• Hello parents of room 11!


    We are off to a great start for our year in third grade! I have such a fantastic collection of engineers, artists, historians, travelers, athletes, and so much more!  These kiddos will keep me on my toes, but they will also charm and entertain me with their sparkling personalities and wide-range of talents.


    Just a couple of things.  If you wouldn't mind, I would greatly appreciate for parents of all my students to fill out this Google Form.  In it, you will be required to answer some need-to-know questions like where your child should go after school and who your child lives with.  There is also space for you to voice any concerns, for you to tell me more details about your child, and for you to let me know if you'd like to volunteer this year.  There just isn't a good opportunity for us all to have a good face to face for a while, so giving me some information will make me a better teacher for your student!


    Thank you in advance for sending in school supplies!  If you don't know what supplies were needed, please look on my Supply/Wish List page (my list may vary from the list posted on the school site, so please go off of my list).


    Two papers were sent home on the first day, a yellow on and a two-page white one.  Please fill them out and have your student turn them in ASAP.  Thank you! 

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