” the good things going.  Now, we have to figure out how to make those wishes a reality.  If anyone can do it, it is us.  Thanks for all you do to support our schools.  Thank you for your early and generous donations.  You rock!


    Attention Parents of Fourth to Eighth Grade Students: Last call to participate in Project Cornerstone Survey

    Loma Prieta School District is partnering with Project Cornerstone, a collaborative of schools and organizations in Santa Clara County dedicated to engaging our entire community in the critical task of coming together to nurture and develop competent, caring and responsible children and youth.  During the 2010-11 school year we partnered with them along with over 30 other school districts and 40,000 students to administer a survey measuring the basic building blocks for healthy development.  It’s been four years since our first administration of this survey.  We would like to get an update on how we are doing with these key developmental assets so we plan to re-administer the survey this spring.

    We will be administering the survey developed by Search Institute in Minneapolis next week. It will measure the critical factors in the healthy development of children and youth known as “developmental assets”, as well as risk and thriving behaviors.  Project Cornerstone, our District School Site Council, as well as our teachers, will be utilizing the data gathered from the survey to develop collaborative strategies for the continuing positive growth and development of all of our students.

    We hope you will give serious consideration to this request.  The value of a study of this kind depends upon the participation of as many of our students as possible.  If no consent form is received from you, your child cannot participate in the survey.  If you have not returned your permission slip, please do so by Friday, March 27th.  We hope every student’s voice is heard.  These surveys are available in the school offices if you would like to review them.  If you no longer have the official permission slip, a hand written note is fine. 


    Mrs. Carino’s Jog-A-Thon Quotes:

    Mr. H: “Eat well, jog well, and beat last year’s goal!”


    Cody, (grade 3):  “Just got to make it past the water tank - 15 times”;


    Dalton, (grade 3): “Jog everyday at recess and lunch”;


    Mrs. Zook’s kinder class: “Run fast and earn the trophy again!”. Game on Ms. Ray’s Class;


    Rachel (grade 3): "Start with a steady pace so that you don’t end up slow";


    Mrs. Riccomini: “My students are reminding me to build jogging into our daily schedule.  They are anxious to train and excited about the coming day, Friday, May 1”;


    Alexis, (grade 4): “No matter how many laps you run, you will always out run a couch surfer";


    Kylee, (grade 4):  “Have fun and run, Mrs. Carino". 


    The Jog-A-Thon Approaches               

    Friday, May 1st, is quickly “running” toward us.  Students are out on the track preparing for the big day.   Goals are being set and classes are contemplating their team strategy to out-lap their rival grade level class.  The weather continues to be beautiful.  Spirits are rising. Can you feel it?


    Jog-A-Thon Updates: 

    Teachers have voted on the student artwork for the Jog-A-Thon T-shirts and the student body will soon be picking a winner.


    The Jog-A-Thon Kick-off assembly is Friday, April 17th at 9am.   No official word yet on the Kick-off speaker.


    Pledge and permission forms will be sent home before Spring Break.  Time to rally the troops.


    Loma Spring Picture Day

    Spring picture day is coming up fast, March 31st. Students will have their pictures taken in the front of the school’s beautiful garden. See attached flyer for details.


    Loma HSC News

    Mark your calendar. The annual family Science Day is on Saturday, March 28th from 2-5pm. Come experience some really cool science, interactive science demonstrations for kids of all ages. Free admission. And new this year….The Road Dogs Food Truck will be there from 1-5pm. Come get lunch and/or take-out for dinner.


    LPEF KEEP Committee

    Welcome to Spring!! Please give yourself a pat on the back, parents. As our KEEP! fundraising efforts shift into gear, we are simultaneously announcing that we have funded our Tier 1 priorities for 2015-’16.


    That’s a tribute to your sustained and continued generosity; your commitment to making our children’s education something richer and better rounded than state financing will allow.


    So (as they say), if you’re keeping track at home, we have funded the following for next school year:

    Developmental Physical Education at Loma; Library Services at CT English; and Library Services at Loma Prieta


    This week of our KEEP! (Keep Excellent Education Programs) Campaign we turn our attention to Tier 2 priorities:


    K-8 Student Support Services and Counseling

    Core Flexibility and Elective Options at CT English for 8th Grade


    Tier 2, as with Tier 1, is priorities that we are already currently funding and would very much like to keep.  The first of these Tier 2 priorities is largely self-explanatory and, we believe, bestows a benefit for our entire community. The second Tier 2 priority will allow 8th grade students to continue to pursue elective options including engineering, foreign language, advanced math and yearbook. These academic and extracurricular offerings not only nurture academic and creative advancement, they’re important touchstones in a vibrant middle-school experience.


    We consider the funding of these Tier 2 priorities an entirely worthwhile endeavor and hope you’ll give consideration to our suggested KEEP donation amounts of $800 for one child and $1,200 for two or more.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help our community reach our goal.


    Please visit our website at www.lpef.org/keep for donation information or complete a donation form from our website or in the school offices. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me at president@lpef.org or another LPEF Volunteer Governing Board member.