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    5/15   Math-PT State Test 8:30
    5/16   Roaring Camp 7:45-3:30
    5/17   MATH-PT State Test 8:30
    5/24   Open House 6:30-8:00
    5/25   Art in Action 12:30-1:30
    5/31   Trimester 3 Academic Awards
                P.E. Awards
                Music Awards
    6/1     Jogathon Awards
               Last Day for Accelerated Reader 
    6/5     Fun Day
               Staff VS. 5th Grade Kickball Game
    6/7     Last Day Dismissal 12:30
    Non Fiction Emphasis: SQR (survey, question, read), preview the whole text and predict how it might go, figure out the text's structure - use it to determine importance, tackle the hard parts, notice if the text is hybrid - use your lenses to read, and figure out the meaning of unknown words; reading Document Based Questions with 2 different sources and siting evidence to prove conclusions.
    State Research Report: introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs with evidence, conclusion paragraph with opinion.
    GRADE 4 • MODULE 5 (Fraction Equivalence, Ordering, and Operations)

    Topic A: Decomposition and Fraction Equivalence

    Topic B: Fraction Equivalence Using Multiplication and Division

    Topic C: Fraction Comparison

    Topic D: Fraction Addition and Subtraction  

    Topic E: Extending Fraction Equivalence to Fractions Greater Than 1

    Topic F: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions by Decomposition

    Topic G: Repeated Addition of Fractions as Multiplication.

    Topic H: Exploring a Fraction Pattern

    Social Studies 
    Transcontinental Railroad; Immigrants Build California; California Industries; California Government
    Understanding Life Science Concepts









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