• April 1, 2015

    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:

    Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    Heading in to Spring Break, I want to thank all of you for your tremendous support through the year.  One of the things that is so special about our schools is the partnership between teachers/staff and parents.  There is not a person working here who doesn't stay because of the community support and great kids we have in our schools.  The teachers and staff team carry an extra load to make it all work in a small school district.  The parents do as well.  Our schools are strong because they reflect the "can do" spirit that every person brings to each day and our commitments to each other to strive for excellence.


    This week I have been "friended" on Facebook by a wave of my former students now with families of their own.  I treasure having known them as kids and feel very fortunate that the connections made in classrooms have lasted for decades.  These years are important.  They are important for kids, teachers, families, and the community.  Our lives are enriched through our connections with one another. I hope that the break gives all our families time to connect, laugh, share adventures, relax and restore.  That goes for teachers and staff families as well as Loma/CT families.  If you are traveling, travel safe.  Gather memories, soak up the sun, and renew the connections that sustain you.  Happy Spring Break!


    Corey Kidwell



    Mrs. Carino’s Top Ten Favorite Sights


    1.     The swallows are here in full representation.   They are masters of flight;


    2.     A father walking his young daughter to kindergarten takes a moment to point out the swallows flying in and out of their mud nests;


    3.     Young ladies and gentlemen dressed to impress point out with pride the finer details of their science experiments to all who pass to take interest;  


    4.     Like the actors who preform in the school plays, the young scientist work hard to come up with a topic that at first may not seem to amount to much, but with hard work the presentation becomes a heartwarming masterpiece;  


    5.     Mr. Thompson’s beaming face on the day of the science fair;


    6.     Groups of children coming in at lunch and asking for trash bags just because they want to pitch in and help out.  They do not expect a reward, but I will give them a shout out over the loud speaker;


    7.     Sitting in the Home and School club meetings and “feeling the love”.  The amount of work and coordination the group members accomplish is very heartwarming;


    8.     A little girl who loves her flower dress;


    9.     Boys and girls playing basketball in Coach Patino’s noon time league;


    10. M & M’s in a yellow bowl on the staff table every Friday.  An empty yellow bowl by the end of the day.  Thanks Ms. Ray.



    Important Upcoming Events

    April 3 - WoW assembly

    April 6-April 10 Spring Recess – NO SCHOOL

    April 17 – JAT Kick-off assembly 9am

    April 21 – 4th grade field trip to YSI

    April 22 – Earth Day / Kinder field trip to UCSC Farm Life lab

    April 23 – 3rd grade field trip to History Park

    April 24 – WoW assembly




    Last chance to order your student's 2014-2015 yearbook! Visit www.treering.com and enter the Loma Prieta school code (101404916313901) by 4/6. Questions? Contact Amy Olson at lomaprietahsc@yahoo.com


    Jogathon Pledge and Permission Slips
    You should receive the pledge and permission slip for the Jogathon by Friday, April 3. The Jogathon kick-off assembly is April 17th and the Jogathon is May 1st. Students will NOT be able to participate unless their permission slip is turned in. See attached flyer for additional information.