Our FIRST Field Trip in FIRST Grade!

  • Posted October 30, 2017

    Halloween Reminders

    12:30 dismissal tomorrow
    No weapons (guns, swords, etc)
    Masks ok for parade
    Parade is at 8:45am
    You are welcome to join us for class photo on the stage immediately following the parade
    Permission Slips in Book Bag
    Please return signed forms (white) and $40 optional donation by Weds, Nov. 8
    We’d love to have you join us as a chaperone!
    Friday, Dec. 1- Children’s Discovery Museum
    Thursday, Feb. 1- Humane Society Silicon Valley and Bay Badminton Center
    School Photo “Credit Card” also in book bag
    Funds for Puerto Rico
    Our class has raised $302.46 to help our school towards the goal of raising $3600.
    Thank YOU!
    Last Friday, it was announced that our fund has reached $3100!
    Project Cornerstone
    We had our first PC session with Faustus’ parents last Friday.
    We learned about friendship and how to be a good friend.
    It was the perfect amount of time of getting acquainted, Read Aloud, discussion, and an outdoor activity.
    Pics are below.
    Box Tops for Education
    Keep sending them in!  We hope to purchase another wobble chair when we get enough $$
    Creations from “Pumpkins, Painting, and Popcorn with Mrs. Dufort” Gala Teacher outing (Weds)
    Project Cornerstone with Faustus’ parents last Thursday
    x x x
    Making “Number Spiders”.  Each leg has a different way to represent the number on the body—addition, subtraction, number bond, ten frame, dots, flowers, tally marks, etc.
    x x
    This student made a city out of Kapla blocks
    The "birthday girl" and her mother reading “The Book with No Pictures" on Friday morning.
    Creating "Symmetry Pumpkins" with our 4th Grade Buddies Friday afternoon.

  • Posted October 23, 2017

    Here’s the latest….

    Sight Words in Book Bag
    I will be assessing students at the end of the week on all of the Sight Words that they have had in their book bag this trimester.
    The list of words from the first 7 lessons is in your student’s book bag for review.
    Scholastic Book Order due Nov. 15
    Order forms are in the Book Bag.
    Books make wonderful stocking stuffers!
    Please be on time for your conference.  
    Conferences are 20 minutes long and I use a timer to keep on schedule.
    i’m looking forward to sharing the wonderful progress of your students with you!
    Tutu Day is this Friday!
    If you have one, wear it!
    Thank you for the Wobble Chair and Scoop Chairs!
    Our class of “First Grade Friends” are so happy to have the addition of another Wobble chair and 6 scoop chairs.
    We are grateful to be recipients of our “class donation windfall!”  Pics are below...
    The entire school noticed a downturn in respectful behavior today—particularly during recess.
    Today, I learned there were tattlers, some body contact, name calling, and some hurt feelings.
    The Boo Bash “initiates” the excitement of Halloween and we discussed today that some “monster” behavior has popped up.
    Please remind your student about the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.
    No Toys from home in Backpacks
    If I see anything from home, it will go in the “December Box.”
    We are lucky to have the help of 3 students.
    LM, a CT Student, helps us on Thursday afternoons.
    HR and MMcK are 5th graders and they work with small groups in the pod from 1:30-1:45—which is during their recess time.  
    They say that helping 1st graders is much more fun than recess!
    Heritage Feast
    Don’t forget that our Feast is Weds, November 8, 12:30-1:30.
    The orange announcement went home in your student’s book bag last week.
    I have also attached the flyer.
    Please discuss your food item with your student, complete the bottom portion of the flyer, and return it with your student during the first days of November (after Halloween!)
    Last year’s feast was a fun time of sharing for both the parents and the students!
    AM and his mom sharing a book and a new game that they donated for his birthday!
    Our new scoop chairs!  Good for reading AND writing!
    Fall Haiku Poems (5-7-5)
    x x s
    Art in Action “Banda Masks"
    x x x
    s s x
    Balancing Equations.  Learning that the = really is a “balance”
    x x x
    We are now reading the “Mercy Watson” series by Kate DiCamillo for our lunchtime Read Aloud.  We are borrowing Q's set of 6 books.
    Q got to show us the “Sneak Peek” before we started the first book.
    x x
    5th graders M and H help us each day during their afternoon recess.
    L from CT helps our students each Thursday afternoon.  
    Directed Draw Chalk Pastel Pumpkins with our 4th Grade Buddies in Mr. H's class
    x x s x x x

