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    Welcome to sixth grade and C.T. English!  I am thrilled to be your teacher this year as you embark upon a new phase in life. I think you will find the curriculum interesting, and my hope is for you to leave sixth grade even more confident, independent, knowledgeable, and creative.


    This website is your one-stop-shop for homework, schedules, announcements and resources. 

    I am anticipating a great year ahead! C.T. English



    Please have the Signature Page (yellow sheet) of your syllabus signed by Monday, August 19.  Remember, it is your first assignment for both English and history.


    Try to have your class supplies by Monday as well.  I am happy to provide any of the items you are unable to purchase, just let me know. :) 


    Thursday, August 23


    1. Worksheet: Digital Life 100 - simile and colored illustration.

    2. Please have your parents complete the Family Information Sheet (pink) I handed out in class on Monday, and bring it back by this Friday.

    3. Return the Help Wanted form (lavender) if your parent(s) are interested in volunteering at one of our Living History Days.



            1. Dig Bag Assignment due Friday, 8/23.  Be sure you have practiced your presentation before you come to class on Friday. :)



    Bring in a recent photo or photos of yourself.  Unless you want to cut the image in class, the dimensions need to be 4.75" X 2.75" to fit in the space provided.

    If you did not complete your student profile assignment (emotions) we have been working on in class, please finish it for homework.  


     Bring an SSR book every day. flower





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