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  • 4/20/18

    Dear Room 12 families,



    We will begin our round of CAASPP testing on Monday. We work very hard to have the testing impact our learning time as little as possible, and will do most testing in the mornings, just 1 session each day. Please make sure that your child is at school on time, and has had a good breakfast. We don't want students feeling stressed about showing what they know on these tests, but we also want them to proudly do their best.


    The students have been working on expert "mini books" in order to prepare for our next project, a chapter book on one facet of American History during colonial times and the revolutionary war. The mini books are due to be completed on May 3, and some students want to print part of their book in color. Please have them do any color printing at home, as we have limited access to color printing here at school.
    Most students have been working on their science project (experiment or demonstration) here at school, with some students meeting with their team at home. All projects are scheduled to be finished by this Wednesday, (4/25) and presented to the class on Thursday and Friday.  Students who would like to, can have their project displayed at Saturday's Family Science Day. Students do not need to be present to have their project on display, but are encouraged to attend.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Elizabeth Lyon

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