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    Dear Students and Families,
    Distance Learning materials will all be distributed through GoogleClassroom.  For a quick look at what is due, you may see the homework listed in the class updates navigation bar.  For security reasons, access codes for Turnitin.com, Zoom, and GoogleClassroom will not be posted to my website.  If you need an access code, please email me.
    I have also created a YouTube channel for our students as well as my colleagues and their students and plan to share content that can be used now and in the future.  There are only a handful of videos posted, but there will be more throughout the week.  Please subscribe to my channel: Darth Hulewat's channel!
    Though this is not the ideal start to the year, I am excited to get back to working with all of you!
    Holly Hulewat

    Back to School Night - Welcome Back!

    Survey of The Arts (Creative Arts): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8dvRDdvRKw
    Distance Learning Jedi Academy
    Student Poetry from the First Week of School!

    “Air Flow”

    by 1st Period

    As the surface winds die down things would get weirder.

    It flows with the power of the original Tiber, river the empire

    I sucked a few breaths of air in, then put my right leg straight up against the wall and pushed off to get a bit of extra speed. 

    It was still sore. No doubt

    She hovered around us like a vulture

    Though demons yearn to sow chaos on the Material Plane 

    You say my name like you know my dark side 

    From the bag I pull two fresh buns with a layer of cheese baked into the top.

    This was the fourth attempt and he still hadn’t gotten it right. 

    Rarely are we given the opportunity to ponder our failures and prepare ourselves for a new path.

    What's the use I'm not talking sense call it a ruse 

    But the only alternative was—unthinkable.

    Even my fountain pen was bourgeois 

    A headline asking if they had lost their touch

    You have some of that ancient spirit in you

    “Random Gummy Bear”

    by 2nd Period

    In the early-morning darkness, torches and fires made the mountainside palaces glow twenty different colors, from bloodred to indigo. 

    The next morning she awoke to chaos, the sounds of running, shouting, and the scream of machines invading her dreams.

    birds took off with an alarmed 

    Nothing is safer than the sound of you reading out loud to me

    Strange, the things that stick 

    They don't want to hear about pain 

    Don’t let’ em hold you down

    It's not often you find a soggy banana on the street

    He is life, John thought -- not death. He will never be death. 

    Digging through my closet was like going through my CHILDHOOD 

    if mow could talk i think that she'd say, “ill sit here and watch this bird all day”

    the barrier rustled as brambleclaw exploded into the camp

    He searched it, wondering who was behind those burning eyes 

    The kid crossed the street with his bike 

    At the ice cream stand Lulu can’t just choose one 

    What a sight for sore eyes, brighter than a blue sky

    Everyone starts changing my name again

    Everything is going to change

    Because it was Worms she cried

    Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

    He looked up at his parents

    When a dead tree falls in a forest

    We deliver happiness

    I am a lost boy from Neverland  

    The website is currently struggling to load 

    Get real, kid your country’s been a war since birth

    A soldier stood silhouetted in the little door


    By 4th Period

    It was a Friday night


    He lit a match with one hand and ignited the corner of the telegram, watching it combust and transform into a pile of ash. 

    it can hide in the darkness to catch its foes

    For someone who’s safe you’re awfully afraid

    Motivate your anger To make them all realize

    War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. 

    She moved straight outwards from the Hub, moving slowly along the axis of Rama.

    Glad to know you're happy to see me alive

    It took a few seconds for the absurdity of this statement to sink in.

    The bullet set off a nasty infection in me, and I guess they felt pretty strongly that it wasn't time for me to die.

    I lost sight of it and could only barely hear it crash through the leaves of bushes on its way back to earth

    By living my life the way I had, everything had come down to this moment.

    Those who are unable to recognize themselves are destined for failure.

    plump as a balloon, straining against its bonds

    While the others looked on in amazement, she jumped feet first into the opening and disappeared. 

    To say we all felt whipped and beaten doesn’t do justice to the words ‘whipped and beaten.’

    The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.

    They illuminated his tired gray face, but his eyes looked alert and wary

    Break the absolute value equation into two separate equations

    If you have problems let him know 

    Strong, elegant horses of noble bearing

    Between the two of them, they'd only succeeded in giving up

    the wolf cried to the lonely moon for he was lonely too

    Nobody misses you until your dead

    We've come to believe that we grow into this.

    Finally the sky began to lighten.

    I can see it immediately, the rim of descending sun, the sky streaked with soft shades of orange.

    Teaching from my at-home dance studio! 


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