After School Sports

  • C.T. English Middle School
    C.T.E. Students have the opportunity to participate in a competitive sports program through our membership in the West Valley Athletic League.  This sports program, which serves 12 middle schools, has been organized to provide students with the opportunity to participate in formal interscholastic athletic events via an extended learning time after school.  The guiding philosophy of this program is to provide students an opportunity to participate in an athletic endeavor under responsible supervision. There are two divisions in the WVAL. C.T.E. is in the West Division along with Redwood, EDS, Monroe, Latimer, Sherman Oaks, and Steindorf middle schools, and the Campbell School of Innovation.
    C.T. English prides itself on having “no cut” sports.  We want all students to improve their skills.  This does not mean equal playing time.  In sports with high turnout, or few players in the game at one time, students may be placed on a development team rather than the full roster.  These players may be “called up” to fill vacancies on the full roster as needed.  We are playing to win, so coaches have the discretion to use players within the league playing time guidelines.  The league rules for each sport are distributed at the beginning of each season. Parents, please talk to your athlete to help them understand that playing time is earned.
    Date Range For All Sports in the 2022-2023 Season:
    Boys Basketball: August 29 - Finals Oct. 6
    Coed Cross Country: August 29 - League Finals Oct. 6 - County Meet TBD
    Boys Volleyball: October 10 - Finals Nov. 17
    Girls Soccer: October 10 - Finals Nov. 17
    Wrestling: October 3 - mid December
    Girls Basketball: November 28 - Finals Feb. 1
    Girls Volleyball: February 6 - Finals April 5
    Boys Soccer: February 6 - Finals April 5
    Track & Field: April 4 - League Finals TBD
    The C.T. English after school sports program is administered by the Athletic Director who reports to the principal.  Parents of participating athletes are asked to make a tax deductible donation of $110 to support the athletic program, but no student will be excluded from participation because his/her parents choose not to donate. Donations to the sports program can be made to “LPJUSD” using tax ID #52-1692041. Uniforms are provided and are to be returned at the end of each season.
    Transportation for athletic events is the responsibility of the parents.  All athletes are required to carry medical/accident insurance, or buy school student insurance.  
    Academic requirements for athletes:  
    • Athletes are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to try out and participate in sports.  In addition, students who have received an "F" grade may not try out without permission of the principal.
    • Athletes falling below a 2.0 or receiving a "D" or "F" in any class at any time during the season are not allowed to compete for a two week period, during which time the grade(s) should be improved. 
    • A student with poor grades may meet with the athletic director to set up a special contract so that he/she may continue to participate.  This can only be done once during the school year. 
    • Students may be removed from a team for poor sportsmanship.
    • To participate in a sports activity on any given day, students must have attended at least four periods of school during that day. 
    To find information on how to participate, or about specific sports, please use the options in the navigation box to the right.
    updated 7/9/22