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    I want to thank all of you for attending "Back to School Night". Special thanks to all the parents who signed up for volunteer spots in the class.

    9/3     Labor Day

    9/12   Picture Day

    9/20   Project Cornerstone

    9/28   Art in Action


    Language Arts/Reading

    Establishing a Reading Life: find a book you want to read at your appropriate level, read as if you're in the book, figure out confusing parts (reread), note important things to share later, do the work the book is requesting to understand it.

    Reading Journals: read and respond with writing to answer specific prompts about the book you are reading. Be prepared to present your response to the class and answer relevant questions. Begin reading non-fiction passages with document-based questions for reading comprehension and critical thinking.

    Writing: "Writer's Express" concentration on ending marks and commas, begin our "Lucy Calkins" unit on "Narratives". Learn to take small moments in our lives and turn them into short stories.


    Mid-Module Assessment Task, Topic C: Rounding Multi-Digit Whole Numbers, Topic D: Multi-Digit Whole Number Addition, Multi-Digit Whole Number Subtraction 

    Social Studies

    CA Studies Weekly Topics: California Regions, California Resources, California Indians, California Indians on the Coast


    Rules and Procedures

    Sound Unit





























































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