• April 15, 2015


    Dear Loma & CT Parents,


    Thoughts From Tuesday Night


    When I drive to school in the morning, there is a spot on Miller Cut-Off where I can first see our schools across the valley.  The bright blue roof of Loma defines that part of the landscape.  CT rises to complete to view.  I love that spot on the morning drive, and I always think, “I love my schools!”  Then I laugh to myself because I know they aren’t really mine.  I also think of how many residents like me there are on the mountain whose kids are now done at Loma Prieta, but we view Loma and CT English as still “our schools.”  That’s why I wrote my KEEP Campaign check yesterday.  Last year at this time I thought I had written my last one.  Wrong!  Just because my daughter is now down the hill for high school, and I am writing fundraising checks there, I recognize that I, and my family, still have an investment in “keeping” our schools strong.


    We have great schools.  We have schools that weathered years of a bad economy.  We have begun the restoration process.  And, our strong schools are kept strong by families like yours and mine continuing to invest.  I am sure I don’t have to tell you that public schools are not well funded by the public system.  They are best funded in partnership with parents and community members who understand that to have great schools we need to continue to dig deep, roll up our sleeves, volunteer, donate, dance, shop, sip, golf, and much more to “keep” our schools thriving.  We aren’t fancy, but we are committed to excellence.  We aren’t perfect, but we never give up.  We don’t have everything, but we have a LOT for little schools.  We have our strength because we continue to work at it.  


    I wrote my KEEP check to LPEF.  I hope you will consider writing one too.  Together, we can “keep" our schools strong for all the kids - even when they are not our own.


    Thank you for all your support!


    Corey Kidwell



    Rebecca’s Top Ten Favorite Sights, April 15:


    1.     Since it’s “Spring” there’s a cold nip in the air.  Toes and noses are cold in the morning;

    2.     The other day at lunch, I found myself in a circle of girls.  Our topic of conversation focused on comparing food allergies dairy, gluten … I was the only one allergic to avocado.  The three girls all love avocado;

    3.     Wanda, the turtle, came to visit Ms. Ray’s class.  Some of us saw her arrive.  She was waiting on the Front Office counter.  She definitely has a personality and made quite a few new friends that day;

    4.     The classroom garden beds are green and growing.  They allure the passersby and tempt them to look deeper;

    5.     Walking across the C.T. campus, I was privy to the loveliest connect.  A mom walks up to pick up her son.  Her son runs up to her, gives her a huge bear hug and then lifts her off the ground with a twirl.  Both have huge grins, heart warming.  Then I hear mom saying, “no, no, no you can’t…”  Tough mom!  Even after a twirl through the air, she can hold her ground;

    6.     We have young zoologists on the Loma field at lunch.  Their job, spying on gophers and monitoring gopher behavior;

    7.     In each class I visited on Monday morning, I saw students excitedly sharing what they did on break.  Many visited with friends or traveled, and some, like me, had time to enjoy a good book;

    8.     If you have not noticed yet, we have a pair of “rugby twins”.  They are the cutest little red haired twins who always sport stripes as the primary component of their wardrobe; Adorable!

    9.     On Tuesday, we had double the number of lost teeth and scraped knees.  Those with lost teeth were much happier than those with scraped knees.  Just an observation;

    10.   There is a beautiful nest containing 3 robin’s eggs sitting on Loma’s Front Office counter.  The nest arrived after Wanda went into Ms. Ray’s class (no connection…I don’t think).  For added enticement and a little academic challenge there is a mathematical challenge that accompanies the nest.

    Robin's Nest  


    State Testing begins soon at Loma and C.T.E.

    California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) that measure student performance and progress related to the Common Core Standards will start next week at C.T.E. and the following week at Loma.


     - C.T. starts on Monday, April 20

     - Loma starts Monday, April 27


    Students will be taking a series of four computer-based assessments, two in Math and two in English Language Arts.   One of the assessments is a computer-adapted assessment in which the next question to be answered is based on student’s previous answer.  The other assessment is a performance assessment that measures in-depth application of the Common Core Standards.


    Students will be taking the assessments over 2-3 weeks spending less than one hour on the computer per session, one session per day.  Each assessment is estimated to take up to two hours to complete.  When students log off, their responses are saved.  They can then log-on at another time and resume from where they had left off.  Students are allowed as many sessions as they need to complete the assessments, up until the end of this school year. 


    Encourage students to:

    -  Get plenty of rest

    -  Pace themselves

    -  Do their best, but do not stress. 


    This computer-based assessment process is still in its infancy.  Much is still to be learned about the process.  These early results will be our baseline.  We want an accurate baseline so we are encouraging students to do their best, but not to stress. 


    Cheetah Spot Merchandise

    As you may or may not know, the Cheetah Spot is selling C.T. English merchandise at recess every Tuesday and Thursday. We sell long sleeved t-shirts for only $5, and black hooded sweatshirts for $15. Wearing your C.T. English gear is an excellent way to show school spirit, we have a limited supply of the gear: once it sells out, it will be gone for good. Don’t delay in purchasing your Cheetah gear, to support our school, and to show your school spirit!

    --A message from CT Student Council


    CT HSC Message

    Please join us for inflatables night on Friday, April 24th 7:00-9:00 pm.  This is included in the All Access pass if you purchased one.  If not, you may pay $10 at the door for your child.  Light refreshments are included.  


    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm


    Upcoming Events

    4/17/15 Quarter 3 report cards hand carried home by students

    4/17/15 Quarter 3 Recognition Assembly 1:45 Gym

    4/22/15 Loma & CT HSC Fundraiser at Willow St & Main St in Los Gatos (see flyer)

    4/24/15 CTE HSC Inflatable Fun Night 7-9pm Gym (see flyer)

    4/25/15 & 4/26/15 SIP for our schools LPEF fundraiser @ Loma Prieta Winery (see flyer)

    5/1/15 Loma Jog-a-thon & Minimum day both schools-12:30 dismissal

    5/7/15 CT Film Fest 6:30-9pm Gym

    5/8/15 CT HSC mtg. 9:30 CC Rm

    5/12/15 6th Grade Ropes Course Field Trip

    5/15/15 LPEF “Fore” the Kids Golf Tournament (see flyer)

    5/21/15 Incoming 6th grade Parent Orientation 6pm CC Room

    5/21/15 CT Open House 7pm

    5/22/15 CT Beach Day

    5/25/15 Memorial Day-NO SCHOOL

    5/28/15 7th grade Renaissance Day

    6/1/15 CT Yearbook Assembly 1:50pm in the Gym

    6/2/15 Quarter 4 Recognition Assembly & Awards 1:30 Gym

    6/3/15 CT Fun Day & 8th grade Boardwalk trip

    6/4/15 Last Day of School-Minimum Day-12:30 dismissal

    6/4/15 8th Grade Awards Assembly 11am Gym

    6/4/15 8th grade Graduation 4pm Gym


    School starts in August on Wednesday Aug. 19, 2015