• April 22, 2015


    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians:


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night


    It Takes a Mountain


    Thanks to all the parents who have sent their get well wishes to Ms. Denues.  I am happy to report that she is home and will be returning to CT English just as soon as she is able.  She asked that I extent to you her thanks for all the good wishes and teamwork on her behalf last Friday.  I am always impressed with the ways our community responds to difficult times.  I would like to thank Dave Choice and Karen Bercaw who lent their professional skills to a teacher in need.  The Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue is awesome and we are lucky to have such a great team on our mountain. 


    On a more festive note, Building Blocks is hosting their annual Amazing Mountain Race on May 2nd and I am delighted to encourage Loma and CT families to join in the fun.  For event details, please see the information below and the flyer included with this week’s newsletter. 


    The Amazing Mountain Race is coming up on May 2. Space is limited so buy your tickets online now!


    After a fun-filled morning tackling challenges at different locations around the mountains, there will be awesome prizes for the top 3 teams and the team with the best costume (like SF Zoo and Raging Waters passes!). Racers finish at Maison du Lac on Summit RD, and there will be a carnival and awards ceremony starting at noon.  Even if you can't race, you can come to the carnival and your kids will have a blast!  We will have building activities, bouncy houses, a mini-petting zoo, and the fabulous SPIDER MOUNTAIN climbing tower.  BBQ will be provided by Summit Store. There will be a Silent Auction too!


    Purchase your BBQ tickets online, go to:




    Corey Kidwell, Superintendent


    California Assessment for Student Progress and Performance:

    The State computer-based assessment is successfully underway at CT and will begin this Monday, April 27th at Loma for students in grades 3 – 5.   Lots of rest and food help students with endurance.  Students will be testing primarily in the mornings for roughly one hour per day sessions.


    Mrs. Carino’s Top Ten Favorites:


    1. Stink bugs make their presence known in mass.  One was on the threshold of my office.  They point their posterior end in the air and dare those around to come closer;


    2. My favorite raven was seen flying overhead but the crows weren’t happy; they were trying to chase him off.   He undertook aerial defense maneuvers in which he rolled in the air and exposed his tallness.   “Quite the aerial feet”;


    3. Three hundred students on their feet rocking out to “Who Let the Dogs Out” at the Jog-A-Thon assembly last Friday; 


    4. Mrs. Bennett surprises the student body by making a guest appearance at the assembly;


    5. A Loma student gets out of her car looking like a throw back to glamour Hollywood wearing cool light blue sunglasses and a scarf; 


    6. The small group learning that takes place in one of the pods; a group of three girls consult each other about the book they are reading;


    7.  Thick mist blowing across the mountain in the mornings;


    8. Julie Bourque, CT Secretary has her finger on all the events happening at CT.  She directs both students and staff and has a heart of gold;


    9. Raquel Marin, Loma Secretary, Nightingale of the Loma Front office, knows every kid by name. She treats kids and families with TLC and a drop of sternness;


    10. Eileen Bevans-Franks, District Secretary, keeper of knowledge and knower of all things Loma Prieta.  She is most gracious and approachable and possesses a backbone of steel.  Little known fact, at times, she is inclined to practical jokes.


    Loma HSC Information

    JOG-A-THON 2015

    Jog-a-thon season is in full swing! Please see below for new information.


    Jog-a-Thon Memories

    Your kids have been invited to bring in a photo from a past Jog-A-thon to share on our Jog-a-Thon Photo wall. First through fourth graders may bring in ONE picture no bigger than 5x7. Fifth graders only may bring in several photos or make a collage (no bigger than 8x10) showing different years. I can’t guarantee the pictures will be returned so please only send in what you can part with. Please leave pictures with Raquel or drop in the HSC or anytime this week.


    Jog-A-Thon Volunteers

    Please sign up to volunteer at the event! We need up to 10 parents to assist with each race (spraying water and working the water station). Please do not sign up to volunteer during your child’s run – the run immediately before or after is what most people prefer so you can still run with and cheer for your child. Please use the link to sign up on Volunteer Spot.


    Volunteer for Jog-A-thon: http://vols.pt/KmiyWv


    We also need event photographers for the yearbook and video – ideally we will have one parent from each class taking candid pictures before and after the run and provide up to 20 quality photos for us to use. If interested, you can sign up through the link above.


    Assembly Follow-Up

    Friday’s kick-off assembly was a lot of fun. Grand Master Choi gave an inspiring talk and the students enjoyed the demonstration by Theo Fowler, and Benji and Jacob Caldwell. If you are interested in learning more about GM Choi’s studio in Scotts Valley and programs, you can pick up a flyer at the HSC table in the forum.



    Finally, don’t forget to help your kids get pledges! If you misplaced the pledge permission form, you can pick one up in the Loma office or print it at home: http://lomaprietahsc.org/index.html


    Thank you so much for all your support!


    Good News from Hot Air!

    AmeriGas and Bi-State Propane have a fundraising campaign for schools. If you buy propane from one of these companies, bring in the “community/school days receipt.” AmeriGas and Bi-State Propane will total the gallons on the receipts and pay $0.02 per gallon, up to a maximum of $2,000 per year. This fundraiser runs through June 2015.


    Loma Upcoming Events

    4/23                3rd grade field trip to History Park

    4/24                WoW assembly

    4/27-4/30       Smarter Balance Testing, 3rd and 5th grades

    4/28                2nd grade field trip to Flint Center

    5/1                  Jog-A-Thon / Minimum Day, dismissal at 12:30

    5/4                  WoW – OPEN MINDED

    5/4-5/8           Smarter Balance Testing, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades