About Us

  • Welcome to C.T. English Middle School, the Home of the Cheetahs!  C.T. English is a highly academic middle school that retains the qualities of connection and community that can only be found in a small-school environment.  Our teachers become well acquainted with our students and continually encourage them to strive for academic success while supporting social development and creativity.
    West Ed, a national organization promoting excellence in schools and communities, honored C.T. English Middle School for its positive and safe school climate.  Students in schools where there is a connection to their community, their peers, and their teachers work harder, aim higher, and avoid negative behaviors.  All these factors contribute to academic success.  This is particularly important in middle school where at-risk behaviors can escalate.  C.T. English is one of 40 schools among the 1,700 studied where students are out performing peers, in part because of a positive school climate.  The study noted that CT English is “Beating the Odds” given it’s small size and relatively few available resources.
    Please learn about us through our website.  If you have any questions, please contact us.