• September 23, 2015


    Thoughts from Tuesday Night - The Road to Restoration


    We are still in the very early stages of the recovery effort, but I thought I would give you an update on what we know - and don’t know - about the process.  First, let’s talk about the DSA.  The Department of the State Architect is the agency charged with ensuring the structural safety of all public buildings.  I appreciate that they take their role very seriously and are very thorough.  That also means they are process-oriented and take a great deal of time in considering public safety.  We are working with Assembly member Mark Stone’s office to expedite where we can, but there are many steps in the process.  Our Board of Trustees has passed an emergency resolution which authorizes us to expedite some local measures so we will move as quickly as we can without compromising student or public safety.


    Every day we learn new information about the multitude of steps we have in front of us.  For example, this week we will be meeting again with the structural engineer and the architect who will help us move through the next several stages of the recovery effort.  Our top priority is restoring the functionality of the gym.  We are hopeful that the large wall that divides the burned and unburned sections of the building will be found to be solid despite the heat of the fire.  We know that bringing back the gym space is complicated.  The main components of all the electrical systems were on the burned side of the building.  There is contamination of the sound proofing material on the ceiling of the gym which must be removed and replaced.  We also predict that we will need to upgrade the gym to current safety codes before students and teachers can reoccupy the space.  We know we have only begun to understand all the intricacies involved, but we continue to move forward one step at a time.


    Parallel to the goal of bringing back a fully functional gym, we are moving forward with securing temporary housing for the music and art classrooms, commercial kitchen, activity/assembly spaces for PE and CT English school wide programs, department offices, and community partner spaces lost to the fire.  Once those goals have been met, we can work toward the restoration of the burned part of the structure.  All of these efforts require DSA review and approval at every stage.  The building is currently red tagged, but we are trying to secure access to remove the contents, which remain inside.  Storage containers are set to arrive this week to receive all the removed articles which have been cleaned and will be returned to us shortly.  We are working with various insurance companies to not only replace lost contents, but also to begin the planning process for what reconstruction might entail.


    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the details of the process.


    Corey Kidwell




    Carino’s Curriculum Corner

    See Attached flyer

    Standards of Dress/Dress Code

    Loma Prieta Elementary School encourages high standards for students both academically and socially. We believe these standards are better maintained when our students are appropriately dressed. At Loma, the standards for dress at school promote a safe and positive learning environment conducive to high academic and behavior standards. The following are some examples:


    -       Short shorts – rule of thumb is fingertips should touch fabric when arms are straight at your side.


    -       Skirts and tops – spaghetti straps need to be two-finger width; t-shirts with suggestive words, alcoholic beverage ads, negative and disrespectful messages are not allowed.


    -       Recreational hats, caps and other similar head covering shall not be worn inside the school buildings except for valid medical reasons authorized in writing to the school administration.


    -       Closed toed shoes are required. Flip-flops, high heels or platform shoes are not allowed. For your child’s safety, shoes should be appropriate for PE and active play each day.


    -       Long, dangling earrings are not allowed.


    Garden Mom’s Meeting

    There will be a Garden Mom’s meeting this coming Monday, 9/28 at 8:50am by the Garden Shed. If you have any questions, contact Myra Jones at 408-353-1910 or thomyrajones@gmail.com.


    Loma HSC News

    A BIG Thank You to Maren Elliott for Movie Night last Friday. The Lion King was a huge hit.