• Thoughts from Tuesday Night

    It’s Gala Week!  For the many, many volunteers who make the Gala possible, it’s a time of hundreds of details and last minute changes.  For the LPEF Board, it’s a hopeful time of expectations and adrenaline.  For hundreds of guests, it’s fashion decisions and anticipation of one of the great annual events on the mountain.  Maybe this is the grown up version of Summit Woods at Halloween for the kids.


    For those of you anxious to get the party started, and for those of you who can’t make the event for a variety of reasons but want to participate, the Silent Auction has officially begun.  Using the browser on your computer or your smart phone, you can participate in the Silent Auction all the way until it closes Saturday Night.  Note - there are a few items that are online only and will close on Friday evening.  To bid, please visit: http://bidpal.net/lpefgala2015.  Be warned, there is some cool stuff up for bid!


    Like everything else wonderful in our schools, the Gala is really a labor of love.  From the countless hours put in by the Gala team, to the generosity and support of everyone who donates and participates, the event is really all about the kids.  We have a lot of fun on this mountain in support of our schools and our kids, and we keep a keen focus on what it is all about – the kids and their school experience.  We are small, with limited resources, but I believe we have boundless enthusiasm and a most dedicated community that makes it all possible.


    I want to get a jump-start on my thank yous, and I’d like to start with the families of the amazing Gala team.  I know that an event of this magnitude takes hours and hours of sweat equity from the adults.  I also recognize that those hours come at a cost to family life and time.  Thank you!  Thank you to the kids, spouses, siblings, in-laws, pets, and even best friends that have had to share their amazing grown ups who are putting on a Gala for all of us – and for the kids. 


    It has been fun to have the kids stopping into the District Office with their parents along the way.  Thanks for sharing and don’t stop coming by!  You and your classmates are what this entire enterprise is all about.  It’s for you.  It’s for your schools.  It’s for your years ahead that everyone goes the extra mile.  Thanks for lending us your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and neighbors.  They will be home again soon.



    Corey Kidwell



    Coming Attractions - Shade Structures

    Thanks to the generosity of parents last year, we are awaiting the installation of shade structures in our schools.  The first will be installed in the Kindergarten play area and the second at CT.  The work was first delayed by the implementation of a new rule from the Department of State Architect (DSA) last year that now requires soils testing related to seismic concerns in all California schools before shade structures can be installed.  When your name is Loma Prieta, you get close scrutiny of any testing such as this.  Our soils study is done, but the fire has altered our immediate priorities.  The shade structures will come, but sadly they have taken a back seat to the gym/community center restoration work.  Please know that all “Top Hat” and district funding for this project remains committed to this purpose.  Thanks again for your patience on any project requiring DSA oversight - which is just about anything in a California public school.


    Common Core Math Summit

    The Common Core Math Summit is an experience designed to give K-8 parents a ground floor perspective of the new Math standards and their implementation in the classroom.   This evening is designed to help you:

    • Connect with other parents and experience first hand how the changes to the math standards are designed to translate into success for our students
    • Gain insight as to how math concepts build from one grade level to the next
    • Increase your awareness of how parents can partner with teachers to building solid math foundations for our students 
    Please use this URL to register: http://tiny.cc/ey9r3x  
    Please plan to join us on October 15th from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Loma Forum.  This is an adult-focused event.  No childcare is available.  We hope you can attend.


    Loma HSC News

    Final day to place bag lunch is today. Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to have lunch brought to your child from the Summit Store. See attached flyer for details.