• Dear Loma and CT Parents:

    Thoughts From Tuesday Night


    Important Reminder – No School on Monday!

    Monday, October 12th, is a non-student day!  There is no school on Monday, as faculty will be working on both Math and Language Arts curriculum development topics for our Staff Development Day.  We will see your kids on Tuesday, October 13th!


    Well That Was Fun!

    This year’s gala was one to remember!  From the music, to the food, to the incredible venue that is Mason du Lac, all the details came together beautifully.  Beyond the logistics of an event for 400 was the amazing heart of the parents and extended community that came together to celebrate our schools and put us on a path to recovery.  For me, the night was a kaleidoscope of parents with whom I have joined for 10 Galas and those I was getting to know at their first.  It was an evening of being reminded both of the incredible “grit” found in our parent community and the tenacity shared by the “founding” members of our community. 


    Milton Barber stole the show with his call to action as a grandparent and member of the team who helped raise the original funds for the gym/community center building.  Christian Thomas’ multimedia presentation on the fire and call to action for the restoration was powerful and compelling.  I forget that most people haven’t seen powerful images from the night of the fire.  It is important to share those images with all of you.  You can view the video by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6U4dMCFkT0

    Thank you Alex Leman and the firefighters for having our back on August 30th and October 3rd.  You are an amazing team.


    Joni Thomas and the LPEF crew hosted an outstanding event that highlighted the best of our schools and our community.  Your generosity as donors is unparalleled.  Thank you all for an amazing night of celebration of our schools, our kids, and our mountain.  Thank you Patti Hughes for being who you are – our rock.  Your welcoming all of us into your home with graciousness and style raises the bar for all of us as we move about our mountain.  (You don’t see me inviting 400 people over to my house!  Yikes!)


    To the Steam Punkers, Cartones, room parents, teachers, parents, grandparents, alumni parents and the legion of volunteers who make this annual celebration possible – thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You care so much, work so hard, and give so generously in many ways so that our small school district may continue to produce big league results.  Your dedication ensures that our kids grow and thrive here.


    We Learn as We Go

    Many of you have offered suggestions as to how to continue to improve our traffic flow in the “new normal” after the fire.  Thank you to everyone who is using the north campus and pedestrian bridge during morning drop off and afternoon pick up.  We are continuing to try and manage the reduced parking area and the traffic patterns particularly in the afternoons.  In anticipation of additional changes to the blacktop area between the schools please look for the following changes beginning Tuesday, October 13th:


    • No changes to the morning routine.   Keep dropping off on the Loma side of the parking lot.  Use of the pedestrian bridge is strongly encouraged.  On the main campus, parents may park in any regular, available parking spot along the tree line or in the gravel lot.  Staff parking only in the “bus zone.”
    • In the afternoon – the far right lane coming up the driveway will be a shared Loma and CT pick up line.  The far left lane will become a “through lane” with no stopping allowed.  You may use this lane to proceed to parking in either the main or lower gravel lot.
    • Loma pick up will proceed straight ahead in the right lane to the traditional parent pick up zone at the curb.
    • CT pick up will proceed to the right into a newly designated loading zone at the front end of the bus loading area.  No loading or unloading at the CT curb or between buses please.


    Please consider having students in grades 4-8 meet you on the “gazebo side” of the Summit Road.  All students walking across Summit must have a note on file and use the pedestrian bridge. 

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


    For Mature Audiences Only…It’s middle school so it’s awkward, but it’s important.

    We are embarking on the season where many charities work to support the more vulnerable in our extended community.  We appreciate that our students can help with food drives and other caring initiatives.  The most overlooked products in all charity drives are diapers, feminine pads, and tampons.


    ·      Food stamps cannot be used for these items;

    ·      The demographic most affected by the lack of feminine hygiene available are low income middle school and high school girls;

    ·      Many of these girls skip school every month because they don’t have these basic needs;

    ·      Donations of pads, tampons, shampoo, soap, and diapers are all needed by every agency that works to tackle issues of poverty. 


    We have a donation box at CT English to collect donations for students at CT, Los Gatos High School, and the community beyond.  We would love to have all kids – young women and young men – participate in this effort.  If your family would like to participate, please stop in and donate to this important and often less visible need.  Donations will be shared with local students and with other Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County agencies throughout the year.  Thank you!



    Corey Kidwell



    Carino’s Top Ten Favorite Sights:


    1.     Steampunk fashion makes a splash at the Gala and takes on a special mountain vibe … red plastic fire hats;

    2.     The excitement of participating in an impromptu game of many red rubber balls with a small group of first and second graders that kept expanding as students in the group made room for more and more students to join.  Ahh, the more the merrier;

    3.     A labor of love that transforms a dinner party into one of the most amazing fundraising events under the stars.  Thank you LPEF and all those who join with them to pull it all together;

    4.     Awe-inspiring parents enjoying the thrill of competition as they generously bid in the spirit of supporting our schools and students.  A truly heartwarming sight;

    5.     A very cool sixth grade student who actually took a moment to show me the context of his electronic game.  A rare moment;

    6.     Eighth grade students enjoying their special lunch spot and not really minding that it is bordered by green fencing;

    7.     Noticing that the two-year old group of ravens is finally getting bigger than the crows so that now I can id them more readily.  I wonder if student lunches have to do with their growth;

    8.     New braces.  There are a number of students joining the new braces club.  I love that colored rubber bands add ambiance and offset other, not so cool, elements of the experience;

    9.     The refined sound of jungle rhythms floating through the Forum and the good news that Theatre in the Mountains has a venue for the Lyon King play - the Harbor High School Little Theatre.   Show Dates are November 15-17;

    10. Bagged lunches assembled at the Summit Store arriving fresh, as I type, at Loma.  Thanks Loma Home and School Club!


    Common Core Math Summit

    The Common Core Math Summit is an experience designed to give K-8 parents a ground floor perspective of the new Math standards and their implementation in the classroom.  This evening is designed to help you:

    • Connect with other parents and experience first hand how the changes to the math standards are designed to translate into success for our students
    • Gain insight as to how math concepts build from one grade level to the next
    • Increase your awareness of how parents can partner with teachers to build solid math foundations for our students

    Please use this URL to register: http://tiny.cc/ey9r3x

    Please plan to join us on October 15th from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Loma Forum.  This is an adult-focused event.  No childcare is available.  We hope you can attend.

    Loma HSC News

    Bag lunches from Summit Store kicked off this week. A big THANK YOU to the team that worked on launching this ... Elaine Zhu, Archie Schmitt, Christian Thomas, Michele Shahroody and Ben/Summit Store. And last but not least, a HUGE thank you to the team leader - the fabulous Azadeh! 


    If your student is interested in bag lunches, visit the HSC website by the end of the month to place your November order. Questions? Email us at: lomactlunches@gmail.com