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    Hello bunnies! I miss you and hope you are well!


    We have launched our digital learning program! Any assigned work that is required to be submitted can be found on your child's Seesaw page. Daily activities are posted each morning at 5AM. All assignments are due by Sunday at 5:00pm.


    I will continue to update this website with optional Suggested Learning Activities to support your child's at home learning.


    ***Visit Mrs. Ignoffo's Science website for fun Science activities,  Mrs. Lelake's website for great Music activities, Coach Patino's website for fun physical activity suggestions, and Mrs. Fichthorn's Loma Library website for reading resources.



    Suggested Learning Activities During School Closure


    Digital Art Resources:


    Image result for elephant and piggie

    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

    Children's author and creator of the Elephant and Piggies series, Mo Willems is the artist in residence at the Kennedy Center. He is posting daily "Doodle" lessons during school closures. Click on the link and you can read more about it. All videos are also available on youtube.



    We use Art in Action in our classroom every month! The organization has made a collection of their lessons available for FREE during school closures.



    Non-digital learning suggestions: 


    Practice some basic life skills with your child such as:

    1. Help your child learn to tie their shoe laces.

    2. Teach your child how to make a simple snack or meal, such as a sandwich or macaroni and cheese (with supervision of course )

    3. Practice making the bed, putting clothes away, doing the laundry, or sweeping the house.



    Banner Header.png


    Creative Kiddos now has a free online book for parents with fun and imaginative activities to do with your child during the long days at home.




    Take a walk with your family and make a map of your walk. You can include anything you like such as neighbors' houses, animals you encounter, trees or landmarks. Once you are finished with your map, you can write about it. Write what day it was, who walked with you, where you went, what you saw, how you felt, what you heard or anything else you feel is important to record.


    Reading: Digital Resources


    1) Choose from the list of read aloud books, or read a non-digital book of your chosing. 

    2) When you are done listening to or reading the story, choose from some of the following comprehension questions. You can discuss them with your parent or write about them on paper.

    • Describe the main character in the story. Tell about where they live, what they like or dislike, and what their personality is like.
    • What was the problem in the book and how was it solved?
    • Did anyone in the book do something you did not like? Why?
    • What kind of book is this? List three evidences of this.
    • What was the author's purpose in writing this book?
    • Re-tell the story including what happened in the begining, middle, and end.
    • How did the main character feel during the book? How do you know?
    • Did this book remind you of anything that has happened to you? What?
    • What lesson did you learn from the story?
    • Pretend you are one of the characters in the story. Write a diary about the happenings in your life for two consecutive days. 


    reading iq
    The host company (Curriculum Associates) is providing classroom subscriptions FREE of charge to classrooms affected by district closure.
    There are AR tests for most of the books.
    Go to www.ReadingIQ.com/redeem and enter our District Code:  SCHOOL8809



    1) Go to lalilo.com and turn on your sound
    2) Click on the Blue "Log In" button up on the top right
    3) Click "I am a Student"
    4) Click on the "Play button Arrow"
    5) Type in school code NUUGMA
    6) Click on Ms Benson's Class
    7) Click on your name
    8) Click on the "Play Button Arrow" (make sure your sound is on)
    9) You will begin with a skill assessment (which they call "training), it only takes about 10 minutes.
    10) Keep going and learning!
    NOTE: If the sound doesn't work the first time, refresh and try again.


    For First Graders only:

    accelerated reader
    Use AR Bookfinder to determine if the book you read is an AR Book.
    If it is, take the Comprehension Quiz and have the words from your book count as your annual "1st Grade Word Count" Goal of 100,000 words.  
    The "2nd Grade Word Count" Goal is 200,000 words.
    Use ReadingIQ (below) for access to many AR books.



    Kindergarteners: Watch one of the Storyline Online books. Write your opinion of the book. Tell at least two reasons why you did or did not like the book. Be specific. For example: "The book, Where the Wild Things Are is a great book. I like it because it is about a child named Max who goes on an adventure. I love adventures. The illustrations are also very beautiful. I want to read more books like this one!"

