• May 20, 2015

    Dear Loma Parents/Guardians,


    Tuesday Night Thoughts


    Testing Updates

    The new process for state testing is almost complete at both Loma and CT.  We anticipate receiving our paper test reports by student in late July or early August much like the previous reporting system.  These reports will be mailed to you at home once they are received in the District Office.  The California Department of Education offers this update:


    “An academic check-up, tests are an important part of California’s plan for high-quality teaching and learning, which seeks to help all students graduate prepared for college-level coursework and a 21st-century career. Like class assignments and report cards, assessments are one gauge of student progress, providing information to schools, teachers, and parents about how students performed against California’s challenging new goals for learning.


    During the summer, parents of students in grades 3–8 and 11 will be mailed individual student score reports for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). These reports will include detailed information about their child’s performance on new, computer-based tests in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics, which replaced the former paper-based exams.


    Students will receive an overall score for each subject, ranging from 2,000 to 3,000. Overall scores will be reported within one of four levels: standard not met, standard nearly met, standard met, and standard exceeded.


    These new reports will also highlight students' strengths in key areas for both ELA and mathematics. ELA results will include information about the students' performance in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and research. Reports of mathematics results will include information about student's performance in problem solving, using concepts and procedures, and in communicating mathematical reasoning. The student's performance in these key area for each subject will be reported using the following three indicators: below standard, at or near standard, and above standard.


    For students in grades 5 and 8, individual reports also will include student scores from the California Standards Test for Science, a requirement of the federal government. California is in the process of developing a new state science assessment aligned with our recently adopted science standards. California may also develop new assessments in other subjects, including history social science aligned to state-adopted content standards.


    Like the new learning goals they were designed to measure, the CAASPP tests in ELA and mathematics are too fundamentally different from the old exams to make any reliable comparisons between old scores and new. That’s why this year’s scores are better thought of as a starting point -- a baseline for the progress we expect students to make over time.


    Gradually, California is providing more support for teachers, more resources for students and more access to technology. Because this is the first year that students are taking these new tests, overall scores may be viewed as a basis from which to compare performance in future years.


    Many if not most students will need to make significant progress to reach the standards set for math and ELA that accompany college and career readiness. No student, parent or teacher should be discouraged by scores, which will not be used to determine whether a student moves on to the next grade. Rather, the results can help guide discussions among parents and teachers, and help teachers and schools adjust instruction to meet student needs.”

    Hicklebee’s Books for sale at Loma
    Proceeds support Loma HSC activities.
    Hicklebee's Book Faire  

    The Paw Printing Press

    If kids at Loma want to know, where do they go...?

    The Paw Printing Press that’s where!

    Paw Printing Press  

    With Olivia Lohrer at the helm, a group of dedicated 5th grade students spent their lunches under the supervision of Robert Lohrer, Olivia’s super dad, to create an impressive and student newspaper, The Paw Printing Press.

    I enjoyed reading each creative and informative article.  


    Read with your student and gain insight into life at Loma.


    Parent Night

    Remember to save the date, Wednesday, May 27th from 6:30-8:00pm, and come hear Leyten Howard, Los Gatos Resource Officer, discuss student life on the Los Gatos High School Campus.


    Mrs. Carino’s Top Ten Sights 

    1. A top-notch online student newspaper generated by a group of dedicated 5th graders.  Be sure to take a look with your student.  Find the link to the paper on the Loma Home Page under Loma News;
    2. The Home and School Club Ladies transforming Room 1 at Loma into a mini Hicklebee’s bookstore.  Drop by and discover what literary delectable await your perusal;
    3. Student Projects in various stages of completion being readied for Open House.
    4. Classroom walls in Mrs. Nefian’s room covered with student math work demonstrating the process each group went through to solve their monthly math problem. 
    5. Rodent skeletons being reconstructed from owl pellets in Mrs. Lyon’s classroom;
    6.  Dark Lizards darting across pathways. I think they may be in search of some sun;
    7.  The little thumb nail moon, which caused me to pause and take a deep breath as I was rushing off to my car in the early evening last night;
    8. CT students dressed in smart professional attire.  Clearly Ms. Peralta is setting high expectations for proper presentation style again this year;
    9. Raquel leaning over the front counter to welcome a group of visiting preschoolers from Building Blocks. 
    10. A group of stellar teachers with smiles on their faces maintaining a healthy sense of humor even as the crunch of school ending approaches at rapid speed. 

    It Takes a Mountain!

    Our partners at Building Blocks Cooperative Pre-School have asked for our engagement in their community survey.  Adelia Barber has asked for your help in completing the survey below.


    "Please help us improve our program by taking a survey about Building Blocks Preschool. We would love to hear from alumni, mountain families that did not choose or program, or anyone interested in early childhood education in our community. This survey should take under 3-5 minutes to complete and responses will be anonymous."




    You may have noticed the arrival of boxes in the school lobbies. They are to collect children’s books for sending to Sierra Leone in West Africa. Only about 7% of the schools have libraries. Sierra Leone was hard hit with an epidemic of Ebola. Schools were closed for 7 months to minimize transition of the disease 


    We are very excited, as this will be the 9th library that will be sent from the Santa Cruz Mountains. Each library consists of 1,200 books so it requires everyone to look through their much-loved, very good condition books for K- 8th graders (especially the primary level) and bring to school the ones they no longer need. We know children love their books but it is a wonderful feeling to know that a child will read their books who may never have read a book before. We have sent libraries to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho and most recently South Africa.  Can your child find these countries on a map? All the details about the project can be found at: www.africanlibraryproject.org and I encourage you to play the slide show to see the impact of the libraries and the faces of the children as they lovingly handle the books when they arrive. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Bring on the books!!  We will pick up books until the last day of school.  Many thanks, Shannon Edwards, shannonedwards14@gmail.com408-353-2710

    Here is the fact sheet on Sierra Leone. http://www.africanlibraryproject.org/images/SierraLeoneFactSheet2015.pdf  


    Hicklebee's Book Fair - Wed, May 20 - Fri, May 22nd - Loma Science Room (next to Loma office)

    The Loma Home and School Club is excited to announce our Hicklebee's Book Fair!   Hicklebee's will have many of their wonderful books available for K-8, as well as a selection of adult books. A portion of all sales will go to the Loma Home and School club.   We will be open from 8:00 - 9:00 AM each morning before school, during lunch and after school until 3:30 PM each day, including Open House, Thursday night.  Please sign up to help us at  http://vols.pt/8nR3CC!


    Good News from Hot Air!

    AmeriGas and Bi-State Propane have a fundraising campaign for schools. If you buy propane from one of these companies, bring in the “community/school days receipt.” AmeriGas and Bi-State Propane will total the gallons on the receipts and pay $0.02 per gallon, up to a maximum of $2,000 per year. This fundraiser runs through June 2015.


    Get Your Game On is back for the 7th year!  Be sure to sign-up to hold your place for four weeks of summer fun!"