• About Mrs. Templeton's Class

     Dear Students and Families, 
    Please keep in mind that not all materials will be provided on this website, nor will all homework or project assignments be posted. Your physical and mental presence in class is necessary in order to get the full effect of lessons and the complete instructions for assignments.
    The agenda on the board in the classroom is the master agenda. It is very important that students pay attention while in the classroom and copy down the homework, take notes, and ask questions there. I will do my best to keep the Homework section of the website updated daily, but because student instruction is my top priority throughout the school day, there will be times when this site is not up-to-date.
    Please email me or have the student talk to me about absent work, late work, new copies of assignments, etc. Thank you!
    Looking forward to a great year!
    Mrs. Templeton 
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