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    Moving forward all assignments will be listed on our google classroom page. If you have not signed up for the class, please email me for the code. I am going to leave the suggested learning activities on this page in case you still want to use them.
    Suggested Learning Activities During School Closure 
    (Work is not required to be submitted and will not be graded. This is just a way to keep you conected to history during this time away from school. Please email me at t.arias@loma.k12.ca.us if you have any questions or concerns)
    Non-Device Ideas- Read, read, read, write, write, write
    -Read any book on a subject or person from history you are interested in learning more about.
    -Pick a person we have covered this year and write a journal of what they may have experienced during their lifetime
    -Pick an event we have covered this year and write a journal of what a person going through that event would experience
    -Keep a daily journal of what you are experiencing during this time away from school
    -Ask you parents, siblings, friends about thier favorite person/time period of history and why.
    8th-has at home
    Online Quizzes 
    6th, 7th , 8th History quizzes (Covers many topics in middle school hisotry, especailly 6th and 7th grade)
    US History Quizzes (Covers many topics we have covered this year and other major US topics)
    Khan Hisotry- (Has videos, synopses and quizzes on the topics we cover in class)
    US Government- (Brainpop videos, quizzes, vocab and more on US government)
    States (Facts and Photos of US states)
    Games (Geography quizzes on Continents, Countries, States and more)
    Non-history specific opportunities-
    8th Grade US History                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Washington and Lincoln  
    7th Grade World History
    The Kaaba                                                                                                                                                        6th Grade Boot Camp
    Boot Camp  

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