• Superintendent Corey Kidwell Welcome to the Loma Prieta School District! As a high achieving school district, we are very proud of our work and take seriously our mission to sustain, “…a partnership of schools, parents and community, committed to providing each student with optimal learning opportunities in a safe, stimulating and supportive environment so that each student can reach their full academic and social potential.”
    The Loma Prieta District Board of Trustees, along with the district staff and our community, have identified five annual goals for the district for the 2015-16 year.  These are:
    • Provide excellent academic programs that promote higher level thinking skills using benchmarks to inform student learning.

    • Promote and maintain fiscal stability.
    • Provide safe, clean, and educationally appropriate facilities. 
    • Foster a culture of support that enables all staff to excel professionally.
    • Focus on overall communication strategies to effectively engage the parent community.

    These goals are developed and aligned with the Board’s Strategic Plan reflecting the changes that are taking place in education throughout California and will position Loma Prieta to retain its status as an award-winning school district.  
    Corey Kidwell, Superintendent