  • Posted October 1, 2017

    Here’s the latest…

    Tuesday, October 3
    Hat and Sunscreen
    Dress in layers
    Pack a snack, a lunch, and a WATER BOTTLE!
    Thanks to our Field Trip Chaperones!
    Masa B. (Aiden’s mom)
    Chiara K.(Cayden’s mom)
    Jessica O. (Elise’s mom)
    Terri B. (Gemma’s mom)
    Cristi T.(Israel’s mom)
    Lorraine S. (Lily’s mom)
    Sylvia V. (Zoe’s mom)
    Writer’s Workshop
    We began WW last week and our focus is on writing Small Moment Stories.
    We have had lessons on writing a “seed story” and “not the whole watermelon.”
    The goal is to write about a small moment and then fill it up with details.
    Today, I showed the students my photos from last year’s Live Earth Farm Field Trip.
    The students came up with MANY possible small moments that they will be able to write about after our trip.
    Farewell to Lily
    Lily and her family are relocating to Kansas and this Friday will be her final day at Loma.
    Since Lily was our “Student of the Week” last week, we watched several Kansas tourist bureau videos.
    We saw water parks, pig farms, rivers, and wild west towns—now the entire class wants to move to Kansas!
    We send her family our best wishes as they settle into a new community and school.
    The “L” word
    I have sent out a separate email regarding your student’s exposure to Head Lice on Friday 9/29.
    Art in Action
    We had our first Art in Action session last Friday.
    Our art was inspired by the expressionist painter Marc Chagall.
    Pics are below.
    Kapla Block Fun

    x  x

    x x


    Reading Partners

    x x x


    The Big Cat Assembly on September 21

    x x


    Sharing our Writing during Writer's Workshop

     x x



    Our second "Run and Read" with Mr. H's 4th Graders.  Discussing how our characters feel and how their feelings change in different parts of the book.

    s s s


    Our Class Treasure for the Gala!



    Our Student of the Week shared photos of her kitty



    This student shared a sunflower the size of his head!

    s s


    Art in Action last Friday 9/29

    x x s s s


    Our Artwork on display in the hallway

    s s s s


  • Posted September 8, 2017

    We had a fun and productive week and pics are below.
    We began solving word problems with missing sums or a missing addend this week.
    Today, we got to create our OWN word problems and illustrations.
    We had apples and wires, full glasses and empty glasses, clouds and rain clouds, lightening and wires, cats and cat faces,…
    We also took our first math assessment and everyone passed.  In fact our class average was 95%.
    I have completed reading assessments for my “at benchmark” and “below benchmark” readers.  I’ll assess my “above benchmark” readers in the upcoming weeks as time permits.
    We got to meet our Big Buddies (Mr. Heisinger’s 4th graders) today.  We had a “Run and Read” session.  Our First Grade Friends brought their book boxes and read to their new Buddies.
    Reading and Sight Word homework will begin next Monday.
    Students should read and practice their Sight Words for 10 minutes each night, Monday through Thursday.
    Book Bags are due back on Friday.
    Library started on Thursday, 8:30-9:30.
    Students may return their books to our basket at any time during the week.
    Students who have returned their books to the basket by next Thursday will be allowed to check out books during our library time.
    Tuesday 9/12- TB Test 8:20-10:00 in PE Portable
    Thursday 9/14- TB Test Results Read
    Friday 9/15- PICTURE DAY
    Friday 9/29- Crazy Hair Day
    Learning with iPads (when math sheets are complete)
    Using apps that focus on 10 Frames and fluency within 10
    Ethan’s Dad Read “The Book with No Words” for his Birthday
    Kapla Block Creations during Choice Time
    They plan to make a book out of the photos of their creations
    xx xx xx
    Morning Creations with our snap cubes
    Reading with our Big Buddies
    Some “Classroom Culture” Books we read this week “Tattle Tongue” and “My Mouth is a Volcano”  :-)

  • Posted August 31, 2017

    Today, I showed the students the video of all of you at Back-to-School night and they started WAVING BACK.
    It was so precious that I had to grab my camera!
    NOTE: We made orange hats for our Spirit Day.  Please don’t feel any pressure to have your child wear orange unless it is convenient and sleeveless! :-)
    Below are pics from today.
    Waving at our parents
    Making “light sabres” out of 10 snap blocks to show pairs to 10
    Reading during “Reading Stamina” challenge
    Our hats for Class Color Day!
    Waving to our parents. So cute!
    Light Sabre "Partners of 10"
    Building Reading Stamina
    Hats are ready for our Friday Assembly and showing our First Grade Orange spirit for “Class Color Day!”