    First Graders: We have been working on writing Realistic Fiction books for the last 2 weeks. Students can choose to begin some new realistic fiction books during the school closure. Here is a photograph of our steps to help guide you in the process:

    Realistic fiction



    Digital Resources

     Kindergarteners: We have been working in Module 4 of Engage New York Curriculum. We have completed lessons 1-8 already. All lessons are available online at engageny.org. You can choose activities from any of these lessons, or go back and review material from Modules 1,2, or 3.

    First graders: We have been working in Module 4 of the Engage New York Curriculum. We have completed lessons 1-10 already. All lessons are available online at engageny.org. You can choose activities from any of these lessons, or go back and review material from Modules 1,2 or 3.

    All students: 


     Visit freckle.com and login to your account. All students in my classroom have a Freckle account and many have already started using it. Here are instructions for logging in.

    1) Log into the website using our class code: UK7G82 

    2) Select your name from the list

    3) Select "Math"

    4) Select the area you'd like to practice. *Students may need assistance reading instructions*



    Image result for xtra math

    Xtramath.org is a resource for practicing math facts.



    Image result for 10 monkeys finland

    https://www.10monkeys.com is a resource that is new to me. It provides math games and math practice for grades 1-5. They are offering their apps for FREE during school closures. 


    Some fun videos for math practice:

     Image result for jack hartmann
    Jack Hartmann's youtube channel has some great resources for practicing math facts, skip counting, and reading. You can visit it HERE
    Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour
    Watch several fun videos and learn how to read our classroom clock for important events like snack, recess, and lunch!
    telling time


    Non-Digital Ideas

    1. Make a graph of one of the following: the trees in your yard; the colors of your socks, the animals you see in a day, or any other topic of your choosing.
    2. Create a math addition or subtraction word problem. Write the word problem, then the math sentence, then draw a picture to show what happened. You can use the trees in your yard, the items in your closet, the art supplies on your desk. You can even use the people in your family! Here is an example:
      1. “There were 14 crayons on the table. James took 4 of them to his bedroom. How many crayons are left on the table now?
    3. Practice reading an analog clock.
    4. Help your parents cook (be sure to measure correctly)


    Fluency and Fitness:

    fluency and fitness
    Click HERE for 21 days of free access to K-2 content!





    Choose a wonder to explore. Be sure to watch the video and read the facts page. Parents can help with this.

    Share what you learned with your parent.


     Image result for mystery science


    Mystery Science has some great Science lessons that are aligned to grade-level Science curriculum. Mrs. Ignoffo uses many of their resources for regular Science lessons. They have made many lessons free to support student learning during school closures. 

    Writing Extension: Write 3-5 sentences and draw a picture about your wonder topic or your mystery science topic. Remember to include introduction and conclusion sentences.


     Image result for california academy of sciences
    The California Academy of Sciences has a web page entitled "Learning Resources for Students at Home" that has some great Science videos and activities for elementary aged students. 

    Image result for national geographic for kids logo


    Great Science videos and learning resources.


    Image result for ranger rick


    I've always loved Ranger Rick magazines. They are offering FREE access to magazines, games, crafts and activities.

    Additional Resources


    Math, Reading, The World Around Us--Science and Social Studies, and FUN!!! 
    This online resource is filled with choices, learning, and fun!
    After our classroom preview on Friday, our "First Grade Friends" are eager to log in!
    The host company (Curriculum Associates) is VERY respected in the education sector and is providing classroom subscriptions FREE of charge to classrooms affected by district closure.
    Go to abcmouse.com/redeem and enter our District Code:  SCHOOL1446
    Scholastic Learn at Home Website:

    Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video.

    Approximately three hours of meaningful learning opportunities per day, including projects based on exciting articles and stories, virtual field trips, reading and geography challenges, and so much more! 

    You will need to set up login information for your student.


    Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links

    field trip

    Click HERE or on the image above for a Google Doc that provides the links.


     Image result for starfall


    Starfall.com has a huge amount of online activities for students, including reading, math, and music activities.

    A Trending Daily Schedule to Maintain a Comforting Sense of Routine:

    daily schedule










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