Owl of Athena          Hello! I am Kendra Zanotto and I am excited to start my second year as a Loma 4thgrade teacher.


    I grew up in Los Gatos and live on the mountain with my husband and two children.


    I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Columbia University and a master’s degree in Education from San Jose State University. I am an Olympic bronze medalist from the 2004 Athens Games in the sport of synchronized swimming. I have worked with youth in athletic, educational and restorative justice settings for the past 15 years.


    I am excited to bring my diverse experiences to my teaching practice here at Loma. The Room 11 Owls are a supportive community of learners. These six beliefs are core to our classroom:

    1. We are a team. We work together. We are supportive, caring and respectful of each other!
    2. Students are also teachers. Teachers are also learners.
    3. Mistakes are Expected, Respected and Inspected.
    4. Curiosity is fostered and celebrated.
    5. We practice self-reflection and mindfulness.
    6. Authentic learning is always more important than completing a specific task.


    I am inspired by the Principles of Olympism:

    • Experiencing the Joy of Effort 
    • Learning to Play Fair
    • Practicing Respect for Oneself and Others 
    • Pursuit of Excellence
    • Living a Harmonious and Balanced Life of Body, Will and Mind


    I can’t wait to meet all of my students and their families. Together, we will build a learning community that can meet any challenge. 


    Ms. Zanotto