• Mrs. Denues and her dog, Nalah! Welcome to C.T. English Middle School! It is Going to Be a Fabulous Year!


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                               May 15, 2020 Choices!!!

    Choice Board: Pick any of these activities to complete because you want to!

                      Be sure to continue checking technology pages for new daily activities! 


                                May 7, 2020 Music!!!

    Do you know where Hip Hop music began? Do you know why Breakdancing is called Breakdancing? Now I do because I learned it on today's Google Doodle! I also made a very cool Hip Hop beat of my own, if I do say so myself! Enjoy! 



                                 May 5, 2020, Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

    Today's Google Doodle is a wonderful game called Loteriá. If you have never played it-now is a great time to learn! Enjoy! Make sure you also check out today's TEDEd "History Through the Life of a Chicken". Links are posted on both Technology pages. It is FABULOUS; have fun! 


                                            May 1, 2020    

    HAPPY MAY DAY 2020! BEAUTIFUL, sunny day! Be sure to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and some exercise today before or after you visit today's Quest! Links posted on Technology pages! 

                                               Happy Day!!!


                                               April 29, 2020

    TED-ed Earth Day Quests are Fabulous!

    Today I learned how termites help architects! Ha! Enjoy!  


     April 22, 2020

    Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

    Enjoy today's Google Doodle! See how much you know about BEES!


    Suggested Learning Activities and Resources for ELA, Technology 7th & 8th, and Yearbook During School Closure. All of the following activities are optional and not graded.


    Dear Students and Parents:

    During the school closure, I will periodically be posting OPTIONAL, SUGGESTED LEARNING ACTIVITIES and RESOURCES.  As the title indicates, this work is suggested and not mandatory.  

    All resources will be posted on their individual pages (see sidebar). Students, please see Google Classroom for places to submit work.

    Stay healthy! 


    Mrs. Denues



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    Below are two wonderful Thinglinks about 

    last year's E.L.A. class by Hazel and

    Candace! Thank-you, ladies!

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    2018-2019 Yearbook Class Did a Magnificent Job!

    2018-2019 Yearbook



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    Change the World with Technology!