• Spelling Bee
    Welcome to the Loma Spelling Bee Page!
    Each classroom will be conducting a spelling bee, sending 2 winners from each class to the Spelling Bee Semifinals.  The Loma Semi-Finals will take place in the forum at 12:30pm on December 20th.   In January, we will have the top winners from the Semifinals compete in the final Loma Spelling Bee.  The finals will take place at 12:30pm in the forum on January 16th.  We will also be awarding the top finishers for each grade level.  The grand prize winner will receive an online subscription to Encyclopedia Brittanica.
    So how do you get ready?  
    Step 1 - Students should start by learning the 100 words on their grade level's word list.  Word lists are available at the links on the right.
    Step 2 -  Next, students should learn all the other word lists for the other grades.
    Step 3 - If a student has mastered all of that, he or she should begin working on the Spell It! list.
    Step 4 - If a student manages all of that, give him or her a pat on the back.  Students can continue by playing the word games at http://www.wordcentral.com/ to get ready for advanced competition. 
    Want some tips on how to best prepare for a spelling bee?  Look at this document: