Dear Students and Families,
    All of my distance learning instructions and resources will be posted on the side menu bar.  Click here for ELA 8 Distance Learning, and click here for ELA 7 Distance Learning.  ELA meetings will be on Mondays: ELA 8 will be 9:00-9:45am, and ELA 7 will be from 10:00-10:45am.  I will be available to answer questions over email for students.  I will do my best to reply to every email that comes in before 1:00pm on a given day, but depending on the volume of emails I receive, I might be able to reply to more or fewer.
    If a student is not able to attend a class session, he or she may watch the class session later and send me an email with 3 takeaways from the meeting, something he or she remembers from the beginning, middle, and end.  Also, do not forget to fill out the exit ticket for each meeting!
    I have also created a YouTube channel for our students as well as my colleagues and their students and plan to share content that can be used now and in the future.  There are only a handful of videos posted, but there will be more throughout the week.  Please subscribe to my channel: Darth Hulewat's channel!
    If you do not have reliable internet access, there is hardcopy work for both 7th and 8th grade that can be picked up at the district office.
    Until we meet again, I wish you and your whole family a safe and restful spring.
    Holly Hulewat
    Distance Learning Jedi Academy
    Dear Students and Families,

    Please keep in mind that not all materials will be provided on this website, nor will all homework or project assignments be posted.  Language Arts is not an online class, therefore your physical and mental presence is necessary in order to get the full effect of lessons and the complete instructions for assignments.  
    The agenda on the board in the classroom is the master agenda.  It is very important that students are attentive while in the classroom and copy down the homework, take notes, and ask questions there.  I do my best to keep the Homework section of my website updated daily, but because student instruction is my top priority throughout the school day, there will be times when this site is not up-to-date.
    Please email me or have the student talk to me about absent work, late work, new copies of assignments, etc.  Thank you!


    Mrs. Hulewat
    Thank you so much to the following families for their generosity and recent donations to our classroom: Buszko, Castanon, Lopp, Bowen, Reiss!
    TURNITIN.COM Add Codes - will be posted around essay submission times due to bots adding my classes.
    2019-20 ELA 8 1st Period
    Class ID: 22449152
    Password: yellow
    2019-20 ELA 8 2nd Period
    Class ID: 22449164
    Password: green
    2019-20 ELA 7 3rd Period
    Class ID: 22449192
    Password: blue
    2019-20 ELA 8 4th Period
    Class ID: 22449172
    Password: purple

Contact Information

    English Language Arts 8
    English Language Arts 7
    8th Grade Performing Arts

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    (408) 353-1123 ext. 5111
    Email is my preferred method of contact; however, I am able to provide phone conferences by appointment.
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    Located in Room 11
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    Students are welcome to walk in to office hours.  Please schedule parent conferences ahead of time to ensure confidentiality.
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