• September 8, 2015


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night:


    As you can imagine, I am getting a lot of questions these days. The list of what I know is much shorter than the list of what I don’t know – yet. During the coming weeks and months, the recovery process to restore facilities in the Gym/Community Center will unfold and solutions will emerge as information is gathered. These are some of the questions we just don’t have the answers for – yet.

    ·      How long will it take to re-open?

    ·      Will we rebuild exactly what we had? Will the Department of State Architects and Office of Public School Construction in Sacramento allow us to?

    ·      How much of the financial loss will insurance cover?

    ·      How will we fund “the gap” in replacement costs?

    ·      Where will the Theatre in the Mountains plays be held?

    ·      When can we get in to see the damage?

    ·      How bad is it?

    ·      Etc….


    The list of things I know is much shorter and more important in the long run.

    ·      I know this community rises to whatever challenge is presented.

    ·      I know we have great local partners, committed elected officials, and an appreciation of our shared resources.

    ·      I know this community comes together when it’s important and that people who may at times find themselves on opposite sides of some issues find common ground when it matters.

    ·      I know we will find a path forward that not only restores the essential elements of what was lost, but also discovers new opportunities we never imagined.

    ·      I also know that even in the face of this disaster, we will have some fun along the way to recovery. 


    How do I know these things? Because I have been taught the Loma Prieta Way by the best of our mountain community. I have lived and learned right along side you for ten years. I’ve seen us falter. I’ve seen us disagree. I’ve seen us struggle. I’ve seen us rise, forgive, challenge one another to be better, find common ground, and create a shared future. 


    I’ve seen the kids learn from you as well. At the beginning of each year, we have an all district assembly on the first Friday in the Gym. It is one of my favorite annual events because it showcases the connections our kids establish, the roots they lay down. The oldest kids are protective of the younger ones. The youngest are a bit in awe of the “big kids.” We take a few minutes to witness the growth from Kindergarten to eighth grade. This year we took time for the CT kids to reconnect with their former “Buddies” from their elementary school years.

     8th & Kinder


    At the time, these pictures only spoke to those particular moments. Looking at them again this evening, I realize they are part of a very few that may be captured in the gym this year. What I see in these images is a reflection of the mountain spirit of caring and connection that rises above our challenges. Our kids feel connected because it is a community value not just a school value. Our kids care because their parents, grandparents, neighbors, and mentors have modeled that caring for the community in very real ways day in and day out as the kids grew.


    Thank you for building a strong community that can stand the tests of time and nature. I don’t have all the answers to your many questions, yet. I do know that we will find the answers together.





    Corey Kidwell



    Heat Advisory!  Please send your child with a full bottle of water.  There will be no running during these high temperature days.


    Second Yosemite Parent Meeting:

    Who: Grade 7 parents who were unable to attend last Thursday

    When: Thursday evening, September 10

    Where: The Loma Forum from 6:30-7:30PM. 



    Rebecca’s Top Ten Sights focus on the play yards this week:


    1.     A very fun dodge ball game run by the third and forth grade boys;

    2.     An all girls game of wall ball;

    3.     Sand sculptures on the track;

    4.     Double Dutch rope sponsored by Nancy Lanovaz;

    5.     Well used drinking fountains;

    6.     A line of shady trees provides a bit of shade for CT students who want to hang out by the blacktop;

    7.     The Library is a cool place to hang out at lunch;

    8.     Under the shade in the 6th grade lunch spot girls engage in short dance off rounds to the tunes from their phones;

    9.     Tables filled with engaged students playing board games, connect four and Jinga;

    10. Squirt bottles in action.


    At Loma and CT we are beginning our Fun Visor activities. This program supports students separate interests and creates a small communities of like-minded individuals.   Opportunities to grow and learn new skills are provided. 

    This year Coach Patino will continue to organize noontime sports for forth and fifth graders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Coach Nancy Lanovaz will organize physically fun activities such as hula-hoop challenges and jump rope games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ms. Lelake runs a music session on Mondays. We also have a parent who will be sharing insights into Chinese Culture.


    What about you? Do you have a passion you would like to share with students? From organizing a book club, to creating an environmental club, to forming a knighting club or a dance club or simply supervising board games, there is something for you to do. You will have fun getting to know the students and they will value what you have to offer. It’s a wonderful and productive way to connect with students.


    Please email Rebecca (r.carino@loma.k12.ca.us) if you have an idea and what to join our fun advisors team.


    Wild Times @ CTE

    Early Release EVERY Wednesday @ 1:30 pm


    Upcoming Events

    9/11/15 Snack Shack will be open today only-Pizza & Sushi for sale

    9/11/15 Leadership class sells Lemonade for fire recovery

    9/14/15 8th grade Washington DC parent info night 7pm Room 3

    9/17/15 School Picture Day @ both Loma & CTE

    9/18/15 CT Games night TBA

    All other items, which were scheduled, are TBD because of community center/gym bld.