  • line up

    Posted August 25, 2017

    Forms in Backpack today

    For your convenience, I have sent home two forms that need to be completed and returned.
    They are in your student’s backpack.  Please return them by Friday, Sept. 1.
    Required On-Line Form
    There is one form that requires you to log-on to Power School.
    Sorry, I can’t help you with this form because it must be done on-line.
    Below is the information about it in this week’s Wednesday News.
    Log on: All families! If you have not yet logged on to PowerSchool, please do so this week. We will be launching our revised emergency contact system which will allow parents to access PowerSchool to update emergency information such as urgent contact email addresses and phone numbers. We need everyone to log on to PowerSchool before the emergency contact system is launched on August 28th. PowerSchool credentials have gone home multiple times including this week to CT parents in the purple folders. Loma parents, if you don’t have access to your print out, please email Raquel Marin at r.marin@loma.k12.ca.us, and she will resend yours. CT parents who need assistance can email Julie Bourque at j.bourque@loma.k12.ca.us.
    Weds 8/30- Back to School Night 6:30-8:00pm
    Fri 9/01- Class Color Day (First Graders should wear Orange)
    Fri 9/01- Forms, Milk Order, Heart Map, and All About Me Poster Due
    Mon 9/04- Labor Day (no School)
    Happenings from this week (photos below)
    **Yaretzi’s dad read a book to our class on her Birthday
    **Math- We learned to decompose (break apart) the numbers 5 and 6 into pairs of smaller numbers.
    **Reading- We have increased our stamina to 10 minutes and beat last year’s class stamina for Day #4!
    **We learned about each other by sharing our “All About Me" bags.
    **We got to meet our class “pet” named Lucy.  Lucy teaches us about how to be a good friend.
    Birthday Read-Aloud
    “Shake Those Disks”  Spill out 6 disks.  Count how many land on the red side and the yellow side and record.
    Mrs. Dufort always likes it when “2-4” is winning, because it sounds like her name!
    shake those disks
     shake those disks
    Reading Stamina 10 minutes!  We did it!
    reading stamina
    Sharing "All About Me” bags
    all about me bag
    Relaxing and watching Curious George for the last 15 minutes on Tuesday
    curious george
    Our class “pet” Lucy!

  • Posted August 22, 2017
    Here’s a quick update as we continue our first FULL week of school!
    Adjusting to 1st Grade
    Thank you for delivering your student to school on time.  I have been pleased to see their healthy snacks and lunches.  Healthy food and protein will give them the stamina to focus during the longer day.
    Our goals for the past few days have been to learn our routines and to develop our classroom culture by learning about each other.  It has been fun to see what had been brought in the the "All About Me” bags.  We’ll finish sharing the bags for the remainder of the class tomorrow.
    Photos are below!
    Math and Reading Workshop
    Today, we launched our Math and Reading Workshops.  Each student has a book box with 5 books at his/her “good fit book” level.  We have learned to take a “sneak peek” before we start reading a book.  We also we also started to develop our reading stamina.  The entire class read at their desk for 5 minutes without looking away from their book.  We beat last year’s Day #1 stamina rate of 1.5 minutes!  Tomorrow, we will set a higher goal!  
    We also started Unit 1, Lesson 1 in our EngageNY math curriculum and the students are learning to recognize groups of 5 in dot patterns and are using the 5-groups to add numbers up to 10.
    PE is WF 9:00-9:30, Music is T 8:50-9:20, Library is Th 8:30-9:30, and Science is Th 2:00-2:30
    Please make sure that your student wears shoes that he/she can run in on EVERY DAY (not just PE days).  We do some form of PE every day which often includes running the track in the morning for cardio training.
    The district adopted Homework Policy is “Grade Level x 10 minutes.”  For 1st grade, that translates to 1 x 10 = 10 minutes per night M-Th.  Our main focus for homework will be for students to spend their 10 minutes reading the leveled book that will be sent home in a plastic envelope.  There also might be a worksheet that highlights one sightword per night and, occasionally, the reading will be replaced by a math sheet when reinforcement of a concept is needed.  We will start homework after Labor Day.
    I know that we a birthday coming up this week.  Like in Kindergarten, we do not celebrate birthdays with food.  In our classroom, students are given a Birthday Bracelet and a Birthday Crown.  We will also sing Happy Birthday to the student in our best singing voice and make a class book for the student to take home.  An additional option is that your student can celebrate his/her birthday by sharing and donating a book or a game to our classroom.  It’s always fun to hear their classmates refer to the item as “Annie’s Book” or “Annie’s Game."
    Accelerated Reader
    As of last week, the First Graders have been added to our AR database.  AR is a  program that the district has adopted in order to encourage and track the volume of words read.  The first grade word goal is 100,000 words by the end of May.  In order to be “on track,” students should aspire to have 33,333 words read by the end of the first Trimester (beginning of November).  After a student reads a book, you may log on to AR and search for a multiple choice comprehension test.  In order to get to the correct database, you must use the link from my homepage or the library homepage.  You could also access it HERE and bookmark it.   
    The student username is their first initial and full last name—no capitals are necessary.  Their password is their initial.
    It looks like this:
    Username: cdufort
    Password: CD
    Once the student is signed in, you can help him/her find the test and then select “Read to Myself” or “Read to me by Someone Else.”  Both selections contribute to the word count. :-)
    We will discuss more about AR at Back-to-School Night and I will demonstrate how it works.
    Our volunteer opportunities are listed on our Volunteer Page on our class website.  
    Field Trips
    We  hope to firm up some dates for Field Trips for the year in a week or two/three.  As soon as I know a date, I will let you know so that you can plan—or reschedule  Dr./Dentist appts.
    If you have not done so already, please return your forms ASAP.
    Below is a photo from our week.  I’ll be able to share more of them through our website after I receive everyone’s permission on the forms.
    line up
    If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    We’re off to a GREAT start!!!

  • classroom
    Posted August 11, 2017
    Welcome to our "First Grade Friends!"
    I am SUPER excited for the school year to begin and look forward to greeting ALL of you at the door to Room 6 on the First Day of School.
    We'll have a fun year of growth and learning together at our wonderful "School on the Hill!"
    The "First Day of School" begins on Thursday, August 17 at 8:20 a.m. "Minimum Day" dismissal that day will be at 12:30 p.m.  
    • Please pack a healthy snack and a lunch for your child on this and ALL minimum days. 
    • On the first day of school, you are invited to enter our classroom and share in the excitement and exploration of the room.  At 8:30 (or so), it will be time to say "good-bye"--but don't worry, I'll take plenty of pics of our day that I will share with you!
    • There will be a "First Day Only" after school pick-up form on your student's place for you to complete.  This form is also available on the Forms tab to the right.
    • If you will NOT be at the classroom that morning, please email me the following information by 10 a.m. for the First Day of School ONLY
                My child ________ will go...
                ______ on the bus.  East bus______   West bus_____
                ______ to Kids and Company
                ______ will be picked up at parent pickup by ___________
                ______ other: __________________
    • If the plans for your child's departure from school changes during the first day (or any day), please inform Raquel in the front office before 1:00 p.m.  She may be reached at 408-353-1106. 
    • If you plan to participate in "Parent Pickup," your child will be seated on the "First Grade Line" (far right from your vantage point) and will be dismissed to you (or you in your vehicle) by our staff.   I will also escort my students to Kids 'n Co and to their buses (East or West).  After that, I will return to the Parent Pick Up area until all of my "First Grade Friends" have been picked up.
    • A hard copy of the form for the "Daily Pickup Schedule" and a "Milk Order Form" will be sent home with your student on the first day.
    School Supply List
     The supply list is posted on the tab to the right.  It is also available HERE and posted further below
    Carolyn Dufort (pronounced Du-FOUR)
    Room 6 First Grade Supply List 2017-2018 

    Please remember, donating supplies is greatly appreciated, but never required. 

    Most Room 6 supplies will be community supplies, so please bring items UNLABELED (unless specified) 
    Bring to school 


    2 boxes Crayola crayons, sm 16
    1 box Crayola markers, fine tip, 10
    1 box Crayola markers, broad tip, 8
    1 box colored pencils, 12
    2 pks Expo dry erase markers, 4
    2 pks Ticonderoga #2 pencils, 12
    1 box Ziplock gallon bags
    1 bottle Elmers white glue, 4 oz
    6 glue sticks
    5 pink erasers
    Girls only: 1 pack fine tipped black Sharpie pens
    Boys only: 1 pack ULTRA fine tipped black Sharpie pens
    NOTE: Large Rolling backpacks (Zuca-type) are not permitted at Loma 
    I also have a wishlist of materials to enhance our educational experience in Room 6. 